Tasco Rimfire Scope Review: Is 3-9X32mm Still Better?

If you have a .22 ammunition using a gun and looking for a long-range scope to use on that gun, then look no further. As the name suggests Rimfire scope is made for your .22 rimfire ammunition guns. You can use it on other types of ammunition but highly not recommended.

Tasco Rimfire 3-9X32: Outlooks

Tasco Rimfire 3-9x32

Specifications | Magnification: 3 – 14x; Objective Lens: 32 mm; Eye Relief: 3 Inches; Reticle Type: 30/30 mm; Linear FOV @100 yds: 17.75 – 6 ft; Length: 12.75 Inches; Weight: 11.3 Oz.


To answer your question in short I wouldn’t say good. I will say they are decent, not terrible but decent. The lenses are magenta coated in multiple layers and fully coated objective lenses. 

There was some slight glare issue let’s be honest here we can’t expect an under 100$ scope to give total anti-glare UV protection lenses now, can we?

But if you are looking for a scope that will do good daytime medium to long-range shooting and won’t cost you an arm and leg then Tasco rimfire 3-9×32 going to serve you more than well.

Body Quality

It does. If your scope has a bad build quality it is most definitely going to break during some of your shooting sessions. While the build quality of the Tasco Rimfire is not something impressive then again it is going to handle your .22 rifle like a champ.

Especially because of the build quality we mentioned earlier you shouldn’t use it with higher-caliber ammunition. You can use it for lower caliber ammunition and airsoft guns without any issue.


Rest assured my friend, the zoom feels smooth and nice. As we mentioned there was close to zero distortion and the 40mm objective lens for a scope that has a max 12 power zoom is more than enough. 

You get plenty of viewable areas. Also, the scope has a side parallax adjustment. Which can be useful in target practice or hunting. To sum it up we are satisfied with the zooming experience.


The reticle is nothing special. It is your regular 30/30 reticle with no marks on the crosshair. That is not a bad thing. It is, on the contrary, a good thing.

You may ask why to answer that having windage elevation bullet drop compensation for a beginner might be a little too much to handle. A beginner will enjoy a clean crosshair while shooting.

To mention some other good thing about the scope is it is indeed weatherproof. Build for any kind of climate. Also, the zoom capability of the scope is 9x. You can get by using a 9x scope any day. 

The objective lens of the scope is 32mm which gives plenty of viewable area. The eye relief is also respectable.


  • Cheap
  • Good lenses with enough clarity
  • Decent build quality
  • Looks pretty good for a cheap scope.


  • Only for .22 rimfire ammunition.
  • No illuminated reticle.

Tasco Rimfire 3-9X32 Review Summary

The scope is pretty good for the price point and by using our link you can get the scope for as low as 41$ grab it while the offer is ongoing. For that price, you can’t beat the Tasco Rimfire.

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