Best Flip Up Scope Covers – Comparison Chat Along with FAQs

Flip-up scope covers are a blessing for riflescopes. Most scopes don’t tend to come with them as they sell it separately. While buying separately, it’s understandable you would want the best for your rifle.

Some of these flip-up covers can be a bit flimsy and hard to use. Finding the right one is a tricky subject but not impossible.

They will protect your lens from unwanted scratches and dust when you are not using the scope. Spending some cash to grab the best would make the most sense.

Let’s find out some Flip up scope covers that are available in the market and can be used on your existing riflescope.

Best Flip-Up Scope Covers

Vortex Optics Defender Flip Cap Set - Eyepiece (E-10) & 24mm Objective Lens Cover (O-24)
  • Objective-24 fits: RZR-16003, RZR-16004, RZR-16005, PST-14ST-M, PST-14ST-A, PST-43111, PST-1605, PST-1607, SE-1624-1, SE-1824-1, CF2-31035, CF2-31037, CF2-31047
Monstrum Rubberized Flip-Up Rifle Scope Lens Covers (Objective Bell | 26-30 mm/1.0-1.2 inch Diameter)
  • Rubberized flip-up rifle scope lens covers that conform tightly around your rifle scope tube, protecting your lenses from dust and abrasion
Leupold Alumina Flip Back Lens Cover Standard Ep 59055
  • Model #59055 - Alumina flip back lens cover kit in standard EP
Aimfiree Quick Flip Up Lens Cover Rifle Scope Lens Cover Eye Protect Objective Cap for Rifle Scope Caliber (30mm)
  • Caliber: 30mm, 33mm, 35mm, 36mm, 38mm, 39mm, 39.8mm, 41mm, 41.6mm, 42.5mm, 43.7mm,45mm, 46mm, 48mm, 50mm, 51mm, 53mm, 57mm, 58.5mm, 59mm, 60mm, 64mm, 66mm. Please check the size that you want.
Zeiss Flip Cover 30mm for Victory V8/HT, 000000-2152-898,Black
  • Will not impare the field of view when open

1. Vortex Optics Defender Flip Cap Set

Vortex makes great optics and lenses. Of course, to save their scopes from harm they will make protection devices as well. Vortex Defender flip cap set was made to protect Vortex scopes from harm.

Now a little about the flip caps.

Will they fit Vortex Strike Eagle?

Yes, they will fit Vortex Strike Eagle. They will also fit many other scopes that have an objective lens of 31mm or less. You can say, this will fit with any sights or scopes that are made with a 1″ tube.

How many cap sets does it come with?

As the product handle indicates, it comes with two sets of caps. That will fit the objective lens and eyepiece.

What is the max size Vortex flip cap support?

You would surprised to know that the Vortex flip cap can support up to 56mm objective lens. You need to choose O-56 while buying to receive that.

2. Monstrum Rubberized Flip-Up Rifle Scope Lens Covers

One of the questions that often people ask is, is there any difference between flip-up covers vs flip-up scope caps?

Well, no. There is no difference. Both of them are the same thing just different expressions.

Is rubber bad for flip-up scope covers?

No, rubber is not a bad material for flip covers at all. Rubber is one of the most preferred materials to make flip-up lenses.

Pop-up caps made of rubber usually tend to last much longer than cheap plastic ones.

Will it support my Vortex riflescope?

This set of flip-up caps supports up to 62mm of the objective lens. I am sure, your scope’s objective lens is on the list of Monstrum. If so, then yes, it will support your Vortex.

Are spring loaded flip-up caps any good?

Spring-loaded flip caps are some of the most durable out there. The spring is sharp and crisp. You won’t hear any spring crunching sound from it. On top of that, it makes the flip-up mechanism much smoother and lighter. If you are doing it with a clip instead, there will be added weight that you don’t need.

3. Butler Creek Flip-Open Eyepiece Scope Cover

While this brand wasn’t made by the butler of the Batman. It was made in the right mind. Versatility on this cover is something to long for. From 30mm scope covers to 42mm. This thing can be done with ease.

Will it support my scope?

Honestly, I would be surprised if it didn’t. It supports riflescopes and spotting scopes of different sizes. It also has a switch that can tighten the seal and make the cap not move around. Making your scope a bit more waterproof.

Will this melt in high temperatures?

That’s a solid question for a change. I don’t think so. The maximum temperature it is rated for is 120F. That’s around 49 degrees in Celsius. Even in deserts, it should survive just fine.

4. Leupold Alumina Flip Back Lens Cover

Leupold means class. Even their flip-up covers glow from class. This is a universal flip-up cover that supports the scope made after 2003.

How good is the build quality?

The build quality on alumina is insanely good. As the name suggests, it’s made out of alumina. A common name is given to aluminum oxide. It’s a durable and high-resistance material.

You can use this on any given weather for years.

Will it support my scope?

Is your scope made after 2003? Is the diameter of your objective lens being 56mm or less? If the answer is yes, then alumina will fit your scope.

Where is Alumina made?

Just like any other Leupold device, Alumina is also made in the USA. You will get in house warranty and great customer service. You can easily ask for replacements and get them whenever.

5. Nightforce Optics Eyepiece Flip-Up Lens Cap

Unfortunately, if you have different scopes then you are better off skipping on this one. It only supports the mentioned scopes.

Nightforce makes good optics. They also have some night vision optics as well. To support their own devices, they made this eyepiece flip-up lens cap.

Is it a set? For both ends of the scope?

Unfortunately, no. This is only for the eyepiece of your scope. You will need a different one for your objective lens.

Does it work with rotating eyepiece?

Yes, this is the first Nightforce eyepiece flip-up cap that supports a rotating eyepiece. All of their previous editions used to interfere with rotating eyepiece Not this one.

Will it support any other scopes?

No, it won’t. You are better off purchasing a universal one from the list.

6. Aimfiree Quick Flip-Up Rifle Scope Lens Cover

Don’t worry, I didn’t misspell it. Aimfiree flip-up lens cover is another universal lens cover that supports almost any modern scope available on the market. Starting from 30mm, you can go up to 66mm. Doesn’t matter what size your lens is, Aimfiree got you covered.

Is Aimfiree a good brand?

Yes, it’s a good scope accessories manufacturer. I am surprised you haven’t come across them sooner.

What is the Aimfiree flip-up cap made of?

It’s made out of rubber. There is a stainless-steel spring helping the process of closing and opening the cap. Spring won’t catch rust anytime soon. Don’t worry about that.

7. Zeiss Victory V8/HT Flip-Up Objective Lens Cover

If you are into guns and stuff, you have heard of Zeiss. At least once. It’s one of the most expensive sports optic makers in the world. Their scopes are as good as a scope can get. And as expensive a scope can get. To make their expensive scopes more expensive, Zeiss released an objective lens flip-up cover.

What’s so special about it?

Honestly, it’s made by Zeiss. That’s enough for the mass. On top of that, it’s made from the same type of aluminum Zeiss use to make their scopes.

Will it fit the V4 as well?

While this cap is not marketed for the V4, it will support the V4 models with a 50mm objective lens. It may as well support other scopes with a 50mm objective lens. But don’t quote me on that, you might fail in your expenditure. It will be an expensive failure.

Will it fit Conquest HD5 3-15 x 50?

No, it won’t fit that due to two reasons. 1 it’s not officially supported. 2 that’s a 56mm objective lens, not 50. For that, you need to buy the cap set with a 56mm objective lens.


One thing to keep in mind from this is, that scope lens covers and flip-up caps are the same thing. These are marketing terms targeting different consumers. No matter which cap covers you take from here, it will protect your lenses from the worst.

Just keep in mind to buy the right version. You might not want to end up with a 60mm one when your scope is 30mm.

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