Best Scope For Gamo Swarm Magnum – Reviews w/FAQs

Swarm Magnum is a .22 multishot pellet air rifle from Gamo. Gamo Swarm Magnum is also the strongest Gamo rifle available for purchase. It’s suitable for hunters and target shooters. But it’s mostly suited for hunters.

Well, we are not here to learn about the gun or review the gun itself. We are here to find out how well this gun performs with a good scope. Not all scope works well with air rifles. Especially, when it comes to Gamo, a lot of scopes tend to not cooperate. So, finding the best scope for Gamo Swarm Magnum is harder than you or I think.

Don’t worry, we are not here to discuss hardship. We will suggest you the right scope for your desired task. Read along and find in detail why these are the scopes that cut.

Best Gamo Swarm Magnum Scopes – [Editor’s Pick]

1. Hawke Vantage IR 3-9X40 AO Riflescope

The final scope we recommend for Gamo Swarm Magnum is Vantage. Let’s be real, a lot of you probably haven’t even heard of a brand called Vantage before. It’s quite easy to mistake them for vintage. Vantage is a very affordable riflescope with durable structure and lens sets.

The price-to-performance ratio of Vantage is very good. The scope is made out of aluminum. It’s a very durable and rugged housing scope. The matte black finish on the scope looks simply amazing. It acts as a bit of protection layer as well.

The scope is water, shock, and fogproof. The lenses are fully multi-coated as well. They are bright and vibrant. While the scope is not suitable for nighttime hunting, it can hunt well during the dusk. You won’t have many complaints regarding the low light performance of the scope.

Does this scope come with mounting rings?

It doesn’t.

Is the reticle illuminated?

Yes, it’s illuminated and illuminated in green or red color.

What kind of battery does this scope use?

A CR2032 and Vantage include one in the box.

2. Burris Fullfield II 3-9×40 Hunting Scope

FullField II is one of the most recommended budget scopes you will ever see on the internet. It’s a complete package that comes in a variety of different magnifications to please different folks.

The base magnification of this scope is 3-9x and it has a 40mm objective lens. All of the lenses are fully multi-coated with various layers of chemicals. It makes the lens more durable and makes it brighter. A brighter lens = a better picture. It’s a simple analogy. The more sunlight the scope can gather, the better-quality picture it can deliver.

The scope is made out of aluminum. It’s an aircraft-grade aluminum that you find in most premium riflescopes. Good to see budget scope stepping up their game. Means a lot to the budget community. FullField 2 is capable of fulfilling a young hunter’s dream.

It’s capable of making you a part of the community. You can join hunting games with it, and you can make sure you don’t bottleneck with the Gamo Swarm Magnum.

Does this scope come with mounts?

No, it doesn’t. Burris sells them separately.

Will it handle the recoil of Gamo Swarm Magnum?

It will handle the recoil of that gun like a champion.

Where is this made?

It’s made in the Philippines.

3. Monstrum 3-9×32 Scope w/Rangefinder Reticle

Monstrum 3-9×32 is another budget pick from us for your Swarm Magnum. It’s also one of the best riflescopes under 100$ for any rifle. It supports air rifles. That’s the reason why it’s in 2nd position on our list.

Monstrum used 6061-T6 aluminum to make this riflescope. It’s a very durable and lightweight material used by high-end rifles as well. There is no anodization issue or CNC issue present on the scope. It is also fog, water, and shockproof.

The lenses of the scope are multi-coated. They are bright, clear, and color-accurate. There is no visible distortion available in maximum magnification either. That’s something you don’t see on cheap scopes. Another good thing is, that the coating makes it a bit more durable against scratches and dust. It won’t get dirty often like plastic lenses.

Two more killer features of this scope are the rangefinder and illuminated reticle. That’s right, the reticle of this scope has a rangefinder in it with an illuminated red dot on the reticle. It does add a bit of extra customization to the scope. But nothing too intrusive.

Does this scope come with mounting rings?

Yes, it comes with standard rings, bikini lens covers, and a battery to illuminate the reticle.

Where is this scope made?

Monstrum is an American company but the scope is manufactured in China.

Will this work with a break barrel pellet rifle?

It will work for sure. But the sharp bi-directional recoil from the break barrel pellet rifle can destroy the scope as time goes.

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4. Pinty 3-9X40 Red Green Illuminated Rifle Scope

Pinty is not as famous as Vortex or Burris, but Pinty makes good riflescopes for budget hunters. Gamo Swarm Magnum is a very good budget hunting rifle, when you pair this Pinty with the Swarm Magnum, let’s just say a match made in heaven.

The scope is made out of durable aluminum. It’s durable, rugged, and beautiful. While beauty shouldn’t count as an advantage, the heart wants the heart wants. The scope is water, fog, and shockproof. Thanks to that, it’s an easy pairing with the Swarm Magnum. It’s one of the best pairing with this gun.

The fully ¬coated glass lens makes it a very appealing buy at this price range. A neat part about the lenses is, that they are not made out of plastic. Unlike most other cheap scopes in this price range, they are very clear and vibrant. The scope doesn’t artificially bloat the color or distort your viewing angles.

Overall, it’s a very solid scope that is dirt cheap. You will find tons of Pinty 3-9×40 reviews on the internet to further verify my claims.

Is this scope O-ring sealed?

It’s O-ring sealed and nitrogen purged.

Where is this scope made?


Does this scope come with mounting rings?

It does come with two 1” Picatinny mounting rings.

5. OMMO 3-9X40 Illuminated Mil-Dot Riflescope

Is it too late to change the title to best-budget riflescopes? I’m not joking. These are some of the best budget riflescopes you could buy for your Gamo Swarm Magnum. They are entry-level riflescope that gets the job done without too much annoyance.

OMMO riflescope is made out of aluminum. It’s a single-piece tube design. The inside of the scope is purged with nitrogen to make it fog and moisture-proof. Outside of the scope has a matte black anodized finish that looks awesome, to say the least. It also protects the scope from outside harm as well.

The lenses of the scope are fully multi-coated. They operate as you would expect them to. They are bright and provide clear magnification with almost no distortion at maximum magnification either. Unless you want to nitpick, you won’t find any visible errors with the scope.

That’s all fine and dandy, how good of a pairing is this with the Swarm Magnum? After all, the point of this article is to find the best scope for Swarm Magnum. To answer that question, it wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t a good pair with Swarm Magnum. Most people who get a gun are often limited by budget for other accessories. For them, OMMO is a blessing in disguise.

Does this scope come with mounting rings?

It does come with standard mounting rings.

Where is this scope made?

It’s made in China.

Is the reticle illuminated?

Yes, it can illuminate in both red and green. You can switch between them and turn them on or off completely.

Things To Keep in Mind Before Buying

Choosing the best scope for a certain rifle is difficult. There are scopes better than others. Some exceed in magnification while others in lens quality. Keeping a clear track of what you want in a scope will help you with your decision a lot.

Build Quality

Make sure to take a scope with good housing. This is the stuff that will keep your scope protected from harm’s way. Investing in a scope made with good material is a good idea.

Lens Quality

Lenses are like our second pair of eyes. We are going to see through them while hunting or stalking our prey. You can guess why a good lens is important.


I cannot decide for you on this one. You need to find the right magnification for you. See around and try to find out which magnification range sings better to you.


I hope this was enlightening for you. I could have picked more scopes to suggest to you. But that scope didn’t cut. They just didn’t have what these scopes here have. Good synergy with the Swarm Magnum.

That’s what we are looking for, a scope that compliments the gun and plays well with the gun. It makes a good combination. That’s all for today, good luck with your new scope. See you guys next time.

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