Best Scope For FX Impact – Reviews and Buying Guide w/FAQs

FX Impact MKII is an extremely powerful air rifle. Packing a massive 580cc air bottle and 800mm barrel, you can fire 9mm .35’s like never before. Naturally, a powerful gun like this calls for a powerful scope.

Scope capable enough to hit the bars that FX Impact hits with ease.

As FX Impact is capable of firing plenty of different calibers, we need scopes that are not limited by calibers. How will you find that?

You don’t have to. I am doing that job for you. Welcome, to a review where we will find the best scope for FX Impact available on the market. Surely, there are plenty of scopes available for you. But all of them are not up to the Mark or sing to you. Allow me to find you something that you prefer and is worth your money.

Without further ado, let’s jump straight into it.

Best FX Impact Scopes – [Editor’s Pick]

1. Vortex Diamondback 4-16×44 Tactical Riflescope

Starting the list with a bang. A great scope from a great series of products made by a fan-favorite brand. That’s right, I am talking about Vortex Diamondback here. The one we have here is the 4-16×44 FFP reticle version. You can choose from two available reticles. EBR-2C MOA or EBR-2C MRAD.

The construction of this scope is top-notch. It looks and feels much more expensive than it is. Good anodization does wonders. Vortex opted for high-quality aluminum alloy for the tube of this scope. This single-piece 30mm tube is purged with nitrogen entirely. Making the scope immune to moisture.

O-ring sealings prevent from water going inside the scope. It also holds the lenses better than many other scopes. Speaking of lenses, Diamondback packs lenses coated multiple times with different coatings. The glass used here is high-quality XD glass as well. Increasing the brightness of the scope and making it more comfortable to use under heavy sunlight or low light.

The reticle here is on the first focal plane. It zooms in as you magnify the scope. We are going to use this with an FX Impact MKII. A gun that can shoot long-range with ease. FFP reticle will do wonders with such a gun.

Will I get mounting rings with this scope?

You will need to mount rings on your own. Vortex sells them separately. Take the one that supports your gun.

Sunshade included?

Yes, they are included inside the packaging for your convenience.

Is this scope made for a specific caliber?

No, this scope is not made for a specific caliber. You can use it with any caliber your heart desires. Shock-proof body quality assures it won’t break from recoil.

2. Athlon Talos 6-24×50 Second Focal Plane Riflescope

A big scope for a big gun. Athlon Talos packs a huge objective lens that can gather light for days. Better light transmission means better imaging. That results in a better scope.

Athlon is known for making much more expensive scopes. With Talos, they showed they can make great budget scopes as well. Talos BTR is available with two reticles. Choose the one you are comfortable with.

The housing of this scope is made out of aluminum. Heat-treated single-piece aluminum was the best option Athlon could go for. It is also purged to have better resistance against moisture. Making it fogproof. It’s also shock and waterproof as well.

The lenses of this scope are fully multi-coated. That was necessary for that large objective lens to work properly. They are much more resilient to dirt as well. Making them an ideal choice for the wild. The Reticle of this scope is on the second focal plane. It won’t zoom in when you magnify the scope.

What is the difference between Argos BTR vs Talos?

The key difference is, that BTR is an FFP reticle while Talos is an SFP.

Does it come with a sunshade?

No, you can buy separately from Athlon.

Is the reticle illuminated?

Yes, both versions of the scope have illuminated reticles.

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3. Athlon Argos BTR GEN2 8-34X56 FFP Riflescope

How much magnification is too much magnification? There is no real answer to that. We will take as much magnification we possibly can. Having that motto in mind, Athlon released Argos BTR for the masses.

BTR is made out of machined aluminum and anodized to have a matte black finish. The single-tube design makes it a robust and rugged scope. It’s shock, water, and fogproof. Ensuring the highest quality of structural integrity, BTR is an easy choice to make when it comes to building quality alone.

A huge lens calls for huge coatings. Athlon didn’t shy away from that. Featuring Athlons advanced fully multi-coating, this scope features better lenses than many other similar-priced scopes. To protect the lens even further, Athlon applies a coating called XPL. It protects the outside of the lens from dirt and accidental scratches.

The Reticle of this scope is in the first focal plane. A big selling point of this scope is the reticle. It’s called APLR2. It’s available in MOA and MIL.

Does it have locking turrets?

It does not.

Where is this scope made?

It’s made in China.

Does it come with a sunshade?

No, it doesn’t come with sunshades. You will need to buy them separately.

4. Hawke Sport Sidewinder 6.5-20X Riflescope

Hawke Sport Optics is a hunting scope manufacturer making scopes for all hunting rifles. Sidewinder is no different. Packing a huge 20x max magnification, it seems like an ideal FX Impact scope.

Like all other scopes from Hawke, this one is made with aircraft-grade aluminum. The anodized finish of this scope is flawless as well. Mainly made to be paired with powerful guns, Sidewinder is more than capable of handling a heavy recoil. It’s also water, fog, and shockproof.

The lens of this scope is fully multi-coated. It comes with an impressive 18 layers of coating. Each layer of coating enhances the glass and improves the clarity of it. Making it scratch-resistant in the process as well. As there can’t be any moisture inside the scope, you don’t need to worry about fogging.

½ MIL dot reticle on 20x looks insanely good. The accuracy of this scope is off the chart. Glass etched floating reticle isn’t moving anywhere from drops or shocks. The reticle is also illuminated. You get 5 levels of red or green reticle.

What kind of batteries do you need?

You will need one CR2 battery.

Where is Hawke scopes made?

They are made in China. In-house QC in America makes sure you are getting good scope. They also provide a lifetime warranty.

Do you get sunshade with this scope?

Yes, 4 inches of sunshades are included in the box.

5. Sightron SIII SS 6-24×50 Long Range Riflescope

SIII by Sightron is a long-range riflescope for AR rifles and snipers. That includes our FX Impact MKII. Having a maximum magnification of 24x, this scope sure knows just how long people are willing to shoot.

The body of this scope is made out of aluminum. It’s a durable and lightweight construction. The most preferred material for any type of scope making. It’s durable enough to withstand recoil of any sort. It is also water and fogproof at the same time.

The lens of this scope is fully multi-coated. Vivid and clear pair of lenses. You will see color-accurate footage through them. There is no artificial blurriness or yellowish tint. The reticle is etched directly onto the glass itself. Making it easier to notice and harder to accidentally move.

Where is Sightron scopes made?

The SIII and SV series of Sightron are made in Japan while the other models are made in the Philippines.

Does it come with a sunshade?

The previous models didn’t come with a sunshade. The newer one (here in the review) does.

Will this fit the FX Impact mounting rail?

If you buy the correct mounting rings, sure. It will fit on any rifle with the right rings.

How To Choose The Right Scope For FX Impact?

There are a couple of things that you should keep in mind while searching for a new scope.

Build Quality

Make sure it has durable housing. Ideally, made from metal and not plastic. Plastic scopes can be good as well, but they are much easier to break and less tolerant to rain.


Weight plays a big role in decision-making. If the scope is too heavy, you might want to ignore that. Having a good weight-balanced scope is quite important for a good experience.

Lens Quality

The lens is what you will see through. If they are not up to the mark, you will have a terrible experience and end up with unwanted issues. That’s why make sure you are taking a fully multi-coated lens with no blur or artificial color tint present in the scope.


Always make up your budget before starting to search for scopes. You might want to increase or decrease your budget a bit depending on the choice. However, keeping a budget allows you to look for scopes that fit into your criteria.


MKII is a great air rifle. It’s popular for its versatility and sheer power. You will need a powerful scope to tame it. That’s why, I included some powerful and affordable scopes in the list here. All of the mentioned scopes are some of the best scopes in the market and the best scopes for FX Impact.

You can take any of those and have a great time hunting. All of them will perform equally well with any type of caliber you are planning to use them with.

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