Best Mount For Trijicon MRO – Reviews and Guides w/FAQs

The Trijicon MRO is a reflex sight that is popular for its durability and quality. It is often used as a primary sight on rifles, and can also be mounted on pistols.

Trijicon MRO does come with a mounting plate built-in. But not a lot of gun supports that natively. You might need a different mounting plate or rail to make it support your gun. Often, that can add extra height that a lot don’t appreciate. If you are looking for the best mount for Trijicon MRO, you have come to the right place.

Best Trijicon Mro Mounts – [Editor’s Pick]

1. Scalarworks LEAP MRO Co-Witness Mount

This lightweight mount weighs a mere 40 grams. That’s lighter than the magazine you are putting on your gun. The screws of this mount weigh only 1.8 grams. That’s also scarily light. Scalarworks made this mount to support MRO and MRO patrol.

The height of the cowitness mount is 36mm. That’s absolute height and you cannot change it for a moment either. I mean, that’s the point of cowitness anyway. The clamp design of this mount is unique as well.

You might think this is made from cheap materials, but that’s not true at all. It’s made out of CNC-machined aluminum billet. It’s as durable as a mount can be. If you want to attach it on top of a big gun, you certainly can.

Will this work on MRO HD?

Yes, it will.

Will Sig Romeo 5 fit in it?

No, it absolutely won’t.

Does it include mounting screws to attach the MRO?

It does.

2. Trijicon MRO Levered 1/3 Co-Witness Mount

This MRO mount is made by Trijicon themselves. This was an option for folks that want a cowitness mount and don’t want to get it from a third party like Scalarworks.

This lightweight and short mount is compatible with Picatinny rail. If you were looking for a dovetail, this is not it. It’s not extremely heavy either. It’s made out of durable lightweight aluminum. The same type of aluminum your MRO is made out of.

An anodized matte black finish makes this look nice. It’s not overwhelming nor it looks ugly. If you are using the optic in a rough environment, you can use the additional hole on the mount to bind your optic on the mount with a paracord.

Where is this made?

It’s made in the USA.

Does this come with a screw?

Yes, it does.

Is this better than the stock mount?

It is arguably better.

3. Midwest Industries Lower 1/3 QD Mount

MRO is a high-demand sight and so are its mounts. This one is made by Midwest Industries. It’s a low-profile 1/3 QD mount made for MRO, MRO HD, and patrol. If you own either of those models and want a better 1/3 low-profile mount, this one is what you should look for.

It’s a mount made out of CNC-machined aluminum. It doesn’t weigh much and can be mounted on a Picatinny rail. The choice of material here is 6061 aluminum. A really lightweight, durable, and rust-free material.

It features a smooth QD lever designed by Elite Defense. It’s smooth and functions as a QD lever should. You can attach this on the rail of your gun without any kind of tools. That makes attaching and removing it on the fly easier.

Where is this made?

It’s made in the USA.

Do they provide any warranty?

Yes, they provide a lifetime worth warranty.

Does it come with screws to attach the optic?

Yes, it does.

4. American Defense Mfg. ADM Def Trijicon Mro Mount

Low-profile mounts are often the preferred mounting style for scopes and sights on top of a rifle. They are quite fun to use and they provide a good amount of height to work with magnifiers if you decide to add that down the line.

This Mounting rig from American Defense is made out of durable aluminum. They are CNC milled and they don’t look like any cheap products at all. The height of this mount alone is 2.5 inches. It will increase the height of the MRO by a bit but not as much as a tall mounting rig.

If you are looking for a co-witness or 1/3 co-witness mount, this is not it. I have mentioned some of those already. If you are looking for a true low-profile mounting rig for your lovely Trijicon MRO, MRO HD, or MRO Patrol, then this is it.

Where is this made?

It’s made in the USA.

Does the mount come with hardware screws?

Yes, it comes with all the necessary screws.

Is this a cowitness mount?

It isn’t.

5. Trijicon MRO Full Co-Witness Picatinny-Style Mount

Let’s say, you don’t trust other brands and want to stick to Trijicon for a mounting rig/adapter. Then, this is what you will end up getting. It’s not the most expensive offering from Trijicon. Yet, it’s a solid shell made to last as long as your MRO if not more.

The AC32068 is a full co-witness mount made out of CNC-milled aluminum billet. This fits the Trijicon MRO and MRO patrol models. It’s a full co-witness mount. Meaning the MRO is mounted at the same height as the iron sight.

The optics red dot will appear on top of the iron sight post. Giving you absolute co-witness vision and height. It supports Picatinny and weaver-style mounting rails. You will need 4 hex screws to mount the MRO on this. They do include those necessary screws in the package.

Where is this made?

It’s made in the USA.

Do Trijicon provide a warranty?

Yes, they do.

Is this better than 1/3 co-witness?

That depends on what you consider better.

How To Choose The Best Mounts For Trijicon MRO?

Choosing the mounting adapter for your sight might be harder than picking the sight itself. While most of you guys will be satisfied with mounting the sight directly on your gun, some may require one of these adapters for optimal performance.


You must make sure about what height of mount you require. I cannot tell you the best height for you. Only you know that. Make sure to find that out before deciding on the mount.

Build Quality

We don’t want plastic mounts here. While I have nothing against plastic accessories, it’s just that metal is simply better and more durable.


Honestly, it’s not as important as the sight warranty. But it doesn’t hurt to have one.


This was different than what I usually do. But felt like it’s needed as there are tons of MRO owners out there. I’m sure some of those owners were convinced by me as well. Boasting aside, these are the best mounts for Trijicon MRO you could buy right now.

Depending on your preference, go for the one that fits your budget and satisfies your needs. And you will be a happy camper. Till next time, take care.

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