Best Sights For Ruger GP100 – Enhancing The Accuracy!

Sights are meant to enhance the vision of a pistol. Make it more accurate and usable during the night as well. Night sights are always pistol-specific. They are not universal like a riflescope, for example. That’s why, finding the best sights for Ruger G100 might be a bit troublesome for most out there.

Some just want to have a sight on top of their gun and forget about it. While others are planning to upgrade. In this article, I will try my best to satisfy both and help you choose a sight for your GP100. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Best Ruger GP100 Sights – [Editor’s Choice]

1. Trijicon RM06-C-700672 RMR Type 2 LED Sight

I don’t think RMR needs a separate introduction for it. We have featured this sight so many times, that some of you guys may be tired of reading about RMR by now. What can you do? It’s a great sight. The price-to-performance ratio easily puts it up to or ahead at times of Holosun sights.

The sight is made out of aircraft-grade aluminum. The same type of aluminum that is used in military-grade equipment as well. This optic is tested to be durable in harsh conditions such as a military practice zone.

It’s durable, it’s lightweight, water, fog, and shockproof. You couldn’t want more from a pistol sight. With the Ruger GP100, it’s a great match. One of the best you could hope to have. The synergy is there and they act quite nice together as well. The lens of the sight is amazing and it’s coated. You will see plenty of good stuff through this sight.

Overall, it’s a great matchup for your GP100. If you are on the fence and struggling to pull the trigger, there is no better time than now.

What kind of battery does this sight use?

It is powered by a single CR2032 battery.

Is this sight suitable for hunting?

Yes, it’s very capable of short-range hunting.

Is the Type 2 better and improved?

Yes, it improves the battery compartment and the dot doesn’t flicker anymore.

2. HOLOSUN HS507C X2 Circle Dot Solar Sight

When it comes to red dot or holographic sight, Holosun is considered as TOTL aka top-of-the-line sights. They didn’t get that achievement overnight, of course. Holosun HS507C is made out of aluminum and features a single-lens setup.

The housing is durable and anodized with a matte black finish. It makes the sight look premium to touch and to use. The sight is fog, shock, and waterproof at the same time. A perfect companion to take with you in any given weather. GP100 can be used under harsh weather as well. You can guess why HS507C is a great choice to pair with the gun.

The lens is multi-coated and it gets extremely bright. The coating increases the light transmission and makes it resistant to getting scratched easily. The sight also features shaking to wake. When the sight notices there isn’t any movement going on, it automatically shuts down to save battery life.

What kind of battery does this sight use?

It uses a CR1632 battery.

What is the expected battery life?

Around 50k hours.

Does this feature an NV setting?

Yes, you can adjust the brightness with two-night vision brightness levels.

3. Vortex Optics Venom Red Dot Sight

Vortex Venom is one of the most suggested red dot sights for any pistol. It’s lightweight, it’s built well, and it features a crystal-clear glass-etched reticle lens. What’s not to like here? The even better part of this sight is that it synergizes with the Ruger GP100 quite well.

The sight is made out of aluminum. Making it durable and lightweight at the same time. It can work with the GP100 quite easily. The lens of the Venom is clear and bright. The sight is shock, water, and fogproof simultaneously. You can guess why this is one of the first sight we mentioned.

The synergy with the Ruger is quite nice here. While it’s not necessarily a night sight, it’s still one of the best Ruger sights on the market. If you own a GP100, I don’t see why you don’t own a Venom yet.

The red dot is not overwhelmingly big. It’s the perfect size to not take too much of the lens. The O-ring sealing of the lens makes it immune to moisture, dirt, and debris. It’s quite easy to clean the lens of the sight as well. The battery is tucked inside a safe compartment.

What kind of battery does this sight use?

It comes with a CR1632 battery.

What is the size of the red dot?

3 MOA.

Does it come with a mount?

Yes, it comes with a low rail mount.

4. Meprolight Ruger Tru-Dot Night Sight

Night sights most of the time come in a pair. Completing the setup and making the pistol capable of shooting accurately in the dark. Not all of us can go full John Wick on the target and hit every shot on iron sight.

For the rest of us normal humans, Meprolight is your best bet. This tru-dot night sight from Meprolight is compatible with Ruger GP100. It’s one of the best night sights for Ruger GP100. Yes, it’s that good. I’m not exaggerating.

Meprolight delivers a quality performance and build quality for what they are charging. It’s not cheap, but for a solid pair of night sights that will serve you for years, it’s a worthy investment. This sight was tested in a military environment as well.

Can you change the tritium sights?

With the right tools and skills, yes.

Is the frame made out of rubber or metal?

It’s made out of metal.

Will this fit a 357 Magnum?

Yes, it will fit a Ruger GP100 357 magnum.

5. HIVIZ GPLW01 Ruger GP100 Front Handgun Sight

If you are looking for a night sight that will last you for a good while and comes with interchangeable tritium fiber sticks, you are in luck. Cause HIVIZ GPLW01 is what you have been looking for this long. HIVIZ GPLW01 is a night sight powered by tritium fiber sticks that glow in the dark.

Unlike the red dot sights or holographic sights, this one doesn’t feature any lens, so you don’t need to worry about cleaning the lens after a productive day. Tritium fiber optics can glow very well in the dark. They don’t require any batteries for that. Tritium fiber optics can run out of light.

If that happens, you can easily change the fiber stick to a different stick. This allows you to change the color of the stick you want. That’s right. If you don’t like the default green color fiber stick, you can always go for a red or orange. Whatever color your heart desires.

HIVIZ GPLW01 is a complete no-brainer for folks who are looking for a good night sight for their Ruger GP100.

Does this come with an installation tool?

No, it doesn’t come with any punchers. But it comes with a plastic tool that can remove the tritium stick from the housing.

Is the housing made out of metal?

Yes, it is. The housing of this optic is quite robust and rugged. It takes drops quite well.

Can you purchase the LitePipes separately?

Yes, HIVIZ sells them separately as well. The kit will come with white, red, and green pipes.

Things To Keep in Mind Before Buying

As you can see from the article, we have provided different sorts of sights for different folks. You can take a night sight if you want or you can take a red dot sight if you want as well. It will narrow down to the point where you determine which variant you need.

Besides that, you should also keep in mind how well the sight is made and how durable it is. Durability is a huge concern for handgun sights. Handgun drops a lot from our hand and if the sight is not durable, it will break from any height drops.


Hopefully, this Ruger G100 sights review was able to clear your confusion about the sights you had short-listed. Pick whatever sight from the list you desire, and you will get a solid sight for your Ruger that it deserves. Don’t worry about being right or wrong. Cause, there is no wrong decision here.

With that said, we have to part ways now. But I promise I will be back with more reviews soon. See you guys later.

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