Best Scope Mount For Ruger Super Blackhawk – Reviews w/FAQs

Ruger Blackhawk is an advanced single-shot revolver. It’s a modern take on this classic weapon and Ruger Blackhawk is one of the best when it comes to the business. The accuracy of the gun is very high.

You can improve that accuracy and render it into more accurate shots with the help of a sight or scope. That’s right, you can use a scope or sight with the Ruger Blackhawk. But Blackhawk doesn’t come with any scope mounts. It makes the job a bit harder.

That’s why, we are trying to find out the best scope mount for Ruger Blackhawk. Without further ado, let’s jump straight into it.

Best Ruger Super Blackhawk Scope Mounts

1. AccuShot Picatinny/Weaver Medium Profile Rings

If you search for a scope mount, AccuShot weaver rings will always come on top. They are a very affordable and very durable pair of mounting rings. They support picatinny/weaver mounting rails. You can install them on a Weaver rail without any issues.

AccuShot mounting rings are made out of durable anodized aluminum. They are extremely light as well. Despite being lightweight, there is no hollowness present in the material. Anodization is on point as well. they won’t catch rust from rain or snow. So, you can use them in any given weather.

They are universally sized, you can use them with any scope that has a 1” tube. The grip and the screws to tighten the grip is extremely durable. They are not prone to rust either. They will last you for a long time before getting loose.

If you are planning to add a scope on top of your Blackhawk, then you need a pair of these mounting rings. You can install almost any scope you think of. Most scope supports a weaver mounting system.

Where are they made?

They are made in China.

Will the fit on a 0.75-inch scope?

No, it won’t. they are 1” diameter rings.

Does this go on a Picatinny rails?

Yes, they can fit on both Picatinny and weaver mounting rails.

2. OTW Scope Mount Rings

OTW scope mounting rings are medium-height mounting rings with a 1” diameter for scopes. They come in pairs to support big-sized scopes.

OTW used CNC-machined aluminum alloy for these mounting rings. They are anodized with a matte black finish as well. They look extremely appealing. But looks don’t matter much when it comes to mounting rings.

Thankfully, they can back their claims up with solid performance. To protect your scope from rotating inside the ring and getting scratched, OTW includes a plastic gasket on the inside of the ring. It prevents unnecessary movements of the scope and makes sure the sealing of the ring and scope is tight.

To release heavy duty when clamping, OTW designed the mounting rings in a hollowed-out fashion. It reduces the pressure between the rings and the mounting base. Make sure the rings don’t over-clamp the scope and break it.

Is this made out of aluminum or steel?

It’s made out of a composite called aluminum alloy. It’s a mixture of aluminum and alloy together.

Do you need a special tool to configure them?

OTW includes the required Allen keys inside the package. You don’t need extra tools for the rings.

Are they too heavy?

No, they are pretty lightweight. They come in less than 3oz per ring. That’s pretty manageable.

3. WEAVER Base Scope Mount for Ruger Blackhawk

Are you looking for a weaver mounting rail for your Blackhawk? Weaver base 301 might intrigue you a lot if you are. It’s a matte black mounting rail for Blackhawk that supports all weaver mounting scopes. Weaver mounting systems have been around in the community for over 90 years. Their experience in the industry is quite unparalleled.

This rugged base is made out of steel yoke. A very durable material suitable for all sorts of weather. If you are wondering whether it will catch rust or not, don’t. It won’t catch rust in its lifetime at all. Each Weaver base 301 is designed with tight tolerance for a custom fit on your gun.

It will support any weaver mounting rings you could think of. Don’t buy dovetail mounting rings. They have different base designs.

This is a perfect scope mounting rail for the Ruger Blackhawk. You can install a big-size scope on top of it as well. I see that as an absolute win.

Can this support hunting scopes?

Yes, you can install hunting scopes on top of this mounting rail. Just make sure the scope comes with weaver mounting rings. Or buy one of the mentioned weavers rings above.

Does it require any drilling or tapping to install?

No, it does not. The rail is made for Ruger Blackhawk. Tapping or drilling will defeat the purpose of it.

Will this fit Ruger Old Army?

No, it won’t.

4. Weigand: Ruger Super Blackhawk Mount – Black

Weigand is known for their scope mount and mounting rings for rifles and handguns. This mounting rail from Weigand is suitable for Redhawk, Blackhawk, Super Blackhawk, and Gp-100. This variant of mounting rail comes in a black finish.

This variant of the mounting rail is also known as the WEIG-A-TINNY mounting rail. Instead of just installing it right off the back, you will need to follow the Drill and tap method to install this rail. First, you will need to remove the Ruger rear sight. Then you need to drill and tap the top strap of it. Make sure to drill for two 6-48 screws. Then install this scope mount.

It’s durable enough to stand up to the magnum revolvers from Ruger. Weigand has a very long history with this scope mount. Dating back to 1994! It’s amazing to see how much a company improves over time and brings us rock-solid products for an affordable price tag.

Can you install it without drilling?

Unfortunately, no. You cannot.

Will this work on a Mini 14?

No, it won’t. This mount is only made for handguns.

Will it support dovetail scopes?

No, it’s a weaver mounting rail. It will accept weaver and Picatinny scopes.

5. WEIGAND: Ruger Super Blackhawk Mount – SILVER

Well, if you are longing for a silver scope mount for your Ruger Blackhawk, here it is. It’s the exact same version of WEIG-A-TINNY mounting for Ruger handguns. But it has a silver anodized finish on it instead of black.

The very same highly durable construction with weaver scope mounting ring support. The weight of the mounting rail is also the same. It weighs at 1.3 ounces. That’s extremely light. The weight balance on the mount is very good as well.

It won’t make your Blackhawk feel sluggish or back-heavy. You can put any weaver mounting rings on this rail. It won’t support dovetail so don’t bother putting that here.

That’s it, it’s just a different anodization of the same Weigand Weaver rail. It also requires you to Drill and tap.

Is there any benefit to this variant over the other?

Besides appearance, none.

Will this support Mini 14?

No, it won’t. It’s made of handguns.

Things To Keep in Mind Before Buying

Try to find out what you are looking for in a scope mount. Is it the appearance to go with your gun’s aesthetic? Or is the coating you are looking for? Besides them, you should also keep a couple of other pointers in mind.


While a mount won’t make your scope weight like a whale, it will certainly put up a bit of weight. Just make sure the weight is not gravitated towards the back. Instead, a center distribution is needed.


How big of a sight are you planning on using? Depending on that, choose the right scope mount size. Otherwise, your scope mounting rings might not support the rail.


That concludes the guide for today. I wanted to include a lot more mounts, but they just didn’t make the cut. Of course, you are free to look at more mounts. But the ones mentioned here will be the best for your Ruger Blackhawk.

Whichever you take, you can’t go wrong with either. They all are good and serve the same purpose. Make the Blackhawk scope compatible. That’s all for now. See you guys on the next one.

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