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Target Chaser talks about (guess what?), Hunting Equipments!

We are here a bunch of hobbyists who are passionate about Hunting. We are not professionals but we know much more than most of them (Yeap, That’s absolutely right). Here, we do reviews of hunting products to make your purchase experience better.

Whatever you’re (Newbie or Pro), we are confident that Target Chaser will bring value to your hunting experience.

Rifle Scope

A riflescope is a telescopic sight that will enhance your vision game. You can use a riflescope to magnify into vast terrain. Human eyes aren’t capable of zooming on its own. That’s why we have riflescopes to help us with that matter.


Riflescopes were always a thing. Without them, we couldn’t have all these cool sniper rifles. You may be good with an iron sight. There is no way you are landing all 6 shots on a bullseye from 800 yards away without a sight. 


We have covered a whole range of riflescopes on our site. You can check them and find the best one for you. In fact, we have several guidelines to help you choose the best rifle scope for you. 

Spotting Scope

As the name suggests, it helps you to spot target from miles away. That’s right, miles away. They are a more powerful telescoping sight than riflescopes. Often they come with massive 60x magnification. Spotting scopes are also used for birdwatching, digiscoping, and astronomy. You can stargaze on a clear night without buying a $3000 telescope. 


Buying the right spotting scope for you will depend on what you want from it. You want to do birdwatching? We got you covered. You want to do digiscoping or hunting? We got you covered too. 


Without a spotting scope, hunting preys from 1000-1200 yards would be nothing but a pipe dream. We have shared quite a bit about spotting scope on our site. Among them, we have also handpicked the best. 

Crossbow Scope

You might wonder, a crossbow is not a long-range tool. Why do you need a scope with that? Good question. 


How confident are you with an iron sight? I know crossbow is not a long-range hunter. You still need to land the shot to kill the prey, don’t you? If you don’t have a good read about the bullet drop and windage, how are you going to land the shot on a running deer?


That’s where the reticle comes into play. Most crossbow reticles are calibrated at various ranges. It’s up to you to change it and re-calibrate. If you read more about the guides we posted, you will understand why a powerful crossbow scope is necessary. 

Night V Scope

They are a fascinating subject to talk about. So fascinating I wrote an entire guide about how they work and why they are so important. Why should you end your hunting in the night? Night vision riflescopes are here to solve this problem. They will help you to see clearly at night and hunt even better than before. 


Night vision riflescopes have come a long way. Even in the 2020 Gen-1 night vision, riflescopes are thriving. Digital night vision riflescopes are quite pricey. There are cheaper ones available too. We have covered all generations of night vision riflescopes. If you read them you will know which Gen is the best for you and why. 

Bino Culars

You might be wondering, what does binocular have to do with hunting. What If I told you, you could get two spotting scopes for the price of one. How does that sound? Cool right? That’s exactly what binoculars are. You can use both of your eyes together to see the terrain. 


Binoculars use one prism in each tube. Like spotting scopes, they have an insane range and field of view. Binoculars are quite popular for birdwatching. Besides hunting and birdwatching, you can buy phone mounts for them. With that, you can do digiscoping.


One thing where binoculars have beat spotting scope by miles is the weight. Binoculars are lighter and compacter than spotting scopes. You don’t need a tripod for binoculars either. We have covered plenty of binoculars and more to come. 

Cross Bows

Unlike scopes, a crossbow is a tool that will hunt. Scope’s job is to aid you with hunting. Where a crossbow was built for hunting. There are two types of crossbow available, compound crossbow and recurve crossbow. 


You can say it’s an improved version of a bow. Crossbows have a trigger like rifles. You need to load the crossbow with bolt, aim, and fire. There is a myth that you need to invest a lot of money to get into crossbow hunting. We tried our best to bust that myth. 


There are so many good crossbows available. Picking the best between them is a hard task. You don’t have to struggle with the decision, because I am here. Yes, like always yours truly covered a wide range of crossbows on TargetChaser.

Laser Rangefinders

Rangefinders are super important for hunting. I would even go as far as to claim they are more important spotting scope. Rangefinders don’t have an insane wide field of view or range. What they do have is a highly accurate distance meter. 


A laser rangefinder sends light to the target when the light bounces back to the rangefinder. It calculates the distance between you and the target. You can already guess how they can change your entire hunting game. 


Rangefinders are kind of overpowered, that’s why tournaments won’t allow you to use them. Fun fact, there are golf rangefinders available too. We have covered both golf and hunting rangefinders. If you haven’t used a rangefinder yet, I can understand you will find it gimmicky. We have tested several of them. Trust me, they will take your hunting game to the next level. 

Trail Cameras

Trail camera also known as a game camera is an excellent hunting tool. They are cameras that you will leave in the wild to record photos and videos. You can later examine that footage and create an unbeatable strategy to hunt.

You can also use them as security cameras. Depending on your needs, you can go for a cellular trail camera or regular trail camera. With the cellular cameras, you can see the pictures while you sit at your home. The camera will send you the pictures over the cellular carrier. 

We have covered almost all types of trail cameras.

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