Best 30mm Scope Rings – Reviews and Buying Guide w/FAQs

The 30mm scope rings are one of the most commonly used rings that you can use in Weaver or Picatinny rails, precision rails, and so on. However, finding the perfect scope rings for different rifles is not an easy task to do. You need to check plenty of things while buying the scope rings.

In this article, we have done the hard part of your search. By considering all the important factors, we have brought you the reviews of the best 30mm scope rings that will help you find the right rings for your rifle. Besides, we have included a checklist to give you a clear idea about the things to check while buying the rings.

Best 30mm Scope Rings – [Editor’s Choice]

7. Monstrum Slim Profile Series 30mm Picatinny Mount

This is a one-piece scope ring for the flat-surfaced Picatinny rail rifles. Now you must be wondering why on earth we are suggesting a one-piece scope ring for your heavy recoil rifles, don’t they add extra weight to the rifles?

Well, this one doesn’t. Since the piece is made from 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum, it weighs only about 6 ounces. So it doesn’t add any extra weight to your rifle it is sturdy enough to keep your scope in one place.

What we also like about the ring is its 4 square-integral recoil stops. This feature also helped the ring to be lightweight and endure heavy impacts and recoils. Besides, the ring comes with a 2” extension on the front side to ensure flexibility for optimum eye relief and shooting position.

Hence, it could be a good choice for anyone who is looking for lightweight, sturdy, and recoil stop scope rings!

Will the ring be the right fit for a 50mm objective scope?

The fitment of the scope mainly depends on its tube size, not the size of the objective lens. Generally, the tube size can be 1” or 30mm. So, if the tube of your scope is 30mm, this ring will be a perfect fit for it.

What is the torque setting for the base and the ring?

Most good quality rings need 20-25 in/pounds torque for bottom mounting screws and 15-20 in/pounds torque for the top scope rings. But you are suggested to see the mounting guide of the company before installing the ring.

Is the ring offset from the top rail?

It is offset in the forward of the rail. The offset dimension mounts the scope nearly 2.5” forward from the front-to-back position of a standard (non-offset) mounting arrangement. This helps to keep better head/eye positions.

6. Weaver 30mm Six Hole Tactical Low Rings

In the tactical environment, your firearm performance matters most. Hence, it is essential to place your tactical scope on the right tactical rings. This ring comes with six points of contact to maximize security and it also can handle the most impactful and bumpy situations.

Wouldn’t you like the zero to stay true when you are using the rifle for intense training or in real-life action? This tactical ring makes sure your zero stays true even in a tense environment. This particular ring is a well fit for 30mm scope tubes with low heights. But it is also available in 1” diameter and other two height sizes.

We believe manufacturing experience can make a difference in the product quality. The Weaver earns reliability from their 90 years of manufacturing experience in this industry. Thus, the quality of the ring is duly backed up by the company.

Is it a right fit for a 50mm lens on AR?

No, you will require medium-height rings for it. If you don’t have an A2 front sight, the medium height will work but in case you do have an A2 sight, you should buy a 1” ring with medium height.

Can you use it for a Remington 700 one-piece rail?

The ring is strong and sturdy enough to handle the scopes, so, you can easily use it in Rem 700 one-piece rail. However, don’t forget to measure the height. It has a low height, if this height is not a right fit for the scope, you can check out other available ring heights.

Does the height of the ring affect zeroing?

If you are switching the rings from low to high and vice versa, you will need to reset your zero. Every time you change the adjustment to mount the scope, it affects the zero, hence it is necessary to reset it before you use it in hunting or training.

5. Warnex 30mm Maxima Permanent Attachable Mount

The most loved part of this ring is its secure and durable fixed mounting system. If the ring doesn’t get set properly, it becomes a headache for rifle users because the scope starts to fall off or loses the adjustment in a heavy recoil.

By keeping it in mind, the Maxima fixed rings are designed with 4T-15 Torx style socket cap screws so that they can be securely set around the scope.

Additionally, both the front and rear rings come with a Warne square stainless steel recoil control key. This square recoil key prevents the base from swaging or peening. You can easily mount the rings on Warne bases, Weaver cross slots, and Mil-Spec Picatinny style bases and rails.

However, these 30mm scope rings have low height, so before purchasing them, unsure whether they would be the right fit for your scope or not.

Are the rings made of steel or aluminum?

The rings are made of steel. With the help of sintered steel technology, these steel rings are constructed to be durable and strong.

Will the low rings work with a 33mm objective?

Even if they are low-height rings, you can use them with a 33mm objective scope. As per the company description these rings will be compatible with 24-42mm objective scopes. Some users also claimed that they even work with 44mm objective scopes.

Can these rings withstand the recoil of a 50 BMG?

The rings are made from solid steel and have an extremely robust design which makes them stronger than the aluminum-made parts. So, we believe they can handle the recoil of a 50 BMG. To ensure compatibility, you can also contact the manufacturer.

4. Vortex Optics Tactical 30mm Riflescope Rings

These 30mm scope rings give you a great option to mount red-dot optics, magnifiers, and other accessories on your Picatinny rail. With the help of the robust 6- screws, these Tactical rings easily enable the scope along with other accessories to mount on the rail.

You can also use the rings with the conventional rifle scopes. However, before using the rings with these scopes, you are suggested to lap the rings. This will ensure your optics are properly and securely set on the rings.

These Vortex tactical rings can make the center of the scope position at a height of 1.18” from the base. There are multiple height options in this product such as low, medium, high, and absolute co-witness, so you can choose the rings as per your required heights.

Will the rings be fit for a vortex 20×50 scope on a precision rifle?

The diameter of the scope tube mainly determines your ring size. Generally, Vortex 6-24x50mm scopes have 30mm tubes, so it is safe to say you can use the rings for your Vortex 20×50 scope.

What scope rings do you need to mount a vortex diamondback tactical 4-16×44 to a ruger mini 30?

To mount the rings perfectly you always need a right base. The rings will fit the tube of the scope since it is a 30mm tube. But your Ruger mini 30 needs to have Picatinny rail as a base, only then you can mount the scope on the rings.

Can these rings provide enough clearance for a vortex optics scope bubble when mounted on a one-piece Picatinny base?

Not every rifle has a bubble level, but if a rifle does have a bubble level, you can measure the level with the help of the calipers. The clearance on this scope should be under 0.25”. So there is plenty of room to fit the scope firmly on the rings.

3. Leupold 30mm Scope Ringmount, For Rimfire

These Ruger M77 30mm High ring mounts can fit in most rifle bases. Since they are designed to be rugged and lightweight, they provide strong support to the scopes without adding extra weight to the rifle.

Along with the ring mounts, you will also get 1554 Sporting-Optic-Rings. The steel scope rings can be mounted on the ring mounts by using the no-tap method. This makes the mounting process easy and fast.

Whenever we look for scope rings, we want to make sure they will help us to keep the scopes in place and also won’t add extra weight to the rifles. These ring mounts and rings tick all the requirements to make them one of the desirable options for hunting rifles.

Will they fit in a mini 14 ranch?

Yes, they can fit in a Mini-14 Ranch but you need to be sure of two things. First, check whether this ring height will be right for your scope or not. Secondly, make sure you have a Picatinny rail to mount the rings on it.

Can the pair fit in both ruger no.1 rifle and m77?

The height of the front and rear rings are appropriate to fit the scopes in M77. But the No.1 is a different model which requires a different set of rings to fit the scopes. So, you can’t use the rings on the Ruger No.1 rifle.

Is the rear ring higher than the front ring?

The Ruger M77 is designed to have off-set rings to fit the scopes in the rifle, this means it needs a ring set where the rear ring is higher than the front ring. Hence, Leupold designed the rings to be offset to make them compatible with the M77. Unlike this model, the other Ruger models like K77, 77/22, and No.1 need rings with the same heights.

2. Burris 420162 XTR Rings (30-mm, Medium, Black)

This is a set of 2 tactical 30mm scope rings with medium height (1.10”). The best part of the rings is, they can fit in rails that support Weaver or Picatinny mounting style. This means even though they are ideal for tactical use, you can also use them in hunting rifles, slug guns, and muzzleloaders.

In addition, the rings have an optional Picatinny rail on the top to allow other accessories to attach to the mounted scope. They also have 6-screws to firmly place the scope on the rings, so, in all heavy recoil moments the scope won’t lose its adjustment.

The rings help the scope to remain zeroed in any bumpy or intense situations. What else you will like about them is their easy and quick installation. Just place them on the base and torque between the range of 65-100 in/lbs, and it’s done!

Will the rings work with sig box scope?

The Sig BDX scope has a 30mm tube, so the rings can be the right fit for the scope. Therefore, as long as the rifle barrel has clearance they should work the scope.

Does the set work on revolvers?

To work the set on your revolver, it needs to be tapped the same as the rifle. You also need to have a Weaver or Picatinny base on the revolver since the rings are designed to be mounted on these bases.

Do the rings need lapping?

Some rifle users like to lapping the rings before installing them. But it is not always necessary, you can directly mount the rings if you want. However, you are recommended to lap the rings when you mount them on 20 MOA rails.

1. Seekins Precision 30mm Low 4 Cap Screw Scope Ring

Anyone who is looking for perfect scope rings for precision shooting rifles will love the rings. They are extremely heavy-duty rings their quality is considered to be as good as the Vortex Matched Precision rings.

These low rings can be easily mounted on different 20 MOA rails such as Remington 700 and Savage FCP-SR 6.5 Creedmoor. The 4 screw caps enable fast installation of the rings and they also ensure that the rings don’t move from the place in heavy recoils.

Interestingly, the rings look quite bulky but due to the use of Aluminum, they are lightweight. So, you can choose them without worrying about the additional weight! Moreover, if you purchase the rings, along with them you will also get 1554 Rifle Scopes, 1500 Hunting Airsoft, and Paintball.

What is the recommended torque for the screws?

It is really important to use the right amount of torque on the screws, otherwise, it can damage both the bolt and base. To mount the ring on the base you should use a torque of 50 in/pounds and for the ring cap use 20 in/pounds torque.

Does the set fit the a.r.m.s-18?

The set fits pretty much any rails of the military specs. However, if your rail is a standard 1913 rail, it would be a perfect fit for the rifle.

Will the height work for a PST Gen II (50mm) mounted on a 30 MOA pic rail?

The rings work fine with a 56mm Nightforce with a 0 moa rail and can have barrel clearance of 1/8”. So, we suppose the height of the ring should work with this scope. You can also contact Seekins to be confirmed about the fitment.

Buying Guide For 30mm Rifle Scope Rings

Correct scope ring setup is equally important to choosing the right scopes for your rifles. However, due to the wide range of varieties in the scope rings, we often get confused about finding the right one. So if you’re looking for a scope ring for your 30mm scope tube, the following list may come to your aid.


You can’t always directly mount the scope on the rifle, sometimes you will need an additional attachment system or base to connect the ring and then mount it on the firearm.

Hence, the rings can come as a single unit where the rings are already mounted on the base and they also can come as two separate pieces. You should choose the rings depending on the rifle model you own.

Ring Height

Different manufacturers make rings with various heights such as low, medium, and high. Generally, the 30mm scope tube fits in the rings that have medium or high heights.

Mounting Style

The hunting, assault, and heavy recoil rifles are normally designed with Weaver or Picatinny rails. So, if you want to mount your scope on these types of rails, you should buy rings that are made to use on these rifles.

On the other hand, if you want to mount your 30mm scope on the rifles of military or law enforcement, you need to look for tactical rings. The tactical rings are specially manufactured for use in military applications, so these types of rings will be right for your military rifles.

Eye Relief

Before buying the rings, make sure that they don’t limit the amount of eye relief. Some ring set-ups may limit the adjustability, so it is important to check that it doesn’t limit eye relief.


To sum up, we know it is not easy to find high-quality scope rings and the search even gets confusing when you have to check other things like rifle model, bases, mounting style, and so on. The simple solution to follow in this process is that you need to be patient and meticulous.

We have tried to bring you the best 30mm scope rings by considering all the necessary things that will enhance your shooting performance instead of compromising it. However, you can also use our checklist if you want to search the rings on your own.

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