Best Picatinny Rail For Marlin 336 – Comparison Chart Along with FAQs

When we talk about some legendary guns, we can’t forget about the Marlin 336. It went through several upgrades over the decades. In those years, we got new inventions on sight and scopes. Scopes started to support a specific type of rails or you need to change the mounting of the gun.

Merlin 336 is one of those cases where a mounting rail upgrade is necessary. The stock rail is not compatible with most mainstream sights and scopes. That’s a shame, isn’t it?

Well, it would have been if it was still 1948. In 2021, you shouldn’t worry about something so petty. You will find tons of Picatinny rails that are compatible with the Merlin 336 and more. What are we waiting for? Let’s make the best out of our Marlin 336 or in case you want to know about Marlin 336 scopes!

Best Picatinny Rail For Marlin 336

1. Evolution Gun Works Picatinny Rail for Marlin 336

Evolution gun works truly evolved into something else in the last years or so. They are making rails for so many old guns, one may take them for an old-school brand. But don’t let that fool you. They make some of the best mounting rails you could buy from the market.

What makes the Evolution rail better than the other? Glad you asked.

Is it compatible with any Picatinny or weaver rail scopes?

Picatinny is considered to be a universal mounting rail. It is compatible with almost any scopes made till now. It also supports weaver rail mounting scopes as well. That’s a great thing for modern sights. Most modern sights come with a built-in weaver rail mount.

What is this rail made of?

It’s constructed from 6061 T6 extruded aluminum. The same type of aluminum is used in lots of other construction and heavy objects. The density of this aluminum is quite high and it’s extremely durable. As Marlin 336 packs a punch, you will need a strong rail to back it up. This is exactly what you have been looking for.

Where is it constructed? Will I get an immediate warranty?

If any mishap happens during the delivery or after delivery, which most likely won’t. You will get an immediate replacement or refund. The customer service is good and on point. Also, it ensures you are getting a good quality product made with severe QC checks.

As this is made in the USA, you will get a warranty asap. All you need to do is talk with the customer care representative. And they will hook you up with something.

2. Higoo Low Profile Mount for Marlin 336

The Higoo low-profile mount is one of the cheapest mounts available on this list. Just because it’s cheap, don’t think it’s bad by any means. Higoo is a good choice for young people who got their first Marlin and just want to have a taste of scopes.

Why is this rail so cheap?

It’s way too cheap for a rail this good. It didn’t have to be this cheap. But hey, I am not going to say no to budget stuff. For the money, this packs such an insane value, that it’s quite hard to believe at first.

Is aluminum alloy a good material for a scope rail?

If you thought they were using some cheap casket metal for this build, you are wrong. Higoo chose to go with aluminum alloy. It’s a mixture of alloy and aluminum that creates a lightweight durable material suitable for many electronic and non-electronic components.

Is it too hard for beginners to install?

It comes with all the screws and an Allen key to install the rail. It’s a good thing for the newbies. A lot of Marlin users are younglings just getting to know the gun world better and got a Marlin from their parents as a birthday gift.

Will it support my Marlin 45 70?

Even if you don’t have a Marlin 336 but have something else. This can work for those as well. For example, if you are looking for the best scope for Marlin 45 70, a rail like this can make any of those scopes work.

3. Monstrum Picatinny Rail for Marlin Lever Action Rifles

Monstrum is a great rifle accessories maker. Anyone who looked for rails or flip-up caps for their riflescope, probably heard of Monstrum by now. They have nothing to do with the trap music you find on YouTube by the way.

What rifles does Monstrum Picatinny rail support?

Monstrum supports a lot of Marlin guns. 336 is one of them but they also support others. This rail was specially made for 36, 1894, and 1895 series rifles.

Will it fit a Marlin 444?

From the description alone? It should fit the 444 well. It might not be a snuggly fit, but it won’t have any bumps at all.

What is this rail made of?

This weaver/Picatinny rail is made out of aluminum. Aluminum is the go-to choice of material for anything gun-related. It’s not keen on getting rusted at all.

Will this support long-range scope?

Yes, it will support long-range scopes easily. The torque on the screws is fine enough to withstand recoils and secure the long-range scope. If your long-range scope doesn’t come with mounts, might want to buy 2-2 mounts for Picatinny rail.

4. FUNANASUN M-lok Picatinny Rail for Marlin Lever Action

You may not be able to pronounce their name right, but it’s fine. We are here to talk about the rails made by them. M-Lok Picatinny rail made by FUNANASUN is a cheap Aluminum rail for Marlin and other guns.

Do you have to remove the iron sight to fit this rail?

You don’t need to. You can just install this rail in front of your iron sight and it will be fine. When you are not feeling the scope, take that out and use iron sight.

Will this fit rifles like Remington?

Sorry to say, it’s made for flat-top action rifles like Marlin. You can use this with your Marlin 30-30 or even 45 70 if you so desire. But the hot topic here is, it works with Marlin 336.

Is this easy to install?

Yes, this is quite easy to install and beginner-friendly. Everything needed for the rail to work is already included in the package. You don’t even need to buy a screw driver as you will get an Allen key inside the package.

5. Jnrtifow Marlin Lever Action Picatinny Rail Mount

While the name of this brand is hard to pronounce, their rail is not hard to install at all. Jnrtifow Picatinny rail mount is a beginner-friendly universal scope mount for your Marlin.

How well is this rail constructed?

Made out of aluminum, this is light and very strong. It won’t catch rust ever. Even if other steel on your gun catches rust, this won’t. You can just place it in and forget about it. Or you could take it out anytime you want. The torque on the screw is good. It will last you for a good while.

Why is this so cheap?

It’s priced very competitively against other rails for Marlin in this budget range. Rest assured, price is the last of your worries. It’s priced cheap for the competition. Jnrtifow didn’t really cheap out on the material.

Is the color and finish good?

As the sights are anodized and not colored with an airbrush, they won’t lose their color anytime soon. It is also shock and scratch-resistant. Of course, you can put a scratch on it with sharp objects. But that won’t be an accident.

6. Gotical Marlin Scope Mount For Marlin 336

Don’t confuse the name for going tactical. Gotical is a gun accessory manufacturer working in this field for a while. They are also one of the few brands that made Marlin 30AW scope mount actively. They are also known for Marlin 30 30 scope mounts. The one here supports a ton of Marlin products. You will be surprised just how many of the Marlin share similar top structures.

Never heard of Gotical, is it any good?

The build quality of this one is insanely good. For drilled holes instead of CNC was questionable. But with the finish they provided with the rail, that question is better well-kept silent.

Does it come with 2-2 mounting rings?

If you are on the list of Marlin 336 upgrades, might as well grab the 2-2 package and treat the Marlin with a great scope while you are at it. This package includes two circular mounts that fit almost any scope you feed into.

Yes, this can work as Marlin 1985 rail as well. If you want to. Like I said, it supports way too many.

7. EGW Silver Marlin 336 Camp Carbine 9mm Picatinny Rail

Okay, that’s a mouthful name. But you don’t need to remember all of that. What you need to know is, this is a silver-colored Picatinny rail mount for your Marlin.

The price? That’s the premium for the silver anodization. E-coating always costs more than regular anodization. Thus, the high price tag.

Will it break down in a year or what?

Made from high-quality aluminum, this rail does more than look good. As the anodization process is good, there are no visual defects of any sort. Keep in mind, that anodization isn’t a flawless process. You might notice a bit of scuff markings if you are unlucky. But that’s natural.

Where is this made?

If by any chance, you receive a machining error unit, EGW will give you full replacement without any questions asked. That’s the benefit of being made in the USA. You will get your product under warranty at any cost.

Can I use long-range scopes on this rail?

This rail can support scopes that can shoot up to 1000 yards. That’s a huge range for the Marlin. Honestly, no one will shoot with a marlin that far. But hey, it doesn’t hurt to have it.

Frequently ASKED Questions

Is upgrading Marlin 336 worth it?

The iron sight of the Marlin is not the best. While it was meant to be used with iron sight to begin with, doesn’t mean it can’t be improved. Tell me, if the gun you are using is capable of doing better but you are limiting it. Aren’t you going to do something to break that barrier? Why wouldn’t you want to have a gun that performs better? Right?

Simple reasoning really. If you like the gun and want to unleash the true potential of the Marlin 336, you need to do some necessary upgrades. A rail and a scope are two important ones.


Well, that might take you a while to get the hang of. But you can see, the rails aren’t that expensive. You can get good rails for a pocket change. But all of them aren’t good. That’s the difference between the mentioned rails here and what you find on Chinese websites.

You just need to find which rail looks appealing to you. Honestly, the silver EGW rail is something else. So are the other mounts in the list. You cannot go wrong with either one.

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