Best Scope Mount For Remington 700: No Compromises!

Regarding accuracy, scopes are a crucial part of your gear. To make sure your scope performs to the level it’s marketed you will need the right set of mounting gears to install it and maintain zero properly.

Remington 700 is a prime candidate for modern-day hunting, plinking, and competitive shooting. Guns like M24 and M40 are designed after the Remington 700. Yet, it holds a dearest spot among shooters over all the other options!

While you have a plethora of scopes to choose from, they won’t mean much if you can’t install them on your weapon. How do you find the best scope mount for the Remington 700? That’s a question you will find the answer to!

Without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

Best Remington 700 scope Mounts – [Editor’s Pick]

1. Nightforce Optics 1-Piece Picatinny Rail

As you know already, the base of the Remington 700 is not compatible with Picatinny architectures. Coincidentally, most modern scope rings are made for that architecture. As it’s also known for being stable and durable, you will benefit greatly from Weaver/Picatinny rings.

Nightforce offers a great 1-piece rail that fits on your gun and is quite easy to install. It has multiple holes that are already pre-drilled in your gun.

This rail is made out of high-quality aluminum. It’s extremely durable and the hard anodized coating makes it impossible to peel the color of it.

The only downside of this in my book is the lack of support for the shorter Remington 700 models. But it will fit a Remington 700 5R with a 300 Win Mag quite easily.

Key Features

  • Materials and Design: Crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum, this lightweight 1-piece mounting rail is all you need!
  • Support: Despite not supporting the shorter Remington 700, this one is compatible with the high-performance 300 Win Mag.
  • F.A.Q: Yes, it is compatible with Nightforce mounting rings. Yes, you can install Vortex and other 30-34mm scope rings on this as well. They will maintain zero.

2. Talley Remington Model 7/600 2-Piece Mounting Rings

Let’s say you don’t want a Weaver rail and you just want a pair of rings and install them directly on your Remington, then you will love this pair of rings!

They are made out of high-quality alloy. They are quite durable and insanely well-built. Even if you throw in something like the Vortex Viper PST Gen II, it will still hold zero and adjust just fine.

As they are not your standard Picatinny rail-supported rings, you will need to install them directly on your Remington 700 with the provided screws. Your gun has some holes pre-drilled from the factory, take advantage of this.

While the scope rings on paper sounds great and their performance is there to prove the claims, it’s not all sunshine and rainbow. You can use this mount only in Browning, Howa, and Remington rifles. If you have anything else, you are out of luck my friend.

Key Features

  • Direct Mount: You don’t need a separate converter rail or any other medium to install this on your rifle. Directly attach it to your 700.
  • Two-Piece Design: You can easily remove the top part of the ring, place your scope, and then tighten it.
  • Zero Issues: Talley Scope rings are lightweight and durable. But when it comes to holding zero, they are heavyweight! They will hold zero like a champ.

3. Leupold Standard 2-Piece Rifle Scope Mount Base

Leupold is an industry leader when it comes to sporting optics and related gear. This two-piece designed rifle scope mount is specifically made for guns like the Remington 700.

This ring is made out of machined steel. With just two pieces of this (it comes in a pair), you can accommodate various lengths of scopes.

Holding zero is their middle name, winning your championship is their game! Just like their riflescope, Leupold also offers a full lifetime guarantee with their rings! And if you have used any Leupold products in the past, you know how prompt and clean their service is.

Key Features

  • So many options! This pair of bases is available in multiple different configurations, weights, and finishes accommodated for different weapons. Fun fact, it fits older Remington models and Browning T-bolt as well!
  • Set for life! With Leupold’s Gold Ring Lifetime Guarantee, you are set for lifetime use with these!
  • Easy to Install! Installing a pair of scope bases has never been easier! They come pre-drilled and you just place them and use the provided screw to install the base.

4. Evolution Gun Works Scope Base

EGW scope rings are quite popular among plinkers and hunters. Competitive shooters also use their scope bases. Suitable for short-action Remington, this mounting base lets you attach both Picatinny and Weaver-mount accessories to your rifle. 

It is made out of high-quality T6 extruded aluminum. The finishing on this is a matte black-coated finish. The aluminum build makes it quite resistant to scratches and rust. This mount weighs less than 3 ounces. 

As you know due to the different designs between short-action and long-action, this rail will not work in long-action rifles. It is also not compatible with Weatherby, Vanguard, and Howa rifles. 

Depending on the range you are shooting, you can choose from a 0 or 20 MOA. Being ambidextrous, this rail allows both right and left-handed shooters to take advantage of it.

Key Features

  • Built To Last! The build quality on this is just excellent! It will last you a long time to come. Helping you land many hunts and win your competitions!
  • Speaking of Range: As you read above, it comes with 0 and 20 MOA options. Whether you are a long-range shooter or a short-range, EGW has something for both.
  • Newbie Friendly! This scope comes with a simple instruction to install and your gun already has the holes ready for it! That sounds wrong, but you get it!

5. Leupold Dual Dovetail Scope Rings

Are you tired of poorly constructed dovetail rings made by an unknown brand from China? Well, Leupold is here to save you from that problem. This pair of rings is constructed in the same factory as the famous Leupold hunting scopes.

Instead of using aluminum, Leupold went for machined steel for this unit. it’s practically unbreakable. This implies you don’t wrestle with the ring or it faces an unfortunate accident.

It’s compatible with all Leupold dual dovetail mounting rails. While purchasing them, you can choose the desired height of the rings. you can go for high, medium, or low. Depending on what you rock that is. It is also available in 1” and 30mm models.

key Features

  • Unparalleled Durability: With a virtually indestructible structure, Leupold delivers a powerful message to competing products, establishing itself as the epitome of robustness.
  • Customizable Heights for Your Preference: Tailor your optics setup to your exact specifications by choosing from three different height options: high, medium, or low. Whether you prefer a low-profile configuration or need extra clearance for specific accessories, Leupold has you covered.
  • Compatibility with Leupold Dual Dovetail Mounting Rails: Designed to effortlessly pair with all Leupold dual dovetail mounting rails, these rings guarantee a secure and stable connection. The compatibility factor ensures that your Leupold optics and rings work seamlessly together, enhancing the overall performance of your firearm.

6. Modkin Rifle Scope Medium Profile Mount

I wouldn’t be surprised if you claimed that you never heard of Modkin before. Let’s be real, they are not the most well-known brand in the States. While they don’t have a big name like Vortex, they certainly know how to make good bases to keep you hooked!

Speaking of bases, Modkin is offering a set of rifle scope rings. They are made out of solid aluminum alloy. The same type of material you see in most riflescopes and other accessories as well. It is made to fit most 21mm Picatinny and weaver mounting rails. The scope rings are made for 1” scope cylinders.

There is built-in tape inside the ring to prevent scopes from marring with the ring. It also holds zero after countless shots. The best part is, they are detachable and you can detach them quite easily. You can detach them on the field within minutes if you want to. Don’t know why you would want that, but it’s there.

key Features

  • Premium Build: Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the AD-RECON 30 boasts a superior build, utilizing lightweight aluminum for a perfect balance of sturdiness and reduced weight. This scope mount is not just an accessory; it’s a statement of quality beyond compare.
  • Swift and Secure Mounting: Elevating user experience, the AD-RECON 30 features a patented Quick Detach (QD) mechanism, ensuring a swift and secure mounting process. The innovative design speaks volumes about American Defense’s dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions for firearm enthusiasts.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Designed with versatility in mind, the AD-RECON 30 is compatible with a range of 30mm scopes, including high-end options such as Zeiss. Its seamless integration with standard Picatinny rails makes it a go-to choice for firearm enthusiasts seeking adaptability without compromising on performance.

How To Choose The Best Scope Base for Remington 700?

Now that you are aware of what your options are, what can you do to choose one from them for your Remington? Well, let’s get to know that! 

What is a Remington 700? 

Before we get to know which base to choose, it’s good to know of the gun! The Remington 700 is a bolt-action rifle made in the USA by Remington Arms. The gun was developed in 1962. Like most other guns, this was based on a previous weapon from Remington called the model 712 and model 722.

It became so successful that, it got many offspring based on it. Such as M24 and M40 sniper rifles. 

It’s a bolt-action rifle made for civilians and military usage. It is also quite good for hunting and competitive gaming. 

Advantages of Direct Attachment 

Some of the scope bases attach directly to your base. That makes the system lighter. While that’s not the truth always, most of the time it will make it lighter. But in my opinion, it is less versatile. 

Your options are limited. It also prevents you from using QD mounts. Direct mount is a commitment. If you are willing to spend a lifetime with your weapon and the same scope, then they are quite advantageous. As they are there to stick, they will stick and keep zero. 

What you need to know before buying 

Before you start thinking about which one to get, you will need to know a few things. 

If you are a hunter, then your options are also different. For competitive shooters, the bases are also quite broad. You will also need to keep in mind whether you are going to add more accessories to the weapon. 

But you still need to keep in mind a few things. Such as, what action is your rifle? As you can see above, the EGW base is not made for longer action, and the Nightforce is not made for the short-action rifle. 

If you know what rifle variant you have, you will need to choose based on that. Let’s say you don’t want to add any accessories, then you can get a pair of rings that installs directly on your base and call it a day.

The last thing you need to keep in mind is the budget. It plays an important role in any purchase decision. Whether you want to spend a lot of money behind a full setup, or you want to keep it low and get a pair that fits directly in the weapon, that all depends on the budget.

Closing Thoughts

Choosing the best scope mount for the Remington 700 is not that hard. It will only be hard if you make it complex for no reason. You just need to understand what is the aspect that you value the most. 

If you have a long-action Remington 700, your options are different. If you have the Remington 700 with short-action, then your options are also different. 

Depending on the range you shoot at, your options are different, again! So, make sure what you value the most. 

Hopefully, this guide helped you with your confusion and aided in your research! Go get that scope base, my friend! I will see you on the next one. Take care!

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