Best Scope For Crickett 22: Redefining .22 Shooting!

Crickett 22 is a .22 firing mini rifle. It’s so small that even teenagers can use it without any issues. If you are getting a newbie into hunting, then Crickett 22 is a great start. Even though it’s a small rifle, the scope pool for this is not small at all.

You will have a ton of scope to choose from.

That’s why you are here. To find the best scope for your Crickett 22. We understand you want the very best for your rifle and we do too. What are we waiting for? Let’s jump straight into it.

What To Look For While Buying A Scope For Crickett 22!

Build Quality. The recoil of this rifle is not that high. A teenager can control it. That doesn’t mean you could pair it up with a plastic scope and call it a day. Take a scope that will perform well and be useful for a long time.

Magnification. I know this gun doesn’t look like it, but it’s quite powerful. It can shoot pretty far as well. You want a scope that can do that as well. What’s better than a good magnified scope?

Optics Quality. Lenses are a crucial part of a scope. They are your secondary eyes. You see through them. You want the eyes to be clear and bright so you see clear pictures.

Reticle. Young padawans won’t know how to use a highly skilled reticle. It will be best to have a simple reticle that can be understood by anyone.

Warranty. If you give it to a kid, you want the kid to use it for a long time. To ensure long usage, you need a solid warranty to back up the scope.

Our Top 5 Scope For Crickett 22

1. Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight Riflescope


Bushnell Trophy TRS second generation is a 1x rifle scope with a 20mm objective lens. It’s supposed to help you see the target better and get better at the game. It’s not a beast for magnification but it’s a solid red dot sight for beginners.

Build Quality

Matte black finish on this with a hue of orange objective lens, it’s a killer-looking sight for sure. Crickett 22 scopes are supposed to be durable and take a decent amount of hits. This can do more than that.

To make the sight waterproof Bushnell used O-ring seals. It’s also moisture and fogproof.

Optics Quality

The lenses on this scope are fully multi-coated. They are also scratch-resistant. Unless you decide to willingly scratch it, it’s not possible to scratch it by accident.

It’s bright and vivid. There are also 11 adjustable brightness settings available in this scope. at low light, you could increase the brightness and hunt better. Be aware, that the more intense light you use, the faster you will lose battery.

Are There Any Cons?

There aren’t many cons regarding this sight. It’s a 1x red dot sight with adjustable illumination. If you are looking for a magnified sight, this is not it.

2. Vortex Strike Eagle 1-8X24 Second Focal Plane Scope


Good old Vortex Strike Eagle. You can’t go wrong with picking this scope ever! You already know it’s one of the best bang-for-bucks scopes on the market. Thankfully it can also be used with Crickett 22.

Best Scope Ever Made?

Well, it’s not the best scope ever made. But it’s one of the best budget scopes Vortex made. From the lens to build quality, it’s a solid scope overall.

Build Quality

There is nothing I need to say about build quality from Vortex. They are one of the best at this game for a reason. It is made from aircraft-grade aluminum. It’s lightweight, compact, and powerful. The turrets on this scope are also made from aluminum.

Lens Quality

Clear, bright, vivid, and sharp. Fully multi-coated lenses are wonderful things. It’s also quite scratch-resistant and safe against dust. The inside of the scope is nitrogen-purged. Water can’t get inside of this scope either. It’s 100% waterproof.

The Downside

One of the main downsides of this scope is the fixed parallax. Most scopes at this price range come with fixed parallax. And to be honest, a newbie wouldn’t care about the fixed parallax either.

3. CVLIFE 6-24X50 AOE Illuminated Gun Scope


CVLIFE 6-24×50 is a long-range hunting riflescope packed with features. Wouldn’t be surprised if you guys never heard of it. It’s not like they are extremely famous or anything. But they make good scopes for hunters of all ages.

Build Quality

It’s not a small scope. The size of this scope is quite big. It might be the biggest scope on the list for Crickett 22. Made out of aircraft-grade aluminum. It’s lightweight and sturdy. You won’t have any complaints about how it’s built for sure.

Lens Quality

One of the coolest features of this scope is the eyepiece. The eyepiece is adjustable. Meaning you could adjust to increase or decrease the eye relief. For glasses users, this is a life-saving feature.

All of the lenses on the scope are also fully multi-coated. Inside is nitrogen purged to make it fogproof. Don’t be afraid to hunt during the rain. It’s completely waterproof.

Easy Mount And Adjustments

It has one of the easiest mounting systems on a scope. I can say it’s one of the scope mounts for Crickett 22. It’s easy even a child can do that.

The turrets are big and rounded. There is a bump around the turret to help you scroll it better. Adjusting windage and elevation is quite easy as well. The scope was made with ease of access in mind.

Keep That In Mind

It’s quite big. It might create an uneven balance distribution on the rifle. It’s not heavy by any means, but it might make the rifle a bit front-heavy.

4. Simmons Truplex .22 Mag Riflescope


Named after J.K Simmons, Truplex has a reputation to keep. Just kidding! J.K Simmons probably isn’t even aware of this scope’s existence!

Build Quality

The finish on this scope is quite different than the other scope we featured so far. Instead of the typical matte black finish, Simmons went for a white anodization.

It looks quite cool but is a dust magnet. Will be hard to keep it white for a long time. The construction is also water and shockproof.

Optics Quality

The optics here are fully multi-coated with different layers of coatings. It saves the lens from unwanted scratches. It’s quite bright and at max magnification, there is no distortion either.

What We Didn’t Like

The turrets clicking isn’t crisp. They work and you can still do micro-adjustments. But the click and feeling that it snapped isn’t there.

5. Keystone KSA054 4X32mm Mil-Dot, Matte Riflescope


Keystone KSA054 is the next riflescope on our list for Crickett 22. Keystone is also a lesser-known crossbow manufacturer. Keystone KSA054 is also one of the cheapest scopes available for our lovely Crickett 22. Let’s find out more about the scope.

Build Quality

The build quality on this scope is quite good for the money. It’s made from durable aluminum. Not high-end, but it’s not bad-quality aluminum either.

Lens Quality

The lens on this scope is coated with multiple layers of coatings. On the surface, it’s pretty scratch-resistant. But don’t try to test that out with sharp objects. It’s quite cheap after all.

Inside of the scope is nitrogen purged. Good thing they didn’t skip this part. It’s also shock and waterproof. Compatible with Crickett 22 as well.


It’s a fixed magnification riflescope. It’s fixed at 4x and the objective lens is 32mm. The reticle on this scope is a MIL dot one with a sapphire coating. The reticle is not moving anywhere. You won’t be able to scratch the reticle either.

The Cons

While this scope has a fast focus feature, it’s not nearly as fast as most other scopes. It’s unfair of me to compare it with a more expensive scope. I felt like clearing this up.

Wait A Minute! You need a mount, right?

Now, you know which scope should you pick for your crickett 22 but still have a confusion on your head that which scope mount I shall use! Well, for navigate your confusion we found 2 scope mount which will fit your beloved gun. take a look!

Best Scope Mount For Crickett 22

Most scope mounts support Picatinny rail and Crickett doesn’t have that. To make it compatible with Picatinny rail, you will need to buy a scope mount. They are pretty cheap as well. Here are some of the best scope mounts you could buy for your Crickett 22.

Crickett was made for inexperienced and new hunters. A newbie will always benefit from a good scope. And most good scopes are made to support Picatinny rail. This mounting base features a Picatinny-style rail. You could install any Picatinny-supported scope on this.

Keystone made this to make the Crickett compatible with their riflescope. It’s compatible with up to 1” body scope. meaning, you could install almost any scope on this rail. It’s durable and made out of aluminum. It won’t rust like steel either. It supports Chimpunk and Crickett rifles.

Is Chimpunk and Crickett the same?

Both of this rifle serves the same purpose. They exist to make hunting easy for newbies. They are not the most powerful rifle, they support a good number of scopes and the recoil control is quite easy as well.

But both of these rifles are not the same. From looks to performance, there are quite a bit of differences among them.

Wrap Up!

Crickett 22 is a lovely rifle and it deserves all the loving in the world. Many of our young generations are learning from this rifle. It will be the golden standard of starting a rifle for a long time. That’s why you should pair it up with a scope that deserves equal respect. We talked about some of the best riflescopes for Crikett 22 available for purchase.

They are super good at performing and not overly expensive either. Make sure to choose the correct mounting rail for your riflescope. Till next time.

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