Best Scope Mounts For Browning X Bolt – Reviews w/FAQs

Finding the right scope for a bolt-action rifle is a hard task on its own. Finding the right scope mount for that is even harder.

A bad scope mount will ruin your shooting experience. From unwanted movements to adjustment errors, it can make you rage. We want to avoid scenarios like that. Take my advice, and invest in a good pair of mounting rings.

Right, now the question is, what are the best scope mounts for Browning X bolt? That’s what we are going to find out here. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the read.

Best Browning X-Bolt Scope Mounts

1. Browning X-Lock Integrated Scope Rings

Who would make better scope mounts for Browning rifles other than Browning themselves? This pair of mounting ring from Browning is made from aluminum. They also feature an X-Lock integrated installation system.

It’s a universal size suitable for all 30mm tube riflescopes. That includes hunting rifles, tactical shooting scopes, and ACOGS. Browning also provides a warranty with this product.

To help you install this easily, Browning does level the front and rear rings. You shouldn’t be confused between them. The screws have different lengths as well. X-pattern lock is a very solid mounting system. You don’t have many options in the X Bolt pattern anyway.

If you can’t tell already, this product was made for the X-bolt series. It will fit the X-Bolt and X-Bolt Pro very well. There is no space related issue present on the mounting rings.

Does it come with a warranty?

Yes, it comes with a warranty.

Will this work for a 6-24×50 on X-Bolt Max?

It will. But it will be a close call due to the height. Also, you need to find out the diameter of your scope first.

2. Talley X-Bolt Scope Mount

Talley is an American optics and equipment manufacturer. This is their take on the X-Bolt pattern. The Talley is a 1-inch X-Bolt scope mount with medium height.

Instead of going for two or more pieces of design, Talley made this mount in one-piece construction. The entire mounting ring is made out of aluminum. High-quality aluminum is lightweight and durable. Talley used matte black to anodize the aluminum and give it a premium look and feel.

The rigid construction has no joints between the scope and the rifle. This unified design eliminates the possibilities of “out of alignment”. You won’t find any loose connection between the scope and the rifle either.

Thanks to that, you don’t need to reset zero after each shot. The reticle won’t move around on the scope either. The scope will sit tightly on the mount and won’t move around. Make sure that you are mounting the scope the right way. That’s all you need to worry about.

Diameter of the rings?

They can take 1-inch tubes.

Is medium height a good choice for a 44mm objective lens scope?

Yes, medium height is a very good choice for up to 50mm objective lens. Anything above that might want to switch to a different height.

What color does this come in?

There is misinformation regarding the color of this mount, it only comes in black not blue some sites mentioned it mistakenly.

3. Leupold BackCountry Two-Piece Scope Mount

Leupold BackCountry is a mounting ring set for Browning X-Bolt. We all know how big of a company Leupold is. X-Bolt is a big series of guns as well. Thus, Leupold made a mounting ring for this gun. Whatever the reason behind Leupold’s decision-making was doesn’t matter. What matters is we got a tremendous set of mounting rings for our X-Bolt.

BackCountry comes in tons of different configurations for tons of different guns. Just by clicking on the size chart, you will see just how many of them are there. You can choose between 1” or 30mm medium or high. Of course, that depends on you. Is your scope 1” or 30mm? Choose the diameter depending on that. Do you require a high sitting position or a medium? Choose according to your preference.

This two-piece construction is designed and made entirely from aircraft-grade aluminum. Leupold used 7075-T6 aluminum for it. It’s lightweight and extremely durable. It can take the recoil of a gun like X-Bolt with ease.

Where is this made?

Leupold products are made in the USA.

Does Leupold provide a warranty with this?

Yes, they do provide a warranty.

Are they too heavy?

No, they are pretty lightweight.

4. Browning X-Lock Integrated Med 1″ Mount

Browning is well aware of how securely mounted optics are essential for accuracy and precision. To make sure you are getting that accuracy and precision with your X-Bolt, they designed an X-Lock scope mounting system. It uses four screws per base. Replacing the traditional 2-screw mounting system.

The benefits of this mounting system are quite obvious. With more screws, you are securing the scope on the gun with tight tolerance. No room for error and movement. Making the scope more accurate.

This variant of the X-Bolt mounting ring is made out of aluminum. Durable and high-quality aluminum is very lightweight as well. You can use a 1” riflescope with this mounting ring. Make sure your scope is 1” not 30mm. You need to buy a different mounting ring for 30mm.

It’s a medium height and suited for scopes with up to 50mm objective lens. Of course, you can use scopes with a larger objective lens. But that’s not recommended with medium height. It may create a bit of a clearance issue.

Where is this made?

They are made in the USA.

Is this discontinued?

No, they are not discontinued. Still going strong since its release.

Will this fit a Vortex Diamondback?

Depending on the Diamondback model you are speaking of, yes, these rings will fit the diamondback.

5. Browning X-Lock Integrated High 1” Mount

Browning offers a broad swath of products for outdoor persons. Having both Browning and Winchester repeating arms in their banner, Browning is a trusted face in the community.

X-Bolt features a very unique scope mounting system. A system where you cannot use traditional Weaver or Picatinny mounting rings. Instead, you will need to buy a pair of mounting rings with X-lock technology. This variant of the mounting ring comes with 1” scope support.

You need to make sure first your scope is 1” not 30mm. 30mm rings are different. This mounting ring is also made out of high-quality and lightweight aluminum. There is no chance of catching rust at all. This scope has a matte black finish as well. looks classy and expensive.

As it’s the perfect match for X-Bolt, it’s worthy of being one of the best scope mounts for Browning X-Bolt. Kind of like a match made in heaven. If you want to use a huge scope on your X-Bolt, then you must take this as it’s a high-profile mount.

Where is this made?

It’s made in the USA.

What do 1″ and 30mm tube means?

It indicates how thick the tube is. The external diameter of the scope tube.

Do they come with mounting screws?

Yes, they come with mounting screws.

Things To Keep in Mind Before Buying

Choosing a scope mount may not be as hard as choosing the scope, but choosing a scope mount for the X-bolt is fairly hard. While purchasing the mounts, if you keep some things in mind, your decision-making will be much easier.


I cannot stretch enough how important choosing the right size is. You shouldn’t pick the wrong diameter. If you do, your scope won’t fit on the rings. They won’t be aligned properly either. Choosing the right size is the most important part.


While they all are lightweight, it doesn’t hurt to keep this box checked as well. Heavier rings may say they are sturdier, but their weight balance might be bad as well. Having a balanced pair of rings is the best you could hope for.


It’s a bolt-action rifle. Don’t even think of using a fiberglass, or plastic-type mount with this rifle. It will break the mount and possibly the scope as well. Stick to aluminum or tougher and more durable metal.


X-bolt mounting is very different. That doesn’t mean you should work extra hard to find the right product for it. Told you to leave that on me.

That’s all I have for you today. Some of the best scope mounts for browning X-Bolt you could buy at this very moment. Just make sure you buy the right measurement to match your scope. Don’t buy the wrong one. You won’t be able to mount the scope otherwise. Till, next time.

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