Best Scope Mount For Mosin Nagant – Reviews w/FAQs

Largely known as the Mosin rifle from the Soviet era, the Nagant is a 5 shot bolt-action rifle made for militaries. Originally made to host a 7.62×54 mmR Cartridge, this gun didn’t and still doesn’t come with any kind of scope at all.

Does that stop us from putting scopes on top of it? Of course, not. That’s right, you are here to find out the best scope mount for Mosin Nagant, and you will go from here with a scope mount to give your Mosin the makeover it deserves. Let’s carry on.

Best Mosin Nagant Scope Mounts – [Editor’s Pick]

1. BadAce Low Profile Mosin Nagant NDT Picatinny Rail

As we know, Mosin Nagant doesn’t come with any kind of mounting accessories. This accessory here will make the Mosin compatible with almost every single riflescope in existence. Unless your riflescope comes with a dovetail ring built-in, then it won’t support that.

As the title suggests, this rail here is made for picatinny style accessories. That means you can add Picatinny mounting rings, red dots, holographic sights, etc. And more. All depends on how far you want to go and how much you are willing to add.

The base is made from Solid steel. It’s durable and it guarantees a rock-solid mounting. The Arc shape design makes sure the bores are perfectly aligned. Without interfering with the rest of the gun and the bolt action, this base makes the Mosin great.

Where is this made?

It’s made in the USA.

Do you need to visit a gunsmith to install this?

No, you don’t.

Does it require drilling or tapping?

No, none of those are necessary.

2. BadAce Mosin Nagant No Drill Picatinny Scout Mount

The next mounting system I have for you guys is a real badass. Ha-Ha! Lame pun aside, that was the idea behind the name BadAce. At least, I hope that was. BadAce mounting system is precisely made with CNC machined to support Picatinny accessories.

The rail is made out of solid steel. It’s a single-piece design. You won’t have a hard time installing or removing this. It doesn’t require any drilling or tapping to use on your Nagant. If you don’t want to visit a gunsmith, you don’t have to.

You can install it yourself in mere minutes with the included tool. That’s, right it comes with the necessary tool and screws required to mount this on your gun. As this is CNC milled, you don’t need to worry about holes misaligning or something.

Where is this made?

It’s made in the USA.

Does it come with the rear sight pin?

It comes with a pin, but you can use the existing pin.

Does this work with Archangel Stock?

It does.

3. Ade Advanced Mosin Nagant Picatinny Rail Mount

 Ade Advanced Mosin Nagant Picatinny Rail Mount

This next adapter from Ade Advanced is going to make your Nagant compatible with Picatinny rail accessories. This adapter has a base of dovetail rail. It sits on a dovetail and changes it to Picatinny. That’s the basics of it.

The total length of this is just shy of 4”. That’s pretty small but yet it can use even the largest scopes out there. As this rail supports Picatinny equipment, you can use canted sights or red dot sights as well if you want to.

That’s entirely up to you. The rail is made out of aircraft-grade aluminum. The same type of material you see in your riflescope and your scope mounting rings. It’s durable and lightweight, and the longevity is quite good of this unit.

Where is this made?

It’s made in the USA.

Is this low-profile?

Yes, it is.

How many slots does the rail have?

9 slots.

4. AIM Sports M44/Mosin Nagant 91/30 Scope Mount

This scope mount from Combat Optical is made for guns like Mosin Nagant. As the title suggests, it’s one of the best Mosin Nagant scope mounts on the market. The price-to-performance ratio on this is quite good.

The build quality is nice as well. There are no sharp edges and the color finish on this is quite good as well. As this is a CNC milled scope mount, the holes on this are drilled at the right places for the guns mentioned in the name.

The rail is made out of CNC-milled aluminum. The aluminum is 6061 aluminum that you find in aircraft and riflescopes. You can use this on the existing sight base to use with scout scopes. Because the rail supports forward mounting.

Where is this made?

It’s made in the USA.

Is this low profile?

Yes, it’s low profile.

What’s the weight of this?

2.60 ounces.

5. Leapers Accushot 1-Pc Mount

Leapers is not a new brand in the industry. They have been around for decades and they have made products for hunters and tact shooters alike. This mounting base from Leaper is made out of high-quality anodized aluminum.

It’s a single-piece design with no welding or joints to be seen. The choice of material here was aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. The matte black finish on this looks insanely good. Accushot is a rail made for a dovetail supporting base.

The ring base was designed with hex screws to tightly fit on the mounts and easily remove them from the base as well. It fits on Airgun/.22 Dovetail dimensions with ease. The locking plate on this is reversible as well.

Where is this made?

It’s made in the USA.

What’s the ring diameter of this?


Does Leaper provide a warranty?

They do. It’s a lifetime.

6. Persei Mosin Nagant Top Picatinny Rail Scope Mount

No, I didn’t misspell the name here. It is indeed called Persei. This brand may look new to you, but it’s been here for a while and has been producing quality accessories for hunters for years. This rail here fits on the rear end of the Nagant.

It converts your Nagant rail to a weaver-style rail. That fits almost every accessory and scope out there. After all, Picatinny/weaver is considered to be a universal mounting system. The rail is constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum.

It’s a low-profile design that will not elevate your viewing angle by a lot. Eye relief on this is generous as well. If you think that you are going to use a red dot instead of scope down the line, that’s fine as well.

Will this hold zero?

Yes, it will. Once installed, it’s not moving anywhere.

Can it withstand heavy caliber?

Yes, it can hold up a powerful caliber as well.

Will this fit on a Mosin Nagant Chinese type 53?

Yes, it will.

7. Gotical Low Profile Mosin Nagant 91/30 Scope Mount

The last mount on the list is from Gotical and it’s also the cheapest on the list. If you were looking for the cheapest scope mount for Mosin Nagant, then this is the amount that you need to keep an eye out for. Low-profile mount has always been a good choice for hunters. You need to look through your scope for hours and hours, low-profile provides a comfortable viewing angle.

The mount is made from high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum. The same type of aluminum that is used in the scope and mounting ring you are using. This base was designed to replace the rear sight base on your gun.

You don’t need to drill or tap the rifle to make it compatible with your gun. This mount works great on Mosin Nagant. The bottom of the mount is a dovetail-style design. It sits on your rifle and turns your rifle into a modern Picatinny-supported rifle.

Does it come with screws needed?

No, you will need to use the stock screws.

Is this easy to install?

No, you will need the help of a gunsmith to install this.

Does it hold zero?

It does.

How To Choose The Best Scope Mount For Mosin Nagant?

Choosing the right mount is important. You need to keep a couple of things in mind while choosing the scope mount for your Nagant.

Make sure to buy a mount that is made out of metal and not plastic. Otherwise, it won’t be able to withstand the recoil pattern of a Nagant. Lightweight is another important factor of a mount as well.

Warranty can come in super clutch when you need them. Overall, make sure to grab something that fills your needs and doesn’t break your bank in the process.


My plan here isn’t to make you go broke. Otherwise, I would have suggested you bunch of expensive mounts and called it a day. That goes against my policy. That’s why, I tried to find out the best scope mount for Mosin Nagant and recommend them to you. Hope you found this helpful. Make sure to tune in later for more. Take care.

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