Best Mount For Aimpoint Pro – Reviews, Guides w/FAQs

Aimpoint Pro is one of the most popular red dot sights ever made. The amount of military service and private firm holder uses this on their weapon is absurd. The number rapidly keeps increasing each day.

But all of the users aren’t satisfied with the stock mount of the Aimpoint Pro. How do I aim to please them? Well, by providing them the best scope mount for Aimpoint Pro that will elevate their experience and let them love the red dot as they should.

Lame puns aside, let’s begin the real thing.

Best Aimpoint Pro Mounts – [Editor’s Pick]

1. Aimpoint FlipMount – Fits All 3X and 6X Magnifiers

Aimpoint FlipMount is one of the best scope mounts available, period. The amount of customization this small thing allows you to do is praiseworthy. From flipping left to right to turning it into a canted sight, the things you can do with this are quite fun.

The build quality of this mount is excellent as well. Made out of a CNC machine entirely, the mount is sturdy and lightweight. It also features the standard quick detach mechanism. You can detach it on the fly while using it and then attach it again if needed.

The purpose of this mount was to mainly mount magnifiers made by Aimpoint for their red dot sights. But you can use this for other purposes as well. Such as mounting the Aimpoint Pro with this to increase the height of the red dot.

What is the weight of this?

4.9 oz.

What is the total height of this?

1.9 inches.

What size tube fits in this?


2. Scalarworks LEAP MRO Co-Witness Mount

The next mounting system is from a brand that I adore a lot. Scalarworks is one of the best brands that makes accessories for rifles and handguns. This co-witness mount from them is a blessing to Trijicon MRO, Aimpoint Pro, and MRO Patrol users.

This lightweight rail fits in Picatinny rail guns. The height of this is 1.42”. That’s quite low compared to a lot of other mounts in a similar price range. The weight of this is quite low as well. Coming at barely 40 grams, and 41.8 grams with screws, it’s one of the lightest in the business.

It also features a highly efficient clamp design and a quick detach mechanism. The Scalarworks quantum QD technology is completely recoil-proof. It will also keep zero of the scope you are using. Even after thousands of shots. You only need to put enough torque on the clamp to detach this.

Where is this made?

In the USA.

Does this work with MRO HD?

Yes, it does.

Does this somehow work with Romeo 5?

No, it doesn’t. Romeo uses T2 mounts.

3. Aimpoint 12923 QRP3 Complete Mount

Taking accessories from the manufacturer themselves is always the right move. Aimpoint made this QRP3 Compete mounting system to give their magnifiers and red dot a different type of mount that will satisfy a ton of users out there.

It’s a quick-release mounting system that sits on top of a Picatinny rail. This mounting system here fits CompC3, M3, and ML3. If you want to fit this on a M4, you will need spacers. That’s applicable for flat-top rifles and carbines as well.

The optical center of this is 30mm. that means, it supports scopes/magnifiers with a 30mm cylinder. It comes with the necessary tools and screws to install this on your gun. The Allen key is needed for releasing the scope from the rings.

Where is this made?

It’s made in the US.

Is this lower than 1/3?

No, it isn’t.

Will this hold zero?

Yes, it will.

How To Choose The Best Scope Mount For Aimpoint Pro?

Aimpoint Pro is a sight that already comes with a mount built-in. You could use a separate mounting system or a riser to increase the height or make it Co-witness with your iron sight. While choosing the mounting system for Pro, make sure to keep a couple of things in mind.

The budget. That’s the main concern of you. Make sure you have a budget in your mind. That makes decision-making a lot easier.

Make sure to take a durable mounting system with a good reputation. That will ensure the longevity of the product and good service from the manufacturer.


Rather short article day today, isn’t it? But it’s good for you, right? Clear-cut opinion and smaller selection pool to choose from. And there you have it. Those are some of the best scope mounts for Aimpoint Pro.

You can take either of them and use them as you wish and you would be happy regardless. Spend how much you are willing to spend. That’s all for today, I will be back with more soon. Make sure to tune in to TargetChaser later for more. Till then, take care.

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