Best Sights For Taurus 1911 – Reviews and Guides w/FAQs

The 1911 family needs no introduction of any sort. The Taurus 1911 family is one of the most recommended .45acp firing handguns ever. I swear, you found at least 10 people in your life who recommended this handgun to you. What they didn’t recommend, however, is a good sight for this gun. That’s right, Taurus 1911 benefits a lot from a good sight.

Today I’m taking the liberty to help you choose the best sights for Taurus 1911. Get a cup of your favorite drink, sit back and relax. Enjoy the write.

Best Taurus 1911 Sights – [Editor’s Choice]

1. Hogue LE Government Rubber Laser Sight

Who doesn’t like 2in1? Hogue LE is exactly that. If you want a sight, I will give you a grip for free. That’s the motto of Hogue LE. How good is it? much better than stock. The stock grip is not bad per se, but many found it a bit uncomfortable.

Hogue LE will fix that issue for you while it will improve your aim at the same time. How exactly? Well, there is a laser built in right on the grip. If you look closely at the picture, there is a laser diode built on the grip on the right side.

It’s a 4mm laser diode that can withstand the recoil of the gun quite easily. The build of the grip is quite rugged and durable. You can adjust the laser as well. There are a total of 4 levels of brightness present on this laser sight. Laser is always highly accurate and offers a good range as well. You can see why it’s one of the most valued sights of 1911.

What kind of grip texture does it have?

It has a piranha grip textured on a G10 panel.

Where is this made?

It’s made in the USA.

What kind of battery does this sight require?

A CR2032.

2. Laser Kit for Full Size 1911 Pistol Laser Sight

Laser sights are very futuristic and cool. Besides looking fancy, they perform well in the field. You don’t need to tune too much to match them with your shooting style. This laser sight kit includes everything you could think of.

A laser sight, a holster that supports 1911 and laser sight, and some spare batteries. It’s a great starting kit for anyone who is looking to get wet in the laser sight world. The laser sight here is activated with a gold-plated touch sensor circuit. Your middle finger will always touch the gold sensor when you grip the gun to shoot.

That touch will activate the laser and it will turn off when you are not using it. Thus, saving battery life. Changing the battery is quite easy as well. Overall, installing this sight on your Taurus 1911 wouldn’t be much of a hassle or heavy task.

Where are they made?

The USA.

Is the holster any good?

It’s excellent.

What color of laser does this sight have?


3. TRUGLO Fiber-Optic Front and Rear Handgun Sight

When shooters say nobody makes better tritium sight than Truglo, they mean it. Truglo is the leading manufacturer of tritium fiber optic red dot sights and they make these sights for almost all sorts of pistols. The one we have here is specifically made for 1911 models.

It comes with a fixed rear sight and an interchangeable front sight. Instead of going all green, Truglo went for greens on the rear and red on the front sight. The tritium glows extremely bright during the night. While it’s not capable of claiming it’s NVD, it’s capable of claiming to perform well during the night. That’s exactly what we look for in a night sight.

Installing this is not the hardest thing in the world. But if you are scared of messing things up, it’s better to install them through a gunsmith. As they are made out of tritium fiber-optic, you don’t need to recharge them ever. Fiber-optic can dim down in 5-6 years, but you can easily replace the tritium stick as well.

Will this fit standard MIL type 45 ACP?

This variant is made for a Kimber/dovetail type of rail. If your manufacturer says this will support your gun, then it will.

Where is this sight made?

It’s made in the USA.

Is the optic sharp and bright?

Yes, you can pull up to a target quite quickly. For flick shots and fast target acquisition, they are fabulous.

4. Williams Fire Taurus Models Fiber Optic Sight

Williams Fire sight set for 1911 pistol is such a bliss to look at! The finish on this pair of sights is very well done. You can see the look of the sight mattered to the designer. Thus, making such a wonderful-looking sight for us.

The material of choice here is metal. Instead of isolating the fiber optic and the cylinder on a rubber, they went for aluminum to make the sight more durable. The tritium sticks are replaceable down the line. You don’t need to change them anytime soon, that much I can guarantee you.

The William fire sights set include fixed front and rear sights for Taurus 1911 models. That includes all the guns under this family tree. The installation process here can be a bit overwhelming for a beginner. If you are not feeling comfortable doing that, take this to your local gunsmith and tell them to do it for you.

Where is this sight made?

They are made in the USA.

Do you need a battery for this sight?

No, you don’t need any kind of battery for this sight.

Does this sight come with screws?

It doesn’t. You will need to use the stock screws.

5. Hi-Viz Taurus PT-1911 Interchangeable Front Sight

A lot of shooters prefer to have only the front sight on their pistol. For them, Hi-Viz brings their Taurus PT-1911 front sight. It’s just like any other night sight you can think of, but it’s more durable and comes with an interchangeable tritium barrel.

That’s right, you can change the tritium stick of the sight and make it any color tritium you want. This gives you the freedom to change colors based on the environment you are in. In the package, you will find red, green, and white color tritium sticks to help you in different lighting.

Changing the tritium glow stick is quite easy as well. Hi-Viz includes the necessary tools to replace the stick. They also include a carrying case with a nice chain to it. The carrying case keeps the tritium stick safe and sound from exterior harm.

Where is this sight made?

They are made in the USA.

What is the sight made out of?

The housing of this sight is made out of aluminum.

Is this a weak sight?

No. It’s far from being a weak sight. Interchangeable tritium is one of the strongest suits of this sight.

Things To Keep in Mind Before Buying

It depends on what you want from a sight. You could want clarity, vision, night vision, or even eye relief. It depends on what you need from the sight. This section will help you generalize your needs and make the decision easier.


We don’t want a scope to sit on our pistol. Not when it’s something like 1911. Taking a smaller-sized sight makes the most sense in every aspect.


Unnecessary weight is not welcomed. You are better off taking a lightweight sight that will help you aim better in any range.


What type of sight do you want? A laser sight, a night sight, a reflex sight? You have to decide on that first. If you don’t decide on what kind of sight you need, we will be having this conversation till the end of the time.


That’s all I have to tell you about the sights. They are all good in their fields and they all possess incredible value. Depending on what you are looking for, some of those sights will appeal to you more than others. That’s all for today, we will be back with more for you guys soon. Take care and happy hunting.

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