Best 34mm Scope Rings – Reviews and Buying Guides w/FAQs

In recent times, the 34mm tube scopes have been very popular among the long-range rifle users. Whether for hunting or long-range precision shooting, people are now getting more drawn to the 34mm tube scopes. So what makes them special?

Honestly, it doesn’t provide much additional feature to your scope. It mainly helps the scope to have more space for elevation without sacrificing the lens size. Now, here comes the need for 34mm scope rings. You will need the 34mm rings to mount the 34mm scopes.

However, choosing the right rings can be a real hot mess! But don’t worry, we got your back. After doing a long research, we have brought you the reviews of the best 34mm scope rings that you can find in the market. Additionally, we have added a very important checklist that you should check out before buying the rings.

Best 34mm Scope Rings – [Editor’s Pick]

7. Leupold PRW Weaver-Style Cross-Slot Scope Ring

This is a set of 2 34mm scope rings with high heights. The rings are compatible with any Picatinny rail rifles and also with Leupold QRW bases. So if you’re someone who is looking for a ring set for Picatinny or Weaver rails, this pair may come in handy for you.

However, we would recommend the rings for those who use budget scopes on the rifles and are new shooters. It is because once you mount the scopes in the rings it becomes a bit difficult to bolt them down.

So, if you are not careful enough, there is a chance of getting scratches on your scope while mounting the rings. But don’t worry, after installing them properly, they will do their job, they will keep your scopes in place and also will endure heavy impacts.

Moreover, due to their steel construction, they are quite heavy weighted which is fine for beginner-level shooters to practice with but experienced shooters may look for a more lightweight and high-quality ring set for their rifles.

All in all, this is a nice pair of rings for budget scopes and new shooters but the experienced ones can look for better options.

Can They Fit With An 11mm Dovetail?

Since the rings are designed for cross-slot bases, they will not fit with an 11mm Dovetail. Besides, the dual Dovetail bases need a dual Dovetail set of rings.

What Is The Recommended Torque For The Rings?

The recommended torque for the rings is 15- 20 in/Ibs. Now, try not to exceed this torque range, otherwise, it could do serious damage to your bases and scopes.

Will They Fit With The Thompson Center Compass II 6.5 Creedmoor?

The rings are compatible with Picatinny or Weaver rails, so you need to check what type of rail the rifle has. Unless it has one of these rail bases, you can’t use the rings to mount it.

6. Athlon Optics Precision 34mm Medium Height Ring

The rings are specially engineered for precision rifles and magnum calibers. The best part of the rings is the way they have been constructed. Due to the use of aircraft-grade aluminum, the parts are durable enough to endure any rough terrain and also can be lightweight. Besides, the hard anodizing coatings on the rings can ensure wear resistance.

Additionally, the rings come with a recoil lug to eliminate ring shift in Picatinny and weaver cross slots. They are designed to have increased surface area in the ring’s flex points so that without any lapping, the rings can hold the scope tightly in place.

Therefore, if you want a perfect scope ring deal for your precision rifles, this set is good to go. However, notice that it is a medium-height ring, so if your scope is not compatible with this height ring, try other products.

Will they fit with a Vortex Strike Eagle 5-25X56mm fierce fury?

While selecting the ring, the size of the objective lens doesn’t matter as much as the tube size does. So, as long as the tube diameter of your scope is 34mm, the rings will fit the scopes.

Can use the same ring height for both 50mm and 56mm objective scopes?

The ring height for the 50mm Objective scopes can be medium or high, depending on the manufacturing specification. However, the 56mm Objective scopes need to be mounted with a high ring height.

What is the base to the centerline height?

After installing the mounting base on the rail, you can measure the distance between the base and the center of the ring with a measurement tape. In the case of these rings, the difference between them should be around 1.069”.

5. Burris Optics P.E.P.R. Tactical Scope Mount

Whether you have hunting rifles or tactical and military rifles, these rings will fit all rails. How? Because of its quick detach mounting system, you can use the rings on any rifle base you want. This mounting system can also ensure ¼ MOA re-mount capability.

Besides, it enables you to adjust MOA from 5 to 40 without using the windage or elevation knobs. Two more important features come along with the rings. One is the scope-holding ability, the parts can keep the scopes in one place without lapping the rings.

Another important feature is, that the ring helps you to use the backup iron sights while maintaining proper eye-relief. So, on the whole, the set of rings tick the necessary factors that make it considered one of the desirable options.

Do they provide good eye position?

The rings set up sometimes can limit the amount of adjustability in the eye relief. But these rings are good at providing optimal eye positioning to see your target from a long distance.

Will they work with Burris scout scope on a Springfield Socom II?

Yes, they can work with this scope. If you want, you can install the mounts backward on the rifle.

Is it necessary to lap the rings before mounting the scope?

If your rings need lapping, you will get the instructions in the product description. However, often it also depends on users’ preference, so if you’re someone who likes to lap the rings a bit before installation, you can but remember it is not always mandatory.

4. Seekins Precision 34mm Tube 4 Cap Screw Ring

The Seekings offers you the ring with all the required specifications that we look for in a high-quality scope ring. To begin with, the ring comes with 4 cap screws to help it to keep the scope in one place even in bumpy or intense situations. In addition, you don’t need to worry about using it in the rainy seasons because the hard anodized coating will prevent moisture from damaging the parts.

What we like most about the ring is its durability. Well, how much durability are we talking about? Aerospace grade! The ring is manufactured with 7075-T6 Billet which in simple English is a heavy-duty aluminum alloy used in various high-end applications like aerospace applications.

The only drawback of the ring is, it is not lightweight. So, if you have a hunting rifle, we would recommend you to look for lightweight rings, something like “Athlon Optics Precision 34mm Medium Height Ring”.

However, the ring provides commendable service on the rifles with 1913 Picatinny specifications. Therefore, if you have military specs with this specification, don’t look any further and close the deal!

Do the rings fit the cz 527?

The rings will be more suitable for Picatinny rails. Hence, unless you have these rails on the rifles, you are recommended to not to buy them.

What ring height do you need to mount a Burris 8-40x50mm scope on a Savage 110 fcp?

The high ring height generally works with the 50mm objective scope. So this height should be right to mount the scope but it is always better to measure the height before purchasing the rings.

Will they fit with a Savage 12 FV 20 moa base and Riton 7-25X56?

As far as we know model 12 has Picatinny rail. Since the rings are designed to work on Picatinny rails, they should be the right fit for this rifle base.

3. Vortex Optics Precision Matched Riflescope Ring

Before everything else, let us tell you Vortex scope rings are one of the most favorite rings available in the market. And why wouldn’t it be? They have all the qualities that we possibly expect from a high-quality ring.

For starters, remember the aerospace-grade durability we talked about in the previous review, these rings also have the same durability. Vortex, like the Seekings, uses 7075 T6 Billet Aluminum to enable the rings to endure tough situations as well as the impacts of high-caliber bullets. This material also makes them extremely lightweight, you know how light? Just 3 ounces!

The rings come with hex bolts which ensure the scopes to set firmly on the rings even in rough terrains. The parts are provided with the hex wrench so you don’t need any additional kit to mount the rings.

They have other features like they are serialized, vibratory tumbled, hand-bead blasted, and also Type III hard coat anodize finish. However, the rings are specifically designed to be used on the Picatinny specs. Hence, unfortunately, you can’t mount them on your rifles, if you have Weaver or any other types of rail bases on them.

Can the rings work with a 50mm objective on a 20-mm rail?

Yes, they will work with 50mm Objective on 20 MOA rail rifles such as Savage model 10 and Tikka 300 WM. Even if you use them with low ring height, you will still get 3/8 of an inch of clearance.

Will they fit on a Ruger precision with a Viper PST 6-24x50mm objective scope?

You can easily mount the rings with the Viper PST 6-24×50 on a Ruger Precision. But you should do a little elevation adjustment in the cheek pad to have proper eye alignment.

Can you use these rings on Nightforce Remington 700 la mode a112 bases?

You must know the tube size of the scope because it will help you find the right ring size for the base. There are mainly three types of sizes available for these rings 30mm, 34mm, and 35mm.

2. Leupold Mark 4 Scope Ring

This is another set of scope rings that are designed to fit on the Picatinny rails. These steel-made rings are rugged to withstand intense environments.

In long-range shooting, it is important that the scopes remain in place and don’t lose their adjustment in heavy recoils. By keeping this in mind, Leupold has constructed the rings to secure the scope stability in all sorts of situations.

These heavy-duty rings are easy to mount, just take a 1/2 nut driver and torque it with the necessary force. In addition, they come in various height options, so you have the flexibility to choose the 34mm rings with the required height.

The only issue of the product is, that it is not well-fitted with the hunting rifles. Due to the steel construction, they are quite heavy to mount on these rifles. But if you have tactical or military specs, you can’t help but be impressed with their serviceability.

Will these fit Weaver rail?

Even though the rings are designed to fit in Picatinny rails, you can also mount them on the Weaver rail bases. But make sure you use the right amount of torque on the bolts.

Will they fit the Leupold Mark 4 1-piece base for a Remington 700 long action?

Yes, they will. Since the rings have the compatibility to fit with any Picatinny rail, they will work with the base. However, don’t forget to check the ring height for perfect fitment.

Can you mount 50MM objective scope with the rings?

The 50mm objective scopes can have either a 30mm tube or a 1” tube. But the rings are made to fit with 1” tube scopes. Hence, you need to find out your scope tube size to know whether they will fit or not.

5. Nightforce X-Treme Duty Ultralite 7075-T6 Ring Set

These rings are available with many features but what makes them one of our best picks is their different features like durability, compatibility, and installation process. You can think of them as a combination of all the necessary good qualities that you look for in a heavy-duty set of rings.

The rings are made with 7075-T6 hard anodized Aluminum and Titanium so that they can be durable and lightweight at the same time. Thus, they can ensure the stability of the scopes under heavy recoil situations without adding extra weight to the rifles.

In terms of compatibility, they perform well with long-range shooting rifles and also with different tactical and military-grade rifles. Next, we can guarantee, you will love the mounting system of the rings.

The 6-screws hold the rings perfectly in position, so even in the worst situations, neither the rings nor the scopes move from their places. Besides, they are really easy to install, just take a wrench and torque it with 100 in-lb. And done! Your rifle is ready for action.

Can they work with Tikka T3X tac rifle with Steiner 5-25X56, 20 moa rail?

If your 56 objective lens scope has a 34mm tube and is compatible with fit in 1.5” ring height, the answer is yes, you can use these rings for your rifle. However, before buying them, ensure there is adequate clearance between the front of the scope and the top of the barrel.

How can you ensure the right ring height?

Measuring the height is a really simple process. As a tool, all you need is a measurement tape or a caliper. Now, with the help of the tape, measure from the base to the center of the rings and you will get the height.

Weaver or picatinny, which rail fits the rings most?

Well, there is a debate on this rail issue but so far they have seemed to work fine with both types of rails. But it is claimed that they work better with Picatinny rail than the other one.

Best 34mm Scope Rings – Buying Guide

34mm rings are constructed to mount 34mm tube scopes. And it is also a known fact, that you can’t use the rings for all sorts of rifles. But what some of us don’t know is that there are other factors you should consider while buying the scope rings. Below is the checklist to help you find the right 34mm rings for your rifle scopes:

Scope Height

The scope rings can come in different heights such as low, medium, and high. It is essential to know which ring height will be perfect for your scopes to mount on. If the height doesn’t fit with the scope, you will not be able to mount it and also there will be a high possibility of damaging the scope.


The place where you attach the rings is called the base. Some manufacturers make rings as a single unit which means the rings are already attached to the base. This is also known as one-piece rings.

On the other hand, there are also two-piece rings where two rings are offered separately. To mount these types of rings, you might require quick detachable mounting bases. So, choose the base type according to your preference.

Mounting Style

Before purchasing the rings, you should always check what type of rail your rifle has. Consider it a MUST factor to check! It is really necessary to check because many scope rings are designed to fit onto different types of rails.

So, it means if one pair of rings is made to mount on Weaver or Picatinny rails, you can only use it on these rails. For example, you can’t use it interchangeably on Dovetail rails.

However, some manufacturers nowadays make scope rings with universal mounting bases. This enables you to use the rings on any rifle rails you want.

Eye Relief

It is quite common that many new rifle users don’t check the matter of eye relief. Sometimes, the ring set-ups can limit the adjustability, as a result, the amount of the eye relief also gets limited. Hence, check whether the selected rings can limit your eye relief or not.


The fact is, you will never get a short way to find the perfect scope rings for your rifle. You have to be patient and meticulous in this quest. After all, at the end of the day, it is your money and time that will be wasted if you choose the wrong rings for the scopes.

Don’t be whitewashed by the shiny descriptions that different companies provide in their advertisements. Stick to the necessary factors that actually ensure the compatibility of the rings.

The given checklist will come as a great help for you to check the compatibility of the rings. Finally, read the reviews carefully because when one set of rings may fit with your scopes and rifles, others may not.

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