Target Chaser talks about (guess what?), Hunting Equipments!

We are here a bunch of hobbyists who are passionate about Hunting. We are not professionals but we know much more than most of them (Yeap, That’s absolutely right). Here, we do reviews of hunting products to make your purchase experience better.

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Eyes can be deceiving, optics? They can be as well. Want to know which optic is the best for your weapon that will not deceive you in a fight?

Take a look at our optic reviews. Here, you will find all the latest and greatest and some of the cult classic reviews that will make your hunting and recreational shooting life much easier!

Who says that only the gun folks can have all the fun? Sometimes the primitive weapon with a modern flare can be the next best thing.

If you are a classic weapon connoisseur that loves bows and crossbows, take a look at our selection of crossbow reviews that are made to provide you with the best experience!

Wish I could upgrade my life as easy as the weapons. Jokes aside, upgrading weapons is not a new thing.

Just like modding your car to bring out the best performance and change the look of it, you can do the same with your weapons as well. But finding the best upgrades for your gun isn’t easy. We have covered a lot of weapon upgrades and will continue to do so. Take a look and dip your toes in the black hole!

Not bored of the gear reviews? Here, take some more. Who doesn’t want to make their shooting life more enjoyable and easier?

These gears will come in handy in your daily life and enhance the total shooting experience!

As human beings, it’s in our nature to compare one with another and find out whether the one that we want is good or the other one is better.

If you are looking for the best comparison between hunting gears and weapons, take a look at here and you might find what you have been looking for!

Not trying to sound like a Jedi Master, but this is the way young padawan.

If you are a newbie and don’t really know where to start your journey, take a look at all of these guides.

You might come out as a veteran by the time you end all of these!