Best Sight For Glock 34 – Reviews and Buying Guides w/FAQs

As fun as it is to fire a Glock, it’s not fun to find a sight for the Glock. While many universal pistol sights support Glock, you need to buy an additional plate to attach that to your gun. What if you could get a sight that supports the Glock?

Sounds intriguing, right? That’s where I come in. In this article, my goal is to find you the best sight for Glock 34. How will I do that? You have to stick to the end to find that out. Let’s start.

Best Glock 34 Sights – [Editors Choice]

1. TRUGLO TFX Pro Tritium and Fiber Optic Xtreme Sight

Truglo is one of the most popular night sight makers for pistols. They make night sights for almost every single pistol out there. TFX Pro is one of their most sold product and it’s available for Glock 34 as well. Naturally, I had to include this in the list.

It’s a well-constructed sight that will last you for a long time. The sight uses tritium fiber sticks to glow at night. During the day, they are quite bright and visible as well. You can see just how powerful they are while using the sight for the first time.

The fiber sticks are protected by steel cylinders. That protects it from drops, rain, and any natural calamities. It’s safe to say they may as well outlast your handgun. Truglo has experience in sight making and they clearly showed just how well they can make stuff with this sight here.

Does it come with a warranty?

Yes, Truglo does provide a warranty.

Where is this made?

This is made in the USA.

Will this fit a G34x?

Yes, it will.

2. XS GL-0004S-5 DXT Big Dot Tritium Night Sight

This sight from XS Sight is unique for a night sight. It comes in a package of rear and front sight. The front sight is just like any other night sight. It features a single tube of tritium fiber glow stick and it glows white during the night.

There is a white circle around it that helps you focus on your target. In other words, target lock technology. Or at least, the basis of it. The back sight has a green tritium glow stick on it. The reason is to help you focus on the front sight alone and aim better. And this sight succeeds in doing that with great accuracy.

They are great night sights for low-light encounters. As they don’t have any glare effects, you can use them during the day as well. A pure 24/7 usable night sight for your Glock. The white outline is good at removing obstruction from your vision. Giving you an edge in close-combat situations.

Where is this made?

It’s made in the USA.

Why is there Trijicon markings on them?

Because they are made by Trijicon.

Will it work on a Glock 19?

Yes, it will.

3. Glock Fixed Tru-Dot Night Sight

Meprolight is known for its relations with the military and for providing quality sights to hunters and serviceholders. They have supplied sights and scopes to countless militaries around the world. This sight here is made for various Glock models and Meprolight makes these sights for other guns as well.

Tru-Dot Night Sight is made out of metal. It’s a night sight that requires no batteries at all. It utilizes a tritium fiber glowstick to glow during the night. Around the sight, there is a white circle that helps reflect light better. This way, you can focus directly on the target itself and you don’t need to worry about getting distracted.

This sight was made for 9mm, .357 Sig, .40 S&W, and .45 GAP caliber handguns. This is a fixed set with green and front-rear sights. The tritium sticks are well protected and they illuminate by themselves. Unlike changing batteries, you don’t need to change them anytime soon.

Where is this sight made?

It’s made in Israel.

Do they provide a warranty?

Yes, they do.

Are they made out of plastic?

No, they are made out of rustproof steel.

4. Vogel Dynamics Robert World Champion Sight

Okay, that was a mouthful to pronounce that huge name. Luckily, you don’t need to remember the name of this product after buying it. That’s right, it’s one one-time install and done. A well-built sight for Glock that will last you for a long time.

The sight uses a tritium glowstick to light up during the night and provide you with a clear vision of your target. The U-shape notch at the back does not glow stick to it. This is to help you focus on the target immediately and keep your vision strictly on the target.

Less distraction and more action. If you want to use the front sight only, you can rock it that way. But the rear sight is needed for the synergy. The front glow stick is installed in a metal housing. The metal is rustproof and you won’t need to worry about using this under rain.

Can you change the glow stick?

Yes, it’s not impossible to change. You can do it if you find a similar-thickness glow stick.

What kind of metal do they use?

They used hardened steel.

Will this work on a Glock 17 Gen4?

It will.

5. AMERIGLO GL-125 Ghost Ring Green Rear Sight

Ameriglo GL-125 has to be one of the coolest-looking night sights out there. But looks don’t matter much when it comes to performance. The rear sight of the GL-125 is not like your traditional U-shape notch. Instead, it has a red dot-like look to it.

Instead of going with metal like most night sights, Ameriglo used CNC-machined steel to construct this sight. This sight comes in a pair and you need both of them installed at the same time to unleash the true potential of this combination.

It’s durable, lightweight, and extremely accurate. While the rear sight might take a few moments to get used to, it’s rewarding once you do end up learning it. Ameriglo has made sights for militaries all over the world. They are experienced in pistol sights as well. Rest assured, they are one of the best in the business.

Where is this sight made?

They are made in the USA.

Does Trijicon make Ameriglo?

Yes, Trijicon has acquired Ameriglo.

What are AmeriGlo sights made of?

They are made of Bar Stock Steels.

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How To Choose The Best Sight For Glock 34?

Choosing a Glock sight is quite troublesome. It’s just, there are so many models of Glock available, often you don’t find the right sight for the right models. That’s why, it was my attempt at helping you find some of the best sights for the Glock 34 you can buy right now.

Make sure to take a well-built sight with a good amount of warranty and you will be golden. That sight should last you for a long time to come.


Well, there you have it. Those are the best sights for Glock 34 you can buy right now. Yes, there are more than one. No, there isn’t one single best among them. All of them are great and you can choose the one that fits your budget and fills your needs. That’s all for today, hope you will be back for more soon. Till then, take care.

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