Best Scope For 300 PRC – Reviews & Buying Guide w/FAQs

300 PRC caliber is a long-range cartridge that makes long-range looks like child’s play. There are quite a few guns available that can fire this cartridge. If you are someone who uses this for hunting, you also need a scope that can-do justice to this cartridge.

Long-range scopes are always preferred for hunting to begin with. But finding the right long-range scope may not be as easy as you are thinking. Besides the magnification, you will need to consider a lot of other things as well.

Let’s try to find out some of the best scopes for 300 PRC, shall we?

Best 300 PRC Scopes – [Editor’s Choice]

1. Vortex Optics Razor HD Gen II First Focal Plane Riflescope

Vortex scopes are appreciated in both hunting and tactical shooting. They make short range sights to long-range scope on regular basis. Razor HD Gen II is an upgrade over the first gen Razor.

Razor HD is made out of durable aircraft-grade aluminum. Inside of the scope is argon chemically purged to make it fog proof. Fogging issue can be annoying in lenses.
Glasses users can relate to that quote. On top of that, Razor is sealed with O-rings. Making it 100% water proof as well. Naturally, it’s also shock proof. Can take good beating from a 300 PRC gun.

Lenses of this scope is made from HD glasses. HD stands for high-definition. They are clearer and brighter than regular glass. They are also more durable and better at spotting targets in low-light. Lenses are fully multi-coated as well.

Reticle of this scope is FFP. That makes it a great choice for 300 PRC. You will be able to hit more accurate shots thanks to this.

Is it worth it?

I know the price tag might seem obnoxious to some people. But what you are getting in return of that investment is quite literally insane. It’s a premium scope with premium features. Of course, it’s worth it.

What is the diameter of the tube?

Instead of classic 1”/30mm tube, Vortex Razor HD features a 34mm tube.

Is there any visual distortion present in maximum magnification?

No, HD lens is clear and stays clear even at full magnification. You won’t find any chromatic aberration or distortion.

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2. Nightforce NX8 4-32x50mm F1 Scope

Don’t let the name fool you, it’s not a night vision riflescope. But it’s a riflescope with huge objective lens. NX8 is a long-range riflescope. Don’t worry, you can still hunt during the dusk with this riflescope. Just not at nights.

Made from high-quality durable aluminum, NX8 is as durable as riflescope can get. While I am not saying you should throw it under the bus, but in theory it could survive. Just don’t try to act on that theory. There is no anodization error either.

NX8 is water, fog, and shockproof. Signs of a good scope.

Lenses used here are fully multi-coated. That big objective lens is super helpful for light transmission. As expected, reticle is in first focal plane.

You get 4 reticle options to choose from and some of them may cost more than the others. Choose the reticle you are comfortable with.

Does NX8 have zero stop?

Yes, NX8 features Nightforce’s own ZeroStop Technology.

Does it come with mounting rings?

No, you need to buy separate mounting rings from NIGHTFORCE.

Does this scope come with sunshade?

It comes with flip up caps instead of sunshade.

3. Leupold VX-6HD 3-18X50mm Riflescope

It wouldn’t be a long-range riflescope list without featuring a Leupold. Made in Beaverton Oregon, USA, Leupold has been part of the telescope and lens making community for decades now. Leupold VX series has budget and flagship riflescopes. This one is on the flagship end.

VX-6 is made from aircraft-grade aluminum as well. With a matte finish, this scope is both durable and stylish looking. Inside of the tube is also filled with nitrogen to make it fog proof. Outside is scratch proof to some degree and also shock proof.

Lenses of this scope features Twilight light management system and HD glasses. When you add in one of the best light management system with HD glasses, you will get a spectacular result. As the scope is waterproof, you won’t be seeing any fog inside the scope ever.

There are two reticles you can choose from. Both of them are in second focal plane. This may be a turn off for a lot of people, but second focal plane is not bad at all. It’s etched on the glass and clearly visible under bad lighting condition as well.

Will I get to custom order a dial?

This tube is standard size 30mm or 1”.

Will I get to custom order a dial?

Yes, VX-6 HD comes with a free voucher for CDS. You can use that right after purchasing the scope. Make sure to determine the ballistics and cartridge beforehand. In our case, it will be 300 PRC.

How to Choose The Best Scope for 300 PRC?

You need to keep somethings in mind before purchasing a scope for the 300 PRC.


300 PRC is a long-range firing caliber. It’s best to buy a scope that offers quite high magnification. That will come in super handy.


As we are working with high-magnification, chromatic aberration and distortion can be a pain to deal with. If the lenses are good and coated the right way, those two issues won’t be persistent among the scope.


We need to purchase a scope that won’t add too much extra weight on top of the gun. While long-range scopes will be a bit heavier than short or mid-range scopes, it shouldn’t weigh too much to destroy the balance of the gun.


300 PRC cartridge can be a bit intimidating at first. But once you get the taste of it, there is no going back from that. Bolt action rifle itself is quite addictive. You add in the fun of long-range scope and a great cartridge, fun becomes super fun.

I hope this guide was able to carve the path of that fun road for you. These are some of the best long-range scope for PRC 300 you could buy to begin with. Besides PRC 300, you can use them with other cartridge as well.

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