Best Rear Sight For A2 Front – Reviews w/FAQs

A2 front sight is one of the most popular front sights for AR15. It’s a simple and elegant sight. That’s why even now people go back to it for that. The problem with an A2 front sight is, that it’s only a front sight. You will need to buy a rear sight compatible with the A2 sight.

That may require some extra knowledge and knowing how to look for the right products. Our job here is simple, help you find the best rear sight for A2 front sight.

Whether you have an AR15 A2 front sight or other AR front sights, we will find something for you. Without further ado, let’s jump straight into it.

Best A2 Front Rear Sights

1. UTG Super Slim Flip-up Rear Sight

UTG Flip-up rear and front sights are some of the most sold AR sights in the market. You will find tons of other reviews on the internet as well. I would be surprised if your friends don’t own one already.

Unlike many other sights that use polymer or other types of plastic to construct the sight, this one is made from CNC aluminum. Thanks to the material, it won’t catch rust ever. It’s also lightweight as well.

It’s a perfect match with an A2 front sight. You can easily use the front sight only if you want. Just push the back side down and it will stay down.

There is no lens involved. That’s why you don’t need to care about lens clarity and such things. The circle is in the dead center and it’s wide enough to locate the front sight and ultimately the target.

What is the weight of this sight?

It’s around 0.3oz. That’s extremely lightweight.

Can I use this on a shotgun?

If your shotgun has a rail for it, then yes, you can use this. Otherwise, no.

Does it hinder the optical view if you fold it down?

Once you fold it down, you won’t even notice it there. That’s why it won’t interfere with your view.

2. Marmot Flip Up Iron Sights A2 Front Sight & Rear Sight

Marmot Flip-up iron sights come with a pair. In case, if your existing A2 front sight fails, you got a backup. Or you could install this as a fresh new sight. Both works.

Marmot flip-up sights are constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum. The same kind your riflescope and riflescope rail uses. You don’t need to worry about durability at all. The Matte black anodized finish looks great on this sight as well.

The best part about this sight for me is the two modes to aim. CQB and precision mode. In precision mode, the peeping hole is much smaller than CQB. That’s for the people that are firing medium-to long range and require as precise footage as possible.

Will the rear sight work with a standard A2 front sight?

Yes, it’s a standard size sight. So, it will work with a standard A2 sight as well. I mean, you could always use the included front sight.

Will this work with an automatic pistol?

If your pistol has rail, then it will. Otherwise, it won’t.

Are they button system or manual?

There is no button to push them up or down. You need to manually push them down and manually change from CQB to precise.

3. Ozark Armament A2 Rear Sight

While the name might ring a bell about certain Netflix series, rest assured, this has nothing to do with that Ozark. The Armament Rear sight is made to be paired with the A2 front sight. As the name suggests, it’s a rear sight and not a pair.

Constructed from military-grade metal, this material is torture-tested. It’s one of the most durable metal to be used in any gun and gun-related materials. It’s also stainless steel. Won’t catch rust from water at all. Besides that, it’s also shockproof. Thanks to the pressure screws, it’s quite easy to mount.

Thanks to the standard height of this sight, it’s the perfect pair with any regular optics. It’s a great AR15 A2 rear sight for sure.

It’s one of the few iron sights that can be adjusted completely. It comes with dials for windage and elevation. You can adjust them on the fly.

What front sight can you use with this?

I don’t know what guns you are using. But if I assume you are using an AR15 here, you can easily use a regular A2 sight on the front. It won’t interfere with that at all. They will complement each other perfectly.

Will it fit on a dovetail rail?

As a dovetail rail does not feature relief cuts by default, it will not fit a dovetail rail. But with adapters you will be able to mount it on a dovetail rail.

Is there a precise peephole in this sight?

Yes, it features CQB and a precised peephole. You may use whichever you want.

4. Nelahol Flip Up Rear Sights For Low Profile A2 Front Sight

Nelahol Flip Us sight is also a combination of front and back sight. It comes with two mode to aim as well. While you may not have heard of Nelahol, they are quite well known for this flip-up sight they made. It’s affordable and well-made.

Constructed from aluminum alloy, it’s shockproof and rustproof. Aluminum alloy is a durable and lightweight material. Besides sights, that is used on many other products and tools as well. Rest assured, you are getting a durable sight with a classy warranty as well.

As I mentioned earlier, you will get both CQB and precision peephole with this sight. Both serve very different purposes and cater to different users as well. It’s better to have both options.

You can adjust the elevation of the front sight with the help of a standard tool. Unfortunately, tool is not included. You will need to bring your own.

Where is this sight made?

This sight is made in China.

Will this fit a Savage Arms Mark II .22lr?

Yes, it will fit the Mark II.

Can you use it alongside a red dot?

Unfortunately, you can’t.

5. Green Blob High Profile Front Sight with A2 Sight Post

The last A2 sight on the list is from Green Blob. I feel like they wasted an opportunity by not coloring the sight in green. But that would be too distracting I suppose. Anyway, back to the topic on hand.

Made to support Picatinny and Weaver rail, this sight is constructed from high-quality aluminum. Using a pressure screw mounting system, this is an easy-to-attach sight. You can take it off without a tool anytime you want as well. Implying you don’t screw it in.

You can adjust the elevation of the sight completely. Not a lot of front sight comes with this adjustment. While it lacks the windage setting, that’s not the end of the world. You can easily use it still.

Even though Green Blob calls it a high-profile sight, it sits quite low on the rail. By no means this is a high-profile sight.

Do you have precision on it?

No, you don’t have precision or CQB on it. It’s a standard A2 sight without any of those.

Do you get any warranty with this?

Yes, you will get a limited lifetime warranty with this sight.

How good is the quick detach screw?

When you tend to screw in and out a screw too much, it might start to lose tension. When that happens, the screw becomes loose. Thank god that’s not the case here. It’s quite durable screw that’s for sure.


If I were to name you every single A2 sight on the market, the night would end twice before I could fathom to name them all. That’s the thing, we are not supposed to talk about them all, we are supposed to talk about the very best.

And that’s what we did. These are some of the best A2 rear sights on the market. You can’t go wrong with either one of those. If you want a combo, there are plenty. If you want a rear A2 sight only, we got you covered as well.

It’s pick your poison. But here, none of them are harmful to you. All of them are good for your AR and your aim. Good luck out there.

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