Best Scope For 460 XVR – Small Gun, Big Damage!

460 XVR is a big-bore revolver made by Smith & Wesson. It’s one of the most versatile big-bore revolvers available for purchase. Chambered for the S&W 460 Magnum, this revolver packs a huge punch behind each shot.

Lightweight and durable material makes it appealing and compatible with riflescopes. What are some good riflescopes for 460 XVR you may ask? Well, that’s what we are here to find out. Let’s talk about some riflescopes and see which one is the best scope for 460 XVR. Which one is the most versatile?

Best S&W 460 XVR Scopes – [Editor’s Pick]

1. Burris Handgun 2-7x32mm Ballistic Plex Pistol Scope

Burris Optics makes some of the best riflescopes on the market. The one we have here is specifically made for handguns. It supports all sorts of handguns including 460 XVR.

Single tube housing of this scope is made with aluminum. High-quality aluminum that you find on other much more expensive Burris optics. There is no housing creaking of any sort present on this scope. It’s water, fog, and shockproof as well. If you want to pair it with a bolt-action pistol, you can certainly do that.

Fully multi-coated lenses are great for light transmission. It gets bright quite quickly with a little amount of sunlight. Lens is made out of glass. They are quite resistant to scratches as well. As there is no moisture inside the scope, it won’t fog from the inside.

You can magnify up to 7x on this scope. Giving you a wide range to work with. 32mm objective lens is more than enough for anything you want to do with this scope.

Ballistic plex reticle is easy to master and quite fun to use as well.

Is mounting rings included with this scope?

No, you need to buy mounting rings separately.

What is the tube size of this scope?

It’s a standard 30mm/1” single tube.

Where is Burris scope made?

Parts are sourced from Japan, and most scopes are then assembled in the Philippines. Then checked in Greenly Colorado. If they pass the inspection there, they are good for the market or else they are discarded.

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2. Leupold VX-3 2.5-8x32mm Handgun Scope

There is not much to talk about Leupold as a brand. They make killer scopes and lenses for an extremely attractive price tag. They even compete with Ravin in the high-end market. Super versatile manufacturer perfect for our super versatile gun.

Made out of high-quality aluminum, this scope has a single-piece tube design. The tube is nitrogen-purged. Making it completely immune to fog and moisture. Outside housing is durable enough to withstand any potential danger your scope might be in. Perfectly capable of handling a handgun, this is a shockproof design as well.

Fully multi-coated lenses provide you optimal viewing experience. Clear as a day, vivid, and extremely bright in all conditions. This is a killer scope for our 460.

To use whatever light it can find, Leupold implemented their twilight light management system in this scope. An extremely light-efficient mechanism. It will feel like you are using ED glasses despite not having them. Low-light performance has never been better.

Where is Leupold made?

They are completely made in the USA.

What is the tube diameter of the VX-3 handgun scope?

Standard 1”/30mm tube.

Does it come with rings?

No, it doesn’t come with any mounting rings.

3. Trijicon TR20 AccuPoint 3-9×40 Rifle Scope

TR20 is a medium to long-range riflescope made by Trijicon. Trijicon makes great pistol ACOG and red dot sights. They are equally well known for their budget to flagship riflescopes. The customer service of Trijicon is also on point.

TR20 is made out of high-quality aluminum. Some of the best you will see in any scope. The inside of the housing is purged with nitrogen. That eliminates the chances of any internal fogging might happen. As this scope was mainly made for rifles, it can take quite a bit of shock. Recoil shock won’t be able to hurt this scope anyway.

Lenses are fully multi-coated. 40mm objective lens is big enough to transmit enough light in any given condition. It’s not suitable for nighttime hunting, of course. But it’s good for dusk till dawn. But I wouldn’t stretch it to call it a low-light performing scope.

Crosshair on this is a MIL-dot crosshair. You can also choose from standard Duplex or Triangle Post reticle. The reticle color is green, not red.

Does it come with mounting rings?

No, it does not.

Is the reticle on FFP?

No, it’s on SFP.

Where is this made in?

It’s made in the USA. Parts are sourced from Japan.

How To Choose The Best Scope For 460 XVR?

460 XVR is a handgun. We can’t forget that. That’s why, make sure the scope you are interested in supports handguns to begin with.


It’s a magnum-hitting Bore revolver. It can hit hard and it can hit fast. But the range is still on the medium end of the scale. That’s why, you need to buy a scope that has the magnification you want. Just because it has 40X magnification, doesn’t mean it’s good for your revolver.


Pistol can only support so much. You wouldn’t want a scope that is so big, the rail can’t even fit the scope. Just buy one that will fit on top of the rails.


460 XVR is a 60oz pistol. Ideally, you would want to place a lighter scope on top of it. Sure, it can work with a bit of heavier scope. But that’s not a preferred scenario.


Keeping a budget in mind is always ideal. Trying to stay within the budget is a smart decision. Sometimes, it’s worth going above the budget. As you might get a great product for a little bit of higher price.


460 XVR is an excellent bore revolver. One of the best! That best gun deserves one of the best scopes. I gave you 3 options for different price ranges. They also pack different magnifications.

Some of them are more than others. But they are all equally good. Depending on which one you opt for, you will have a blast. And they look great on top of a revolver, that’s a huge plus. Till next time, enjoy your brand new scope.

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