Best Night Sights For HK USP – Reviews w/FAQs

Heckler and Koch USP has been in service for decades now. Even now, USP is widely used by lots of security enforcers and for self-defense. Like every other handgun out there, a night sight will elevate the performance of USP by a lot.

And I mean that quite literally. However, finding the right sight is not as easy as many thinks. If it was that easy, no one would bother to make guides about how to choose the best night sights for HK USP. That’s exactly the point of this article.

We are going to learn about some night sights and how well they play with the HK USP and why them not others. Without further ado, let’s start.

Best HK USP Night Sights – [Editor’s Choice]

1. TRUGLO TFX Pro Tritium and Fiber Optic Sight

Truglo TFX Pro is one of the most praised night sights on the market. Under the TFX lineup, Truglo released sights for a ton of handguns. This one in particular is suitable for HK USP. The one that matters.

Like all the other night sights, this one is powered by tritium fiber optics as well. You don’t need to worry about recharging or sight running out of illumination during firing. The tritium fiber is hidden inside a fully encapsulated shell. It’s virtually indestructible. Truglo really took the term built like a tank seriously.

As this sight supports the HK USP by default, you don’t need to put in much work. If you are still concerned about installing it yourself, then you could take the help from your nearest gunsmith. The tritium front sight has a bright red circle around it. That looks very cool during the night.

Together, both of the sights makes a very good combination. You can see the glowing red circle and green tritium during the night. And that helps a lot during shooting on a pitch-black condition or you just want to have a better aim during the night.

Is the notch on the back U shaped?

Yes, it’s a U-shaped notch.

What is the sight made out of?

The protection cylinder of the sight is made out of stainless steel. Very durable and long-lasting material for a night sight.

Are these difficult to install?

This can be somewhat difficult to install without a sight press. If you want to, you can take help from your local gunsmith. It won’t cost much to get them installed.

2. Trijicon Night Sight Sets for H&K Pistols

This set of night sights are specifically made for the HK USP. You will see this often; a specific set is made for a specific gun model. It won’t work with other models. With that said, what makes the Trijicon Night sight a good night sight?

Build quality is one of them. Trijicon has a lot of experience in making night sights. That clearly shows here in this night sight. From the cylinder protecting the tritium fiber stick to the overall body of the sight, everything about this sight is quite literally amazing.

As this sight was made for the HK USP, it’s quite easy to install on top of the gun. It’s a set of front sight and a back sight. The back sight has a U shape that looks quite good actually. When you use it, you will see why both of them are needed to be installed at the same time.

The tritium of the sight has white ring around it. Believe it or not, it’s not even a single bit distracting while shooting under bright sun. That makes this sight compatible of using during both night and day time. As it’s a tritium fiber stick, you don’t need to worry about recharging or changing batteries.

Is the back sight illuminated?

Both of the sights will glow in the dark similarly. So, yes, it’s illuminated.

Do you need to change tritium fiber?

There is a chances that the fiber may dim down or break down entirely. Yes, that’s possible in 5-6 or more years. But you can replace the fiber quite easily on your own or through a gunsmith.

What is the material of the sight?

The tritium fiber is protected with aluminum cylinder and the cylinder is protected by durable rubber.

3. Meprolight Heckler & Koch Tru-Dot Night Sight

Meprolight is an undisputed king when it comes to night sights for pistol. Their sights are highly praised and loved. A great part about their sight is the service Meprolight is providing. They cover you with a 12-year usable illumination warranty from purchase.

That commitment alone is enough to draw the attention of mass and get on the Meprolight train. What really makes the Mepro standout is the performance of it. Once installed, you will hit your target with more confidence and accuracy than ever before. Just the accuracy alone is enough to make it one of the best HK USP sight.

The housing of the sight is very durable as well. Your tritium fiber optics are protected by a layer of metal that will make sure the stick sits right and doesn’t break. It will also protect the tritium from drops and accidental scratches.

Where is this sight made in?

It’s made in Israel.

Is there a taller version of this?

No, unfortunately there is not.

Will these fit all calibers of USP compact?

Yes, it will fit all the calibers.

Things To Keep in Mind Before Buying

Choosing a night sight is not similar process of choosing a red dot or holographic sight. Night sights are not a complicated subject yet it’s very intriguing. While searching for the sights, make sure to keep a certain priorities in mind.

Build Quality

The protective housing of the sight needs to be good. Otherwise, you will have a very hard time trying to play around the sight and making sure it stays intact after every single shot.


A lot of cheap night sights tend to overshadow the target and hinders your sight. It makes the sight a bit hard to visualize. A bad tritium sight won’t be visible during the night at all. It’s better to take a sight that will perform well during the night.


Tritium fiber can run out. It’s not unheard of. If your company is taking care of that problem for you with a warranty, then you have no issues in spending a ton of money behind that company.


These are the sights that stood out the most for HK USP. HK USP is a great lineup of pistol that deserves nothing less. All of the mentioned sights here are tested and proven to be really good by countless users and veterans alike.

I hope you found the sight you have been looking for. After all, finding the best sight for HK USP is quite the accomplishment. Till next time.

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