Best Scope For Remington 700 – Reviews and Buying Guides w/FAQs

Remington Model 700 is a bolt-action centerfire rifle that has been in service since 1962. It is the developed version of both Model 721 and 722 which were popular for their contribution in the U.S. Marine Corps.

The rifle has been upgraded into different variants since then, including the Model 700 SPS and CDL. It includes chambers for various cartridges such as .30-06 Springfield, .308 Winchester, .223 Remington and many more.

These versatile and high-quality rifles expect to be paired up with only the best. Besides, the strong recoil from the calibration demands a scope that is powerful enough to withstand the vibration and recoil.

This is why, we have recommended the following optics that are the top 7 best scopes and sights for Remington 700 you can find in the market. Go through the reviews to find out what are the best features these scopes offer. In addition, the buying guide will give you all the general information about rifle scopes you need to know.

Best Remington 700 Scopes – [Editor’s Pick]

1. Nightforce SHV 5-20x56mm Zeroset .250 MOA Scope

Coming with a wide range of magnification of 5x to 20x, this NightForce scope is made for long-distance shooting whether you use it for target shooting, pursuing big games, or varmint shooting. The 56mm big objective lens allows the scope to produce bright and clear images of the targets.

You are getting both force-plex and MOAR reticles along with analog, center illumination, and non-illuminated options to choose from for this model. The reticle comes with 0.125 MOA thick center crosshairs that allow you to pinpoint targets pretty easily.

The scope has a full 80 MOA of elevation adjustment with side parallax adjustment to control longer-range visibility. The innovative ZeroSet technology will take you back to your previous zero setting without any hassle.

Besides, the MOAR reticle supports 1 MOA elevation and windage markings which make it possible for you to get more accurate range aiming and hold-offs. These features give you the freedom to play in low-light conditions in a dense forest setting.

What is the eye relief offered by the scope?

The scope offers 3.5 inches or 90mm of eye relief.

What rings should you use with the 56mm objective lens?

Although it depends on your preference, we will recommend you go for high or medium-scope rings to get a better position.

Where the reticle is placed in the scope?

Both Forceplxe and MOAR reticles are placed in the second focal plane.

2. Leupold Mark 5HD 5-25x56mm M1C3 FFP Riflescope

With this scope, Leupold is giving you the option of choosing three different styles including one with illumination. The scope has a flexible magnifier ranging from 5x to 25x which will undoubtedly be a good zooming range for mid to long-distance shooting.

The M1C3 turrets have ¼ MOA dials that come with three revolutionary sections to estimate travel and an indicator to always remind you about your position. In addition, the Zero lock push button lets you reset the turrets back to zero after every sight-in. Besides, the scope lenses have HD coating to reduce glare reduction and get high-contrast light transmission.

Both PR1 and PR2 reticles are placed in the front focal plane of the scope to get the best clarity and visibility of targets in longer-range hunting. These reticles shift the appearance of your targets according to the magnification level for better aiming at longer distances.

The maximized version of the Twilight Light Management System gives you an extra 30 minutes to capture light while targeting low-light conditions. This scope has experience in handling impact and recoiling of a .308 rifle which again makes it perfect for your Model 700.

What is the eye relief you get from the scope?

The scope gives you low 3.6 inches and high 3.8 inches of eye relief.

What size scope rings will fit this scope?

The scope has a 35mm tube diameter so you will need rings that are compatible with this tube. We would recommend looking at the Leupold Mark scope rings to find the size you prefer.

What is the FOV in this scope?

The linear FOV for the low position is 20.4 ft and for the high position is 4.2 ft at 100 yards.

3. Vortex Optics Viper PST 5-25×50 Gen II FFP Riflescope

This Vortex Optics Viper is a Gen II rifle scope with better lens quality and reticle. The scope’s most demanding features are its laser-etched turrets, adjustable parallax, and the RZR zero stop. There is also a fiber optic rotation indicator to remind you of your turrets’ position for every target.

Its reticle is highly functional, intuitive, and detailed in holding points for aiming. But it remains uncluttered for optimal viewing while at the same time providing you with the best pointing. The reticle also features 10 intensity levels where you get off positions between every setting.

The scope’s lenses have extra-low dispersion glass that enhances picture resolution and color fidelity. These lens glasses are fully multi-coated to get an increased light transmission. Moreover, the Armortek coatings in these lenses protect them from any kind of scratches, oil, and dirt.

This powerful scope with a 50mm objective lens has a large magnification range of 5x-25x which might feel a bit overwhelming to some shooters. However, the durable aluminum body keeps the scope lightweight and portable on your .308 Remington 700. It is O-ring sealed and Argon purged to keep the scope water and fogproof.

What should be the height of the scope rings for this model?

Because of the 55mm objective lens in this scope, we would suggest you get high or medium-height scope rings that also support 30mm tubes.

What is the reticle position in the scope?

The reticle of this scope is placed in the front focal plane.

Does this model come with any sunshade?

Yes, the package includes 3 inch sunshade for the lens.

4. Swarovski Z3 4-12×50 BT Riflescope

Swarovski is an Austrian brand that comes with versatile scopes that are loaded with many innovative features. This rifle scope comes with a traditional plex reticle which is always good for multiple purpose applications. With a magnification range of up to 12x, this scope will cover up to 500 yards.

There are ballistic turrets in this scope that are customizable to suit your needs. This way you will be able to achieve the highest level of accuracy even in the most dynamic and harsh situations giving all your focus only to your targets.

The turrets are also adjustable to maintain windage and elevation. It has this innovative setting where you can preset three of your best-known distances so you can adjust them pretty quickly when going for a fast-moving target.

The anti-reflective coating and large objective lens allow 90% light transmission so that you can have a clear view of your targets in all light settings. Moreover, this scope comes with their Swaroclean coating which will help you to wash away any water droplets, dirt, and bug spray pretty quickly and easily.

Does the scope come with lens covers?

No, the scope does not include lens covers in the package. But you can look at their Objective Scope Protector lens covers.

What is the tube diameter of this model?

The scope tube diameter is 1 inch.

What type of reticle does this model have?

The Swarovski Z3 model offers you two different sets of reticles to choose from. It has a plex reticle and also a 4W one.

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5. Trijicon Huron 3-12×40 Hunting Riflescope

The Trijicon Huron Hunting Riflescopes come with four different magnification ranges along with three styles for you to choose from. Their fully multi-coated, broadband, and anti-reflective glass works best for high-quality light transmission and glare reduction to give you the true-to-life visibility you want.

The reticle is in the second focal plane which means your image appearance and range distance will remain the same throughout all magnification settings. It remains uncluttered even in the heavy recoiling from the .30-06 calibration of the Remington 700 rifle. This kind of reticle works perfectly for Remington 700 SPS tactical scopes to get first acquisitions.

You will not need any help from tools to make adjustments to the windage and elevation range of this scope. It is hassle-free and easy to turn because of the capped turrets which also ensure tight locked zero.

This scope is both ultra-lightweight and rugged at the same time, because of its aluminum construction. The hunter knurling protects it from snagging off from heavy impact and lets you control the optic adjustments smoothly. The anti-reflective glass keeps the lens scratch and dirt-free.

What size of scope rings will fit this scope perfectly?

The scope will fit any 30mm scope rings.

What is the field of view for this scope?

The field of view in this scope is 33.8 to 11.3 feet at 100 yards.

Is the reticle of this model illuminated?

No, the Trijicon Huron rifle scopes do not have illuminated reticles.

6. Monstrum G2 6-24×50 FFP Rifle Scope

Next in line for the Remington 700 firearm optics recommendation is the Monstrum Rifle scope that has an illuminated rangefinder reticle with up to 24x of variable magnification. This scope is perfect for distance targeting up to 1500+ yards.

Its rangefinder reticle is designed to be set in the first focal plane. This means you are getting easy-to-read ranging information which stays intact even with changing magnification. This is best for faster range estimation and holdover corrections.

This scope also comes with an adjustable objective (AO) lens which allows you to get a sharp focus on the target picture and get parallax-free estimation. The turrets are capped which can be removed to reset zero along with ¼ MOA click windage and elevation adjustments.

The illuminated reticle gives you two options between red and green light that you can control through dialing. This also features 10 different brightness intensity levels to adjust with any light settings throughout the day and night.

Does it come with scope rings?

Yes, the Monstrum Scope comes with high Picatinny scope rings to fit with any weapon with Picatinny rails including the Remington 700.

What type of sunshade will fit this model?

The package actually includes a detachable honeycomb filter sunshade. So, you don’t need to purchase it separately.

What is the minimum eye relief?

You get a minimum of 4 to 4.5 inches of eye relief with this scope.

7. UTG 3-12X44 30mm Mil-Dot Compact Scope

Along with the 12x range magnification and Mil-dot reticle, the UTG Compact scope is running for the race of best Remington 700 rifle scope. Its true strength platform comes with this innovative Smart Spherical Structure that creates a strong bond between the scope’s inner and outer body to provide steadiness.

There is an Illumination Enhancing Technology built into the reticle with an EZ-tap system which not only gives you the traditional red and green dual color options but also has 36 colors multi-mode operation to adjust to any kind of lighting situation.

You are also getting multi-emerald coated lenses that support high-contrast light transmission. The target turrets of this scope are well-designed to get the best windage and elevation adjustments for crisp and consistently clear pictures. Besides, you get to lock and reset the zero to be ready for any critical situation.

Moreover, the scope comes with the SWAT adjustable objective to work instead of the side wheel adjustable turret to give you impressive and unparalleled parallax-free visibility from 10 yards to infinity.

Does the scope come with rings to mount on Remington Model 700?

The scope comes with a pair of medium-profile Max Strength heavy-duty rings with a saddle height of 15mm and they fit on Picatinny/Weaver rails. Therefore, they will mount on the Remington 700 pretty easily.

Will this scope withstand .308 calibration of Remington 700 ADL?

Yes, the scope is strong enough to withhold any impact or recoiling from .308 calibers including the ones of Remington 700 models.

What type of battery does the scope support?

The scope takes a 3-volt CR2032 battery which you need to place under the EZ tap housing.

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Buying Guide For Remington 700 Scopes

This buying guide includes all the important points you will need to check before purchasing a scope for your Remington 700 rifle.


What type of magnification range your rifle will need, solely depends on your purpose of using the scope. By all means you can choose a scope with one magnification that will cover only one section. But you will find variable magnification which will give you the freedom of using it for different distances.

For your Remington 700 model, the optimum will be from 4x to 9x to get the benefit of using it at all ranges.

Objective Lens

A bigger objective lens will give you better image quality as it can transmit more light through the scope. However, they can be both heavy to carry around and expensive. Therefore, going for objective lenses that are not too big but provide bright and clear pictures are the best options. In the case of your 700 Remington objective lens between 32mm to 44mm diameter will give sufficient coverage.

Lens Coating

Good lens coating is essential for high-contrast light transmission. The major job of a lens coating is to support the objective lens in giving more clarity and reducing glare and reflection. With that intention, it is best if you can afford fully multi-layered lens coating since it will give the best visibility.


Different kinds of reticles serve different purposes. You will find duplex, Mil-dot, and BDC reticles which are designated for certain applications. It will depend on what kind of reticle you prefer. Besides, the crosshairs will help you target objects faster with more efficiency.


Whether your reticle is placed in the first focal plane or second focal plane, it will serve the purpose of giving better clarity while accommodating the distance. Reticles in the FFP tend to change the target’s appearance with the changing magnification. As a result, it will most likely obstruct your view in a shorter distance.

On the other hand, reticles in the SFP remain true at all magnifications, not changing the appearance of the target. Thus, it works fine for both close and long-range aiming.


The turrets in the scope will work in adjusting the windage and elevation ratio according to the external condition. These turrets are mostly finger adjustable and feature Mil click value, letting you compensate for both bullet drop and holdover. You will also find resettable zero turrets that maintain zero at all times and sometimes give parallax adjustments.

Eye Relief

Long eye relief is one of the best and most important features in scope. This means you get to mount the scope on your rifle maintaining a certain distance to get a better view. For calibers like .308 or .30-06 in Model 700 SPS or CDL, you need to have a minimum of 9 inches of eye relief.


Having a steady and durable scope is a must in the field of firearms. To keep the scopes lightweight and strong, most companies use high-quality aluminum alloy for their housing material. Moreover, the O-ring seals and Nitrogen purging protect the lens from water, fog, and dirt.


Remington Model 700 holds the reputation of being one of the most popular centerfire bolt-action rifles for decades. Supporting strong calibers for .30-06 cartridges makes it even more important to choose a strong scope to withstand the recoil and vibration from the strong calibration.

Therefore, we have reviewed the top 7 best scopes for Remington Model 700 .30-06 rifles so that you can choose the perfect scope from them.

Finally, we have also included a checklist in the buying guide section for you to get all the important facts you need to know to strike the best thing.

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