Best Sight For M&P 40 – Reviews and Buying Guides w/FAQs

Handguns are often used as secondary hunting weapons and primary service-related weapons. A lot of scenarios involve where you might need to use the gun during the night or in an intense situation. Even on range-practicing, you will want your aim to be precise.

A sight for pistol will help you get that precise aim in all scenarios. That’s why, today I will try to help you find the best sights for M&P 40, a handgun that is used all over the country for various reasons.

Best M&P 40 Night Sights – [Editor’s Choice

1. Trijicon Night Sight Sets for Smith & Wesson M&P 40

Trijicon makes wonderful sights and scopes for all sorts of guns. They are also one of the largest weapon accessory suppliers to the military. Trijicon makes night sights for almost all famous handguns out there. M&P 40 was no exception here either.

The pair of night sights are safely tucked inside a durable aluminum cylinder. Inside the cylinder, there are tritium-filled gas lamps. They provide superior illumination compared to tritium fiber. Tritium and phosphorus are a good combination to make night sights. In terms of durability, you guessed as much. They are quite literally invincible.

Each of the tritium lamps is capped with a sapphire jewel. That helps the lamp distribute light evenly. And due to that, you are getting a good spread of light during the night. It helps you focus on the target quicker and makes you not miss a shot ever.

Does this fit M&P Shield?

It does.

Does Trijicon provide a warranty?

Yes, they do.

What color lamp do they use?

It’s white.

2. ArmaLaser Designed to fit S&W M&P 40 w/Rails

ArmaLaser is a company known for making great laser sights for handguns. Some of their laser sights are usable on hybrid handguns and rifles even. The one here is specifically made for M&P pistols. That does include our .40 as well.

The sight is made out of polymer plastic. It’s the same type of material that your handgun uses as well. There are no compromises present on the sight in terms of durability and build quality. It uses a bright class 3R 635nm <5mW red laser light. Yes, the laser sight has a grip activation feature. You just need to grab the pistol normally and it will activate the laser.

While the sight is water resistant to some degree, it’s not submergible by any means. You should be careful while using it in heavy rain situations. This Class 3R laser is legal in all states and won’t break the rules for using this on any weapon. Installing the sight is easy as well. It doesn’t take much time to read the manual and install it on your gun.

Where is this sight made in?

It’s designed and made in the USA.

What kind of polymer did they use?

DuPont Zytel polymer. The same type of polymer is used in pistols.

Can you manually turn it off?

You definitely can. There is a master kill switch.

3. LaserMax Centerfire Laser (Red) Sight For S&W MP .40

Is this any good? Of course, it is. Why else would I bother to keep it on the list if it isn’t any good? The sight is made out of reinforced nylon. It’s quite durable and light as well.

To help you in the dark, you can easily program the high-vis pulsed beam. You can increase or decrease the intensity of the light. Depending on how high you are using this, the battery will rather dry out quite quickly. But at low vision, the light can last for a good amount of time. Changing the battery is relatively easy as well.

The class 3 laser provides <5mW power output. That’s legal in most states that allow laser equipment on weapons. You can adjust the windage and elevation of this unit as well. While it’s not as simple as tuning a riflescope, it’s almost as easy as tuning a pistol sight.

Who is the manufacturer of this?

Crosman Corporation.

Will this fit EZ Shield?

It won’t.

Does it activate by touch?

It doesn’t.

4. Ade Advanced Compact RD3-009 Red Dot Reflex Sight

Do you fancy any laser sights or night sights? Want a good old reflex sight to help you aim better? Ade Advanced aims to please. This compact red dot sight is made for pistols and comes with a mounting plate for M&P 40.

The sight is constructed from high-quality aluminum. It’s lightweight and durable. The anodized matte black finish looks nice and premium. It comes with a removable standard picatinny mount and a handgun mount. You can use this sight on a rifle down the line if you so wish to.

The lens of the sight is made out of glass and it’s extremely clear. The multi-coating makes it extremely vibrant and visible during the low light. As this is a reflex sight, you don’t need to worry about the eye relief. It offers unlimited eye relief.

Is the reticle illuminated?

Yes, it is.

Can you adjust the illumination?

Yes, you can adjust the illumination in 5 levels.

Is this suitable for hunting?

It is.

5. Meprolight S&W Tru-Dot Night Sight for M&P 9/40

Meprolight is not a new name to most of you guys out there. This company has been making optics for all sorts of guns for decades. This sight here came out in 2015 and still going strong. The reason is simple, it’s one of the best sights for M&P .40. From build quality to performance, everything is really good on this one.

The tritium glowstick helps you look during the night. The glowsticks themselves are vulnerable. To prevent any outside harm, they reinforced the glowstick with an aluminum cylinder. The stick and the sight both are extremely light. You won’t feel like you added anything on top of your gun.

Once you look through the sights, however, you will notice an immediate improvement in your vision. You can see the target better. By better I mean more visible and easily achievable. The fast focus transitions on the front sight make it an appealing choice for service weapon holders. You can go from target to target within seconds.

Where is this sight made in?

It’s made in Israel.

Do they provide a warranty?

Yes, Meprolight provides good warranty and service in the States.

How long will the illumination last?

Meprolight guarantees 12 years of illumination.

6. TRUGLO Fiber-Optic Front and Rear Handgun Sight

How can I make a list of the best sights for a handgun without mentioning one Truglo night sight? That’s right, it’s not possible. This pair of night sights is made for a Smith and Wesson pistol. It fits most M&P models including .40. It does exclude some.

Truglo uses tritium fiber optic which is one of the best in the market. They have been in the game for so long, they have perfected the art of night sights. The tritium fiber sticks are well protected in an aluminum enclosure. Naturally, they are waterproof and submergible. You can use them in snow or under heavy rain if you desire.

The glow is visible during the night. They don’t interfere much during the day either. In short, it’s the perfect blend for both day and nighttime usage. As the fiber is concealed on the housing, your target cannot see the fiber.

Is this snag resistant?

Yes, it’s snag-resistant and designed to fit a standard holster.

What color tritium do they use?

Red on the front and green on the back.

Does Truglo offer a warranty?

They do. You can find more information on their site.

7. AmeriGlo Hackathon Sight Set for S&W M&P 40

The last sight on today’s list is from a relatively lesser-known brand among hunters. AmeriGlo makes really good optics that are used by militaries and security services worldwide. Their sights are made to last harsh environments. They specialize in that category.

The interesting part of this sight is, that the rear sight has no tritium glow stick to it. There is a reason for that to happen. When you suddenly take out your gun and you aim at the target, the front glowing sight will automatically help you focus on the target instead of being distracted by the side view.

The housing of this sight is made out of CNC machined steel. And inside that steel cabinet, there is a single tritium fiber stick that glows green. It has an orange hue/circle around it. As the tritium glow stick is concealed in a good position, your target won’t be wary of your sight. This gives you an edge in close-combat situations and hunting.

Where is this made?

This is made in the US.

Is this suitable for airsoft guns?

It surprisingly is.

Is AmeriGlo a good brand?

They are.

How To Choose The Best Sights For M&P 40?

Here are a couple of tips that might help you decide on your new sight.


Sights are relatively light compared to every other optics. They still have weight and they are made out of metal most of the time. So, make sure you are taking a lightweight sight.

Build Quality

Pistol goes through rough usage a lot. We don’t want our guns and sight to fail on us midway. Good build quality sights are bound to be long-lasting.


Focus and clarity are really important. We don’t want our sights to distract us from the target. Fast-focus sights should always get priority.


Depending on which sight you end up going for, your experience may vary from others. All of the sights mentioned here are the best sights for M&P 40. They have been tested and proven by countless other shooters on the scene.

If you know what kind of sight you want and how much you are willing to achieve that experience, your decision-making will be really simple. With that said, this is the end for now and I will see you on the next one.

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