Best Red Dot For AK Ultimak – Reviews and Buying Guide w/FAQs

The idea behind Ultimak was to provide a better platform with stability for your AK-47. Ultimak makes your AK compatible with both red dot sight and riflescope at the same time. Without any reconfiguration! That sounds too good to be true, right? But it’s a reality and tons of users have already installed this upgrade in their AK.

If you are already rocking an Ultimak, it’s time to find the ultimate red dot for Ultimak. Puns aside, that’s the topic of today’s article. Yes, we are going on a journey to find the best red dot for AK Ultimak. It won’t take long, but you still should sit down and relax while reading. Without further ado, let’s jump straight into it.

Best AK Ultimak Red Dot Sight [Editor’s Pick]

1. Trijicon SRO Adjustable LED 2.5 MOA Red Dot

Trijicon SRO Reflex sight is designed to provide the maximum field of view. This round design of the red dot sight makes it unique, to say the least. The lenses here are crisp, clean, and sharp. The image clarity is something else. You will enjoy shooting in low light with this sight as well.

The housing of the sight is made out of high-quality durable aluminum. A perfect choice for a sight like this, if I say so myself. The sight is completely waterproof. The lens is fully coated. It won’t catch any moisture.

Every SRO model is packed with both manual and adjustable light management systems. You can either manually adjust the reticle brightness up to 8 levels. Or you could let SRO handle the brightness for you. Surprisingly, SRO shares the same footprint as the Trijicon RMR. Rest assured, it’s a killer sight for AK Ultimak.

Where is this made?

It’s made in the USA.

What kind of battery do you need?

A CR2032.

What’s the expected battery life?

Around 3 years with 4 to 8 brightness settings.

2. HOLOSUN HE508T-RD X2 Circle Dot Sight

Holosun is a great brand when it comes to red dot and reflex sights. The work they put behind their products is admirable. HE508T is a sight that took the community by storm. It was a different take on typical red dot sight.

Instead of using polymer or aluminum, Holosun opted for Titanium with this sight. That’s right, the housing of this sight is made out of titanium. It’s almost 2x more durable than regular aluminum with a higher density as well. In short, a titanium shell will last longer than an aluminum shell.

Besides that, this red dot sight also offers a multi-coated lens. The lens here is amazing, to say the least. The lenses are bright and vibrant. The color accuracy of the sight is amazing as well. You won’t find faded or fake colors visible on the scope.

How good will this perform with an AK Ultimak? It will perform great with an AK Ultimak. It’s the perfect height where it won’t interfere with a riflescope if you were to install one as well. It’s clear, great field of view, has a great focal length, performs flawlessly, great battery life. All of them combined make it a very good deal.

Where is this scope made?

Holosun optics are made in China.

What kind of battery does this sight use?

It uses a CR1632 battery.

What is the maximum magnification of this sight?

It features 10 daylight magnification and 2-night vision magnification level.

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3. Aimpoint Micro H-2 Red Dot Reflex Sight

A red dot list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning at least one Aimpoint red dot sight. The one we recommend today is a very good reflex sight. It’s a flagship red dot sight. This is the barrier all red dot sights try to hit.

It’s made out of durable aluminum with good support on the inside. The inside of the scope is purged with nitrogen to make it fogproof. The outside has a matte black finish to it. This is a premium sight that looks premium as well. You can submerge the sight up to 15 feet without any issues. It won’t harm the sight at all.

The 2MOA red dot of this sight is illuminated. It’s suitable for extreme low light and extreme bright conditions as well. You will find 12 levels of brightness to choose from. You can change the brightness depending on the lighting condition you have on your shooting ground.

It’s a very good pair with the AK Ultimak. As this rail supports more than one sight, you could buy an NVD or magnified down the line to pair up with this sight. Making a complete setup of the riflescope that also works as a red dot sight when needed.

What kind of battery does it use?

It uses a CR2032.

What is the expected battery life?

You can expect anywhere from 3 to 5 years of battery life.

Does it come with a lens cover?

It does come with lens covers made out of thermoplastic.

Things To Keep in Mind Before Buying

Choosing a red dot sight for Ultimak is the same as choosing a red dot sight for an AK rifle. You just need to find the things you are looking for and keep some things in mind while purchasing. You will end up with a sight satisfying you and your gun.

Build Quality

You can use a plastic or polymer sight with the Ultimak. That’s not impossible to do. We don’t recommend you against it. Polymer sights can be durable as well. That’s the point, your sight needs to be durable. While everyone prefers metal as a construction material, you can do well with a thermoplastic or polymer sight as well.

Lens Quality

Now, this is where you can’t compromise for a single bit. You have to take a sight with good lenses. That’s a must. Otherwise, your experience will be horrendous. We don’t want that to happen to you. Do yourself a favor and grab a sight from the 3 we mentioned today.


Unknown brands tend to provide shady warranties. While the known ones have a reputation to keep. That’s why, going for the more known brand often is the right choice. You shouldn’t compromise with the warranty.


In short, Ultimak is an absolute beauty and this beauty deserves to be treated like the queen it is. You must pair a good sight with the Ultimak to take your performance to the next level. Nothing better than a red dot sight.

These are some of the best red dot sights for AK Ultimak available on the market, I hope you found them useful and you found the sight that sings to you the most. Hopefully, I will see you on the next review as well. Till then, take care and happy hunting.

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