Best Sight For Micro Roni – Not So Micro-Sights!

Micro Roni is designed to help you unlock the potential of your pistol. Use it for better grip, and stability. It also adds a platform that accepts tons of accessories that make the use of a pistol more fun.

If you have a Micro Roni already, then I am sure you are looking for the best scope for Micro Roni available. That’s understandable. We always want the very best.

Choosing the best, however, might be a difficult task. Don’t worry, I am here to make that difficult task easier for you. Let’s talk about some scopes.

Best Micro Roni Sights – [Editor’s Choice]

1. Sig Sauer SOR52001 Romeo5 1x20mm Red Dot Sight

Sig Sauer Romeo 5 is a quick target acquisition speed sight. It’s made for rifles and pistols. But most pistols won’t accept it directly. Micro Roni will. That’s why the scope is here.

Made from high-quality and durable aluminum, Romeo 5 has no flaw when it comes to build quality alone. Sig always gives their best in their scopes. This is a proof of that. Suitable for hunting, airsoft, tactical, and military. A perfect little sight to rule them all.

The lens here is fully multi-coated. The objective lens is big enough to gather enough light for vibrant and clear images. There is no distortion at any corner of the sight. The 2 MOA red dot reticle is not an eyesore either. It’s just the right size to not obstruct the view.

MOTAC powers up when the scope senses motion. It also turns off when the scope senses it’s not moving anymore. A neat feature to save battery life and time.

Does it come with mounting rings?

It comes with an integrated M1913 Picatinny interface for mounting.

Where is this scope made?

Designed in the USA, imported from China.

What kind of battery do you need?

A CR2032.

2. Feyachi Reflex – Adjustable Reticle Red and Green Sight

Reflex sights go hand in hand with a pistol. But most reflex sights don’t support a pistol directly. You can install reflex sight on a Micro Roni though. Making Feyachi a good integration into the system.

Feyachi Reflex sight is made out of stainless steel. From the integrated mounting interface to the lens protector, everything in this sight is made out of stainless steel. Making it a shockproof sight. It’s also compatible with rifles as well. Waterproof housing ensures there is no water going inside it.

The lens here is fully multi-coated. If you are wondering whether they would bother coating one lens or not, don’t worry about that. You are still getting high-end coating for an affordable price tag.

The reticle on this sight is very interesting. You can choose from 4 different styles. Dot, Circle/Dot, Crosshair/Dot. Crosshair/circle/dot combinations. All of them in one sight. That’s amazing if you think about it. You might prefer crosshair for long-range and red dot for short. You get both in one.

Is the eye relief unlimited here?

Yes, it is.

What kind of battery do you need?

A 3V lithium battery. Included in the package.

Is it parallax corrected?

Yes, it is.

3. MidTen 2MOA Micro Red Dot Sight 1x25mm Reflex Sight

You can never have enough of red dot sights. MidTen is a 2MOA micro dot sight made for rifles and pistols. It’s a very capable red dot sight that doesn’t fall off in performance.

It features a fully anodized aluminum design in matte black. There are no anodization issues whatsoever. Inside of the sight is also nitrogen purged to prevent internal fogging. Water can’t get inside the scope either. Making it shock, water, and fogproof sight. A really capable hunting and range-practice sight.

The lens of the sight is also coated multiple times with different types of chemicals. Making the glass brighter and better in the process. You will see a clear view of your target without much obstruction. 2 MOA red dot is the perfect size for both hunting and target practicing in my opinion.

It comes with a built-in mounting interface with increased height. Making it an ideal choice for Micro Roni. With a Micro Roni, this one will truly shine. You will enjoy the experience a lot.

What kind of battery does it use?

It uses a CR2032 battery. It comes with a battery included.

Can you adjust the windage and elevation?

Yes, you can.

Does it come with a riser mount?

Yes, it comes with a 1-inch riser mount with 3 slots.

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4. Feyachi RS-30 Reflex – Multiple Reticle Red Dot Sight

RS-30 is a budget-oriented reflex sight from Feyachi. If you recently bought a Micro Roni and don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars behind a sight for it, then this is the next best thing you can purchase. Coming with a super attractive price tag, I am surprised more of you guys aren’t talking about it.

Made from high-quality aluminum. It’s rugged, waterproof, fogproof, and shockproof. Honestly, surprised to see so much! I wasn’t expecting the scope to be this good. But hey! We will take it.

The lens of the sight is fully multi-coated as well. Giving you optimal brightness during both day and night time. A great thing about this scope is the reticle. You are not stuck with only a red dot. If you want, you can use 4 different reticles. Including circle/dot one as well. We know how some of you guys love that.

40mm Reflex lens is truly a bliss to hunt with. Honestly, Micro Roni is a perfect pairing for this scope. It will fit in perfectly and not move around with pistol recoils. Truly one of the best scopes for Micro Roni.

Can you adjust the brightness of this sight?

Yes, you can adjust the brightness with a single button.

Where is this sight made in?

It’s made in China.

Is it really aluminum?

I know it’s hard to believe, but it is made with aluminum.

5. CVLIFE 1x22x33 Red/ Green 4 Reticle Dot Reflex Sight

CVLIFE is a really well-known budget scope maker. Their sights and scopes are well made for the price. They offer a good bargain to hunters and range shooters.

This reflex sight from CVLIFE was made with high-quality aluminum. The same kind of aluminum that you find in much more expensive scopes. Build quality is insanely good for the money. It is water and fogproof at the same time. It’s also shockproof as well. You can easily pair it with a rifle down the line if you want.

The lens here is fully multi-coated as well. Just because it’s a single glass lens, CVLIFE didn’t cheap out on the durability of the lens. Clarity and contrast are super good as well. There are no complaints regarding the vision at all.

A great part about this sight is the included laser light. You can use the laser light on the left side of the scope to ensure you hit every shot you are taking. The accuracy of the laser is extremely high. It’s visible in the dark as well.

When you pair it with a Micro Roni, you will see just how much you can squeeze out of your pistol. This sight will enable Micro Roni like never before. A sight that you will recommend to your friends as well.

Where are CVLIFE scopes made?

CVLIFE scopes are made in China.

Does it come with mounting rings?

Yes, it comes with a pre-installed mounting interface.

Is the brightness adjustable?

Yes, you can choose from 5 different levels of brightness.

6. Crimson Trace CTS-25 4 MOA LED Compact Sight

Crimson Trace is not a new name in the sight industry. They have been around here for a while. Their sights are incredibly well-built as well. If you have used a sight from them in the past, you know what I am talking about.

CTS-25 is made out of 6061 T6 aluminum. Some of the most durable aluminum you can find on any sights or scopes. It’s shockproof, waterproof, and fogproof. Ensuring high-quality performance under any given weather. Something not a lot of reflex sight is capable of.

The lens here is fully multi-coated with different chemicals in each layer.CTS-25 is very rich in terms of color and vibrance. There is no internal distortion of any kind present on the sight. You will enjoy hunting with this even if you add a magnifier in front of it.

If you pair this sight on top of a Micro Roni, you will have a blast. The experience is something else. You can also try to add a magnifier to enhance the vision game. If you are into that.

Where is this made?

This sight is made in China.

Does it come with mounting rings?

Yes, it comes with a Picatinny mounting interface.

What is the red dot size on this scope?

It’s 4 MOA.

Micro Roni Sights – Buying Guide

As Micro Roni is not a gun but rather equipment, you need to keep some things in mind while purchasing a scope for that.

Build Quality

Build quality is a major concern for any riflescope. If the scope is too fragile, it won’t be able to survive harsh weather or harsh recoil patterns. That’s why, you shouldn’t buy a scope that can’t withstand a bit of recoil.


Make sure you don’t buy a scope that is too big. While Micro Roni can accept a big scope, it’s still not recommended to use a humongous scope. Weight distribution will be bad if you do so. To keep the weight balance in check, having a scope that is relatively small and powerful is preferred.

Lens Quality

Lens is what we will see through and it needs to be good. As this is our second pair of eyes. Bright and color-accurate lenses are a must. Having fully multi-coated glass also helps.


Micro Roni will add a bit of weight on top of your gun. But the weight distribution on the kit makes it feel like nothing. If you take a scope that is too heavy, it will destroy that weight balance and make it seem like you are using an extremely heavy gun. We need to avoid that.


Micro Roni is a fabulous thing. It can make your pistol feel fabulous as well. Besides elevating the pistol quite literally, it improves the performance and unlocks the true potential of a pistol as well. Adding a sight on top of Micro Roni will only make it better.

That’s why this was my attempt to help you choose the best scope for your Micro Roni. I hope you found this useful. Till next time.

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