Best Sight For Walther PPS M2 – Reviews w/Features

Walther PPS M2 is a semi automatic pistol that gradually got famous over the time. While this is not a Walther PPS M2 review, this is definitely something every PPS M2 owner should read. We are going to talk about some optics that will suit the PPS M2 and make your PPS M2 shoot even more accurately.

As it’s a semi-automatic hand gun, it can fire rapidly. Causing more recoil for the sight to worry about. Not every sight is capable of taking that hit. Without further ado, let’s get to know some of the best Walther PPS M2 sights.

Quick Summary

If you don’t have time, have a read through this and you will understand which of the sights are best at what.

Best Overall: Crimson Trace LG-482 Laserguard Laser Sight For Walther PPS M2

Overall, this is the best sights you can get for a PPS M2. Considering budget isn’t an issue, go all out on this. From the build quality to performance, everything is solid on this sight. Walther PPS M2 laser sights can improve the performance of the gun by a lot. Crimson Trace is capable of doing that.

Best Bang For Bucks: Meprolight Walther Tru-Dot Night Sight For PPS M2

Meprolight Walther night sight is one of the best bang for buck nigh sight for PPS M2. It doesn’t cost much and performs fairly well for what you are paying.

Crimson Trace LG-482 Walther Laserguard Laser Sight


Crimson Trace LG-482 is a best laser sight for Walther PPS M2. Laser sights are getting more and more popular as time goes. They are not as expensive as they were before. That’s one of the key reason behind their sudden growth.

(+) Build Quality

The build quality of this optic is quite nice. It’s not made out of carbon fiber or similar metal. But it’s still made out of quality material. It can easily take the recoil hit and not even flinch a bit.

(+) Available In Two Configuration

You can grab either red or green laser. Choose the color of the laser you want while ordering the sight. Both of this light is fairly visible during the night. Red might be a bit too visible compared to green. Depending on your work, take the color you think will be best for you.

(+) Easy To Install

The installation guide of this is quite straightforward to follow. You don’t need to be a gunsmith to understand this or install this sight on your gun. It fits the PPS M2 perfectly. No room for error.

(-) Keep That In Mind

The battery life of this optic is not that good. You will always need to carry extra batteries with you. In case of emergency.

Meprolight Walther PPS M2 Tru-Dot Night Sight


Meprolight makes Tru-Dot sight for almost all well-known brands hand guns. Their sights are super good and quite well built.

(+) Very Well Made

Despite not having a metal construction, these sights are quite well made. While there were rooms for more improvement, I am not going to lie, it’s more than what I expected from a two-piece sight from this.

(+) Extremely Bright

The Tru-Dot reticle gets extremely bright during the low light condition. You can easily see where the light is pointing at. During the day time, it will automatically turn the light to white. That’s easier to blend in and see under heavy sun light.

(+) Supports The PPS M2

You don’t need to tweak around anything to make it support the M2. It will support right out of the box without any modifications.

Mepro Tru-Dot tritium Night Sights Compatible with Walther PPS PPX Creed Green dots Glow on Sight self Illuminated Meprolight Fixed Metal Sights
  • GETTING ON TARGET: The MEPRO TRU-DOT fixed Night Sights offer the most reliable illumination for day or night shooting. Premium grade green Tritium vials make your sights visible in lowlight and nighttime conditions. The Tritium vials are surrounded by...

(-) Keep That In Mind

There is no option to choose the light color. You are stuck with what you are getting. & maybe that’s a bad thing!

TRUGLO TFX Pro Tritium Walther PPS M2 Hangun Sight


Truglo is not a new name to pistol owners. I bet you have used one of their sights on your previous guns already. How about another one?

(+) TFX Sight Technology

Next level TFX technology from Truglo for the people that wants absolute best performance. No matter the condition, this sight will provide you the same level brightness that you are used to. When the brightness dims down, you can easily swap them out for new ones.

(+) No Battery Required

As this is a tritium sight, you don’t need any batteries. It will just work simply without them. That brings the weight down of this sight by a lot as well. Something we all can appreciate.

(+) 12 Years Limited Lifetime Warranty

Instead of a life time warranty like many other manufacturers, they are providing 12 years warranty. Their service is good enough to not cause you any issues within these 12 years. Let’s be real, 12 years is a long time.

(-) Keep That In Mind

Different version supports different pistols from Walther. Make sure to buy the one for Walther PPS M2. alright.

Trijicon Walther PPS M2 Heavy Duty Night Sight


Why should Trijicon be left out? They are known for their sights for other manufacturers. But, how good is mentioned one for Aalther PPS M2! Let’s point out!

(+) Build Quality

Never seen Trijicon to skip out on build quality to save some money. They always tries to provide the best for what you pay. Both the front and back part here has pretty good build quality.

(+) No Batteries Needed

This sight doesn’t use batteries to glow up the orange dots on the sight. It gets quite bright during the night and compensates that well in the day. You won’t feel like there is not enough light or too much light.

(+) Supports Many Walther Pistols

Besides the PPS M2, Trijicon night sights also supports other Walther guns such as PPX & more!

(-) Keep That In Mind

There is slight gap between the front rail and the optic. It may cause a bit issue for people with OCD, but it won’t make you miss shots that much. Maybe competitive shooter will notice the difference as well.

LaserLyte UTA-M2 Walther PPS M2 Laser Sight


To end of with a bang we got another Laser light sight for our beloved PPS M2. PPS M2 laser sights are always a treat to watch.

(+) Easy To Setup

Despite looking quite hard to grasp what’s going on with the sight, it’s quite easy to setup and start using from the get go. The weight of this sight is quite low as well. If it was too much, it would shift the balance point of the gun towards the front and would make you miss shots.

(+) Built-In Trainer Mode

You can use the sight in trainer mode to keep the flash lit up constantly or make it disappear like blinking. Will depend on your use case.

(+) Compatible With Laserlyte Training Equipment

To make you a better shooter, LaserLyte has plenty of training equipment. Each of them has different purpose. You can get audible target as well as lit up targets. You can also purchase the sighting tool collection from LaserLyte. That tool contains all the tools required to sight in any sights.

LaserLyte UTA-M2 Laser Sight Trainer for Walther PPS M2 with Push Button Activation and Auto-Off Function for Use as Laser Sight or Training Tool
  • BRIGHTNESS: Features a 5mW peak, 630-670nm, Class 3A visible red laser that is in conformance with and complies with 21 CFR 1040.10 with a max power output of "5mW" for a "Class 3R Red Laser" - the brightest beam allowed by law

(-) Keep That In Mind

The push button can be a bit annoying to remember always. Thankfully, it has an auto turn off function present in the sight.

How To Choose A Sight For Walther PPS M2

Build Quality: Sights most of the time won’t be made out of durable aluminum or carbon fiber. Often, they are made of rubber or rubberized plastic materials. It’s durable and water resistance. They are not the best against flame. But why would you throw your gun into flames?

Visibility: Pistol sights will always have some sort of materials that will brighten up the dots on the sight. If the brightness is too low and it doesn’t light up properly, then you will face severe issues while shooting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are Laser Sights So Expensive?

Laser sights uses advance technology to trigger the light without any switches and makes sure every shot is on point. Something like that will obviously come with some cost. They are also quite hard to craft and costs a pretty penny behind materials.

Is Holster Necessary For PPS M2?

In my opinion, holster is necessary for any pistols. Getting the best holster for PPS M2 will enhance your gun game by a lot as well.

Final Words

PPS M2 is a solid gun there is no doubt regarding that. I am thinking of giving you guys a PPS M2 review sometimes soon. The gun deserves it.

But if you already own the gun and are looking for sights to pair up with it, this post was dedicated to you. Good sights for a great gun. No matter which sight you choose from the list, you can’t go wrong with it.

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