Best Scope For 50 BMG – Tackling The Range Like A Pro!

The 50 Browning Machine Gun (BMG) mainly refers to the high-power cartridge and the rifle that uses it. Since it is used for long-distance shooting, many hunters and firearm enthusiasts love this cartridge to use with their rifles. To increase their shooting performance, shooters also search for a scope that will be the right match for rifles to mount on.

However, this process of finding the right scope is easier said than done. Hence, to save you from the hard work, here we have compiled a list of 50 BMG-compatible scopes that you can choose to mount on your rifle.

We have also added a checklist at the end of the reviews to help you understand the necessary factors you should consider before purchasing 50 BMG scopes. So, let’s get to the business!

Best 50 BMG Scopes – [Editor’s Pick]

1. Vortex Viper PST 5-25x50mm Gen II FFP Riflescope

This is another FFP scope that offers you a versatile magnification range (5-25x) to shoot from any distance. The reticle allows you to have optimal viewing and also 10 intensity levels with off positions between each setting.

In terms of its tube and lens construction, you will find all the possible features you can expect from a high-quality scope. The tube is made of Aircraft-grade Aluminum, additionally featuring the O-ring seals and Argon purging to enable the scope to endure rough weather and environments.

The XR fully multi-coatings and Armortek coatings on the lens ensure it can transfer a sufficient amount of light and also can have resistance against scratches, oil, and dirt. Moreover, if you like to dial turrets for bullet drop and wind compensation, you will love its laser-etched turrets, adjustable parallax, and RZR zero-stop features.

The scope also comes with a fiber optic rotation indicator, enabling you to keep track of your turret position. So, you can consider the scope as a good deal to mount on a 50 BMG rifle.

What size scope rings do you need to mount the scope?

The tube diameter of the scope is 30mm. So, you will require scope rings that come with the same diameter.

Does the scope come with a sunshade?

Along with the scope, you will get a sunshade. The scope is also offered with optic end caps.

Does the reticle have an illumination system?

Yes, it is an illuminated reticle. It helps you to aim accurately in a low-light environment.

2. Athlon Optics Argos BTR 6-24X50 FFP Riflescope

Reliability is the keyword that can be used to describe this scope. As you can see in the product title, it has a 6-24x magnification range along with a 50mm objective lens which makes it a good choice for long-range shooting.

Besides, it is an FFP scope, meaning the reticle is placed on the first focal panel to allow you to change the reticle size as you change the magnification range. This increases the success rate of the accurate shots on the target.

If you are not familiar with the APMR FFP IR MIL reticle, let us tell you this reticle is specially designed to maximize long and mid-distance shooting with its illuminated center cross and 0.5 mil hash mark. You can quickly locate the target and set the holdover positions with this reticle system.

You will find this scope also reliable in its tube and lens construction. The scope tube is made of 6061T6 Aircraft-grade Aluminum, making it sturdy enough to endure any bumpy or rough situations. The Argon purging of the tube provides better thermal stability and moisture-resistant ability.

In addition, it has fully multi-coated lenses, enabling it to maximize the light transmission for clear and brighter images. Overall, it is a well-constructed scope to consider for 50 BMG.

What is the eye relief of this scope?

To protect your eyes from injuries from recoils, the scope must provide enough eye relief. With this scope, you will have around 3.3” eye relief.

Can this scope be zeroed at 100 yards with a 20 MOA Picatinny rail?

Yes, the scope can be zeroed at 100 yards with a 20 MOA Picatinny rail. However, since it is a Mil-Rad reticle, you have to adjust the difference and only then you will be able to use it.

Does it have a parallax adjustment system?

The scope has a side parallax adjustment system. You can start the adjustment from 10 yards to infinity.

3. Nightforce SHV 5-20x56mm Zeroset .250 MOA Scope

If the technical aspects are more important for you, this one’s for you. Since the Nightforce scopes are engineered by professional hunters, you can rest assured about their compatibility with your long-range shooting rifles.

The scope is crafted with a 20 MOA MOAR center illumination reticle system which enables you to make precise aims on the target. The floating crosshair on the reticle also comes as an aid to ensure that it is easy to use in the field.

Additionally, the scope has a 5-20x magnification range to give you enough zoom in/out options to locate the target in different shooting ranges. Moreover, the side parallax adjustment also works to ensure you get a clear and crisp image of the target.

You don’t need to worry about resetting the zero because the scope has a ZeroSet technology, making it easy to return to your initial zero setting regardless of the amount of elevation adjustments you have made. With the 3.5” eye relief you can use the scope with much comfort.

All in all, this Nightforce 50 BMG scope provides the perfect technical features we look for in long-range scopes.

Where is the reticle placed?

It is a 20 MOA MOAR reticle with a center illumination system. And you will find it placed on the second focal panel of the scope.

Do you need to buy the lens covers separately?

No, you don’t. The company provides rubber lens covers along with other accessories like cleaning cloth, owner’s manual, loose Allen keys, and so on.

What scope ring size do you need for this scope?

The 30mm scope rings will be perfect for this scope. However, make sure the ring height comes in the medium-high range.

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4. Vortex Diamondback Tactical First Focal Plane Scope

This scope is provided with a 4-16x magnification range as well as a 44mm objective lens to consider it as a viable option to mount on a long-distance firearm. Besides, it has a first focal plane, a glass-etched reticle that works well to keep subtensions accurate throughout the 4x zoom range. By using the exposed tactical turrets and a side parallax knob, you can easily aim for long-range targets with utmost accuracy.

The scope tube is constructed with Aluminum, hence, it is rugged and lightweight at the same time. The tube even has O-ring seals and Nitrogen purging which make sure it can perform in all weather conditions.

In addition, the extra-low dispersion glass and fully multi-coated lenses of the scope allow a sufficient amount of light to transfer through them. This way you get a crisp and bright image of the target. Moreover, the precision-glide erector system uses high-quality components in the zoom lens so that you can have smooth magnification changes in any rough conditions.

So, if you’re looking for a 50 BMG scope with rugged and simple construction, it can be a great option for you.

What else is offered with the scope?

Two things are offered with scope such as removable lens covers and lens cloth. Hence, apart from these, you have to purchase other accessories separately.

Is the scope specifically designed for a certain caliber?

No, the scope is not made to use with a certain caliber. You can use the scope for low-high recoils-producing calibers.

What will be the best scope ring height for bolt action use?

Scope rings come in three different heights such as low, medium, and high. For bolt action use, you need to find scope rings with medium height.

5. SWFA SS 10×42 Tactical Mil-Quad Reticle Riflescope

When we start to talk about the best scopes around us, we all jump to the ones that are most likely easily manageable by the pros or regular rifle shooters. But what about those shooters who are looking for a scope to start with to learn long-range targeting?

Well, after a lot of consideration, we found out this SWFA SS tactical scope will be a great choice for entry-level long-range target shooters. However, even if you are not a beginner-level target shooter, you will also like this 50 BMG compatible scope for its “easy to go with” type features.

For starters, the scope comes with a fixed 10x magnification range, allowing you to have a clear visual of the target in the long distance. The Mil-Quad reticle which is placed on the second focal panel helps you to make quick and accurate aim on the target.

Besides, the rugged scope tube construction enables it to withstand heavy recoils. The lenses of the optic are fully multi-coated so that they can transmit maximum level light through the glasses. This ensures you get a crisp and bright image of the target.

You will even have a good amount of eye relief with this scope. It can give you around 3.9” eye relief. So, we believe it can be a nice option for you if you’re up for simple and easy-to-handle sorts of long-range scopes.

What is the size of the flip-up covers?

If you want to find flip-up covers for the eyepiece, you will need to find 20mm size covers. In the case of the objective lens, look for 30mm covers.

Does the company provide a warranty on the product?

This is one of the great services the company provides. With the product, you will get a lifetime warranty.

Does the scope allow parallax correction?

The parallax adjustment system is really important for long-range scopes. So, the scope is crafted with a rear focus that starts to correct the parallax from 20 yards.

6. Swarovski Z3 4-12×50 BT Riflescope

Even if the scope is a 1” tube diameter, it is quite lightweight. The 4-12x magnification range allows you to easily aim for long-range targets.

However, the reticle is placed on the second focal panel, so unlike many high-quality long-range scopes, here you will not get the extra advantage the FFP scope offers.

But the scope is well constructed to withstand heavy recoils and ensures it is water and shockproof. Besides, the scope lens will help you to have clear and brighter images of the target. The lens has a SWAROCLEAN coating to ensure it remains protected from water droplets and dirt.

In addition, the ballistic turrets come as an aid while aiming for the long range. It will enable you to have ¼ MOA clicks for windage and elevation adjustments. Therefore, the scope is one of the good options you can select for your rifle.

What reticle does the scope have?

The scope has a Plex reticle. With the help of this reticle, you can also aim in low-light conditions.

What is the eye relief of the scope?

You will get enough amount of eye relief with the scope. It can give you around 3.54” eye relief.

Does it have zero stop?

For long-range scopes, it is often essential to feature a zero-stop system. Therefore, the scope is designed to have a zero-stop system.

7. Sightron SIII SS 6-24×50 Long Range Riflescope

Since it is in our best picks list, you can be assured that it contains all the necessary features you will want in your long-range scope. But what we have found unique about this scope is, that it offers a few different features which we don’t usually see in other long-range scopes.

For example, the scope is designed with an ExacTrack windage and elevation system. It allows the erector tube and the windage/elevation system to have proper alignment by maintaining the same constant and accurate point of pressure at zero or extreme adjustments.

Additionally, the scope lens has Zact-7 Revcoat multi-coatings to maximize the anti-reflection performance of the glasses. The tube of the scope is also IPX7-rated to make it resistant to moisture.

Do you know the scope has a total travel of 100 MOA which is enough to travel for targets beyond 1000 yards? Well, it is called a “Fast Focus Rifle Scope” for a reason, we suppose!

Does it have an illuminated reticle?

No, it doesn’t have an illuminated reticle system. But the Mil-Dot reticle is versatile enough to be used in long-range hunting or target shooting as it has a crosshair that is visible in low lights.

Where is the reticle placed?

The reticle is placed on the second focal panel. It enables the reticle to remain still in different magnification ranges.

Is it offered with any accessories?

The company does include a few necessary accessories with the scope such as lens covers, keys for knobs, and sunshades.

Buying Guide For 50 BMG Scopes

Below is the list of factors which shows, what it takes a scope to be considered the “right scope” for your rifles:


The .50 BMG scopes are used with the long-range rifles. So, while buying the scope ensure it comes with a high magnification range. The range should not be less than 10x.


The scope must be constructed with high-quality material. Otherwise, it won’t be able to withstand the bumpy or rough hunting terrains. The scopes also need to be water or moisture-resistant so that it doesn’t damage the scope.

Glass Construction

The scope lens should come with multi-coatings to maximize the light transmission through the glasses. Additionally, the glasses need to have rugged construction to endure heavy impacts or recoils.


The choice of reticle mainly depends on you. While looking for the scope see whether it comes with the reticle type you like to use. If you want, you can also select scopes with illuminated reticles as they can provide more accurate aiming in low-light conditions.


Since the 50 BMG scopes are for long-distance shooting, it would be better if you buy FFP scopes. It will make your targeting more flexible and quick. However, if you like to use SFP scopes, you can go for it as well.

Objective Lens

It is quite obvious that long-range rifles will require scopes with larger objective lens diameters. It will provide more optical clarity for a wide field of view.

Eye Relief

Before buying a .50 BMG scope, it is extremely important to ensure the amount of eye relief the scope offers. Try to find scopes with 3-4” eye relief, it will ensure your eyes will remain protected even in the heavy recoils.


To sum up, you can take your aiming accuracy to another level by mounting the right scope with the 50 BMG. Since it is a high-power round, you can’t just put any regular scope with it. Therefore, we have brought you some best 50 BMG scope recommendations that are compatible to use for these cartridge rifles.

Besides, we have included a buying guide that we suggest you should check before selecting a scope for your rifle. Hope you’ll have the best scope purchase ever!

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