Best Scope For Benjamin 392 – Reviews w/FAQs


Best Scope For Benjamin 392 – Reviews w/FAQs

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Best Scope For Benjamin 392

Benjamin 392 is a bolt action rifle made for hunting and target practicing. Bolt-action rifles are usually more prone to have heavy recoil. They are also mainly used for hunting due to the power they pack. Benjamin 392 uses .22 caliber as cartridge. It’s a very capable scope that can benefit from a good scope.

How do you choose the best scope for Benjamin 392? Well, it’s relatively easier than you might have thought. How? Let’s go over it for a bit.

Best Benjamin 392 Scopes – [Editor’s Choice]

1. CVLIFE 3-9×40 Optics R4 Reticle Crosshair Scope

CVLIFE scopes are mainly aimed towards hunters. Due to their durable housing and high-quality lenses, they are often the first choice for hunting rifles.

Despite having an affordable price-tag, CVLIFE used good quality aluminum for this riflescope. It’s durable and sturdy. Outside of the scope is shockproof and waterproof. Inside is purged as well. Completing the holy trinity, this scope is fog proof as well. A safehouse for the powerful lenses this scope has.

Speaking of lenses, they are fully multi-coated. They are made from high-quality glass as well. Durable, scratch resistant, vibrant, color accurate, and no distortion present on the scope. As the long-range performance of the scope is excellent, reviewers often recommended this for Benjamin 392.

Full Duplex reticle works really well with Benjamin 392. To the point users say they are made for each other. It’s an easy to understand recoil. It won’t clog your field of view either. In short, they are a perfect match.

Where is this made in?


Would this scope be a good choice for .22 rifle?

Any doubts? It will work flawlessly with a .22.

Does it come with mounting rings?

Yes, dovetail mounting rings are complementary for purchase from CVLIFE.

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2. Sniper Compact Rifle Scope MT4x32 Hunting Scope

If you are in a tight budget and want to get a taste of what a magnified scope would look like, this scope from Sniper Compact can be the gate you are looking for.

Featuring a shock proof aluminum alloy body, the housing of this scope is hardened anodized in matte black finishing. For a scope this cheap, it feels like too well done. Inside of the scope is purged with chemicals as well. This scope is fog and waterproof. While it’s not recommended to submerge it, you can use it in rainy weather.

Lens are good. They are nothing spectacular. They are decent at their job and surprisingly coated. It’s just not a raw glass with laser etched reticle. It is actually coated to be bright and vibrant & It won’t fail you midway if you are wondering about that.

It is a good pair with 392 if you are on the budget. But it’s not an endgame material. You will need to upgrade the scope down the line. But this can be a good start.

Is this a good scope for the money?

It’s pretty decent. It will get the job done.

Will you recommend this scope to a newbie hunter?

Most definitely. It won’t break your bank and still will give you a good experience of what a real scope may look like.

Does it come with mounting rings?

I am surprised that they do.

3. UTG 4X32 1″ Airgun Rings Mil-dot Hunter Scope

UTG is a very well-known budget scope maker. Their scopes are often made to undercut existing riflescopes on the market. UTG 4×32 is a tactical shooting riflescope that can do a fair share of hunting in its life as well.

Construction wise, this is a fabulous scope. You don’t expect scopes at this price range to be “good”. You kind of expect them to be cheaply made and have a toy like feeling. Luckily, none of those are a case with UTG. Inside of the scope is fog proof as well. Something we come to appreciate once we face how terrifying it can be.

Lens is the selling point of a scope for me. If the lens is not good, I am not taking it. It has multi-coated lens that performs quite okay for the money. Let me be real here, this lens won’t change your life. Or make you the best hunter in the west. But it will give you a pair of eyes that will help you hunt better.

If that makes sense to you, you and I can be very good buddies. You know what else can be good buddies? UTG 4×32 and a Benjamin 392. They pair quite well and can utilize each other nicely. Giving you a head start against your competition.

Does it fit 11mm rails?

Yes, it does.

Where is this scope made in?

They are made in Taiwan by Leapers, Inc.

Does it come with scope mounting rings?

Yes, it does.


Bolt-action rifles are tricky to work with. Finding scopes that won’t crack from the middle from recoil is a big headache. A headache that you don’t have to bear. I have done that for you.

No matter which scope you choose from the list, you will have a hassle-free hunting experience. Might as well stretch enough to say flawless experience.

Indeed, these are some of the best scopes you could buy for Benjamin 392. Well, what are you waiting for? Grab one and go on a journey. It’s the perfect season for it.

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