Best Scope For Gamo Silent Cat – Reviews w/FAQs


Best Scope For Gamo Silent Cat – Reviews w/FAQs

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Best Scope For Gamo Silent Cat

Gamo Silent Cat is an air rifle. Air rifles are often too harsh on regular riflescopes. Due to the recoil and the firing pattern. That’s why it’s quite hard to find the right scope for your air rifle. I am sure you have looked at countless options already. What’s 5 more?

Let’s talk about some scopes. In our opinion, these are some of the best scope for Gamo Silent Cat you could buy right this instant. Why is that? Glad you asked. Let’s find that out.

Best Gamo Silent Cat Scopes – [Editor’s Choice]

1. Pinty 2.5-10×40 Red Green Illuminated Mil-dot Scope

Pinty 2.5-10×40 is a budget riflescope. The main purpose of this riflescope is to aid you at hunting. Newbies will benefit a lot from this scope due to the price and what it has to offer in return.

It’s constructed from aluminum. A really durable and lightweight material perfect for scopes. It’s not to heavy either. Won’t make your Silent Cat feel heavier.
Internal of the scope is purged to prevent moisture. Making the scope fog proof. To make it viable with better rifles, it is also shock and waterproof at the same time.

The lenses are perfectly coated with multiple layer of chemicals. It’s good to see companies giving good lenses in budget scopes as well. On the left side of the scope, there is a laser light to guide you. Highly accurate laser guides you accurately to your target. Ensuring you hit all the shots you are taking with this scope.

It’s a great pair with the Gamo Silent Cat. Like, really great pairing. While it’s not rated solely for air rifles, it won’t have much issue handling the Silent Cat. Compared to other air rifles, the Silent Cat has less harsh recoil pattern.

Does it come with mounting rings?

Yes, it comes with integrated mounting interface. Suitable for picatinny/weaver rail.

Where is this scope made in?


Is the laser accurate here?

Pretty accurate.

2. OMMO 3-9X40 Red Green Illuminated Riflescope

OMMO is another great budget offering for hunters. It’s astonishing to see scopes this cheap offering aluminum housing and glass lenses.

OMMO is not the most well-known brand in the market. They are relatively new to the scene. They are offering dirt cheap scopes for your bolt action rifles. The best part is, it’s not some plastic toy scopes that will break from a single hit of the rifles. This is a fully aluminum scope with internal nitrogen purging. That makes it fog proof and waterproof. On top of that, it’s shockproof as well.

Lens here is made out of glass. Coating is great. It’s vibrant and bright. While there is slight distortion at the maximum magnification, it’s acceptable. It’s not a 400$ scope after all. It does offer humongous 9x magnification. That’s something!

With a Gamo Silent Cat, it goes really well. It’s not too bad at holding harsh recoil of an air rifle. It can hold on to the gun really well. While I can understand you being skeptical, I will still recommend this scope to you. It’s a dirt cheap scope. You can easily get another same scope if something horrible happens to the current one.

Does it come with flip up caps?

Yes, it does come with flip up scope caps

Where is this made in?

It’s made in China.

Is it good for hunting?

It’s very good for hunting.

3. Gamo Air Gun Scope LC4X32 with Rings

Gamo air gun scope for Gamo Silent Cat. Better pairing that twilight. LC is a 4x scope with 32mm objective lens. It’s made out of plastic and suitable for Gamo Silent Cat. In fact, Gamo recommends this scope highly.

Housing of this scope is made of plastic. That can be a bummer for the most. But keep in mind, it’s mostly a starting point of scope to your Silent Cat. Gamo recommends you to upgrade the scope down the line as well.

Lens here is fully coated. It’s a 32mm objective lens. Thankfully the lens is made out of glass not plastic. Plastic lenses are very bad to look at. Base magnification of the scope is 4x. That’s good enough for Gamo Silent Cat.

It’s an okay scope. That’s for sure. Just for the compatibility and pricing alone, it’s a fine pair with Gamo Silent Cat. Otherwise, it’s not recommended for different guns.

Does it come with mounting rings?

Yes, it does.

Is the plastic quality bad?

It’s made from thermoplastic like material. Durable and useable. That’s it.

Where is this made in?


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4. OTW Scope 3-9X56 Red &Green Illuminated Optics Scope

Packing up to 9x magnification with a massive 56mm objective lens. OTW here has to offer a lot of things. A great part of this scope is the build quality. Instead of going the plastic route, OTW choose to stick with aluminum.

Aluminum used here is pretty stiff and high-quality. It’s not on par with a 300$ scope per say. But it’s very well comparable to 100$ ones. Inside of the scope is nitrogen purged as well. Making it fog proof. Outside is durable enough to withstand recoil shocks.

If you pair it with a Gamo Silent Cat, you will have a great time. there are two colored reticle present in this scope. Red and green. Really bright and gives good clarity during low-light. Paired with coated lenses, have to admit it can give a tough battle to much expensive scopes.

Where is it made in?


Is the lens fully multi-coated?

No, it’s just features a single or a couple of layers at best.

Is this a good choice for AR-15?

No, there are better.

5. Hammers 3-9x32AO Air Rifle Scope with One-Piece Mount

Hammers AO is a riflescope for air guns. A perfect pair for Gamo Silent Cat.

Made out of high-quality aluminum, Hammers did a good job building this scope. there is no visual defects on the housing. Anodization is on point as well. The inside of the scope has purging as well. That makes the scope fog proof. A perfect companion to hunt during the winter.

Lenses of the scopes are coated as well. While they are not fully multi-coated, they are decently coated for brighter image processing. 32mm objective lens gathers more than enough sunlight. It’s not the best choice for low-light, but it’s doable.

Gamo Silent Cat is a perfect pairing with this scope. In fact, I would go as far as to say this is one of the if not the best scope for Gamo Silent Cat. It’s that good of a match. 9x magnification is enough to give you competitive edge over your competition. It’s enough to land you some legal hunts.

Where is this scope made in?


Is the aluminum any good?

Yes, it’s not fake aluminum or bad if you are wondering.

Does it come with mount?

It comes with clipping mounting interface.

Gamo Silent Cat Scopes – Things to Consider!

We have considered a couple of things before selecting a scope for the Gamo. You should keep those things in mind as well.

Build Quality

We all know air rifles can destroy a regular riflescope. Mainly due to the harsh and thrashy recoil. But if you choose a scope that is made to withstand harsh recoils, then they can be a good pair for Gamo. That’s why, having a scope with good build quality is absolutely mandatory.


Gamo Silent Cat is a fairly lightweight gun. It’s a bit back heavy. If you add a scope that is back heavy as well, then it will be a mismatch and chaos. Choose a scope with good weight distribution and preferable low weight.

Lens Quality

Silent Cat is not the most powerful rifle. It can shoot at 1200FPS. That’s good and all, but it’s not enough for long-range. That’s why, a scope with good quality lens that performs well in the short-range territory, will be a heavenly match for Silent Cat.


Riflescopes can work as air rifles scope. But unless you really need to, you shouldn’t. That’s why we mentioned some budget riflescopes that won’t break your bank and will still give you a good performance with the silent cat.

That’s all for today, I hope to see you again. Till next time.

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