Best Scope For Saint Victor 308 – Finding The Temple For Saint!

Despite being discontinued, the Saint Victor 308 is still one of the most popular AR pistols in the market. The demand for this pistol only grew stronger as time went by. You can guess by the title that we are going to talk about scopes related to the Victor.

Victor is an extremely powerful .308 cartridge firing pistol. Pairing this with a good riflescope increases the overall performance of this gun. In this article, I will try to help you find the best scope for Saint Victor 308 and help you choose the best one for you. Without further ado, let’s jump straight into it.

Best Saint Victor 308 Scopes [Editor’s Choice]

1. Vortex Optics Strike Eagle 1-6×24 SFP Riflescope

Vortex Strike Eagle is one of the best budget riflescopes on the market. In particular, the second focal plane version is dirt cheap and suitable with most rifles and some handguns out there. It is also one of the first scopes that we reviewed on TargetChaser.

The Strike Eagle is made out of aluminum and it’s extremely light. There are no visible scuffed markings on the scope at all. Vortex made sure this is the best budget riflescope you could buy. It is shockproof, waterproof, and fogproof at the same time. The recoil from Victor 308 won’t be able to put a dent in this riflescope.

The lens of the scope is fully multi-coated as well. They are clear and bright. While they are not capable of doing any night-time hunting, they can do decently well in low-light conditions. Still, not your best option but not the worst either.

It can handle .308 ammo just fine. Thus, it’s a good pairing with Saint Victor. The rail of the Victor will support a scope of this size quite easily.

Where is this scope made?

It’s made in China.

Does this scope fall under Vortex’s lifetime warranty?

It does.

Does this scope come with mounting rings?

It doesn’t.

2. Leupold VX-Freedom 4-12×40 Rifle Scope

The VX series of scopes from Leupold has always been loved by consumers and reviewers alike. VX-Freedom is a budget offering from Leupold suitable for hunters and target shooters. VX-Freedom comes in two different magnification configurations for you to choose from.

VX-Freedom is made out of aluminum. It’s a lightweight and very durable riflescope. The idea behind this scope was to provide a premium VX experience at a much more affordable price tag. VX-Freedom is a premium-looking and feeling scope. The golden tag near the objective lens makes this scope look much more expensive than it is.

The lenses of the scope are quite good as well. A fully multi-coated scope with a twilight light management system is very fun to get used to. The reticle is etched directly on the glass. It won’t move from the recoil of the gun.

Where is this made?

It’s made in the USA.

Does this scope come with mounting rings?

It doesn’t.

Is the reticle illuminated?

It isn’t.

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3. EOTECH Vudu 1-6x24mm Precision Rifle Scope

Despite naming Vudu, you won’t see this scope doing any Vudu magic to you or your gun. But this scope is a good one for folks who want flagship performance in a moderate mid-range budget. EOTECH is known for its durability and good customer service.

Vudu 1-6×24 is a tactical and hunting riflescope. Best of both worlds and is compatible with Victor 308 as well. The scope is made out of durable and rugged aluminum. Its exterior is shock and waterproof. To prevent moisture from going inside and fogging the scope internally, the inside has been purged with chemicals.

The lenses are fully multi-coated as well. Making sure you are getting optimal clarity and light transmission. If anything, you will be way too pleased with the performance of this scope, not the other way around.

Synergy is the key to victory. Thankfully, the Vudu synergizes with Victor quite well. It can handle the recoil of the gun quite easily and unleash the true potential of the Victor 308.

Where is this sight made?

Eotech Vudu is made in Japan.

Is the reticle in FFP?

Yes, the reticle is in FFP. The reticle is also illuminated.

Does this sight come with mounting rings?

It doesn’t. You will need to purchase mounting rings separately.

4. Vortex Optics Crossfire II 1-4×24 SFP Riflescope

When it comes to making the best price-to-performance proposition, Vortex sits on top of that throne. Vortex has provided the community with countless budget bangers that we still love and suggest.

Vortex Crossfire 2 is a prime example of that statement. This lightweight and durable metal scope is suitable for hunting rifles and handguns alike. Just like it can tame a .22 firing rifle, it can tame the Victor .308 with ease as well. The build quality of this rifle is solid and the finish on this riflescope is chef’s kiss. A matte black finish makes the scope look classy and it feels premium to touch as well.

The lens of the scope is fully multi-coated as well. They are clear and bright. As bright as you possibly need them to be. There is a reason why Crossfire II has won a bunch of awards as a budget hunting riflescope. The lens is the key to victory of this scope. Vortex doesn’t shy away from providing a good lens in its scope and it shows.

The synergy of this scope with the Victor 308 is quite nice as well. You can easily use the full potential of Crossfire II without making the gun sweat much.

Where is this sight made?

It’s made in China.

Does the scope come with mounting rings?

It doesn’t.

Is the reticle in FFP?

No, it’s in SFP.

5. Monstrum G2 1-4×24 FFP Rifle Scope

If we are basing our decision based on looks, Monstrum takes the cake by a long shot. Monstrum G2 is one of the most beautiful riflescopes you could pair with your Victor 308. Besides looking incredibly awesome, G2 is a very good budget riflescope as well.

Made from aluminum. This lightweight and durable scope has a very good-looking matte black or dark earth finish. Both finish looks incredibly awesome as well. The scope is fog, water, and shockproof simultaneously.

The lens of the scope is quite good. They are coated for better clarity and brightness. Light transmission is good and you will have a fun time using this during any lighting condition. The reticle is directly etched on the glass. You won’t face the issue of sticker reticle scopes that you see in cheap scopes.

For the money, G2 proposes an incredible value that is simply too good to ignore. Paired with the Saint Victor G308, you have a portable killing machine capable of improving your aim game.

What kind of battery do you need for this scope?

It operates on a CR2032 battery.

Where is this scope made?

It’s made in China.

Does this scope come with mounting rings?

Yes, it comes with a mount and a pair of flip-up caps. A complete package.

Things To Keep in Mind Before Buying

Keeping a couple of pointers in mind while choosing your next scope will definitely help.

Build Quality

While Victor 308 can work with a moderately well-made scope, you still should invest in a scope with durable housing. It will make sure you are protected for upcoming years.


Warranty helps a lot. A lot of newbies often mess up adjustments and then wonder how to revert to the original. In the process, they might or might not mess up a turret or two. It’s better to be assured about the warranty, rather than wondering what will you do if something happens to the scope.

Lens Quality

Lenses are your secondary eyes. Their job is to magnify you to your target. If they are not good at their job, you will have a horrendous time while shooting with the scope. That’s why, it’s a good idea to grab a scope with a good pair of lenses.


Well, it wasn’t that lengthy of a read. But hopefully, it was a good one for you. I tried my best to make it as simple as possible. The ultimate decision will be on you, of course. But this guide should help you make that decision easily. Enjoy your new scope and do come back for more reviews. See you later.

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