Best Sight For Bodyguard 380 – Reviews and Buying Guides w/FAQs

Do you have a bodyguard? Do you want a Bodyguard? Well, while I cannot provide you one, Smith and Wesson definitely can. Jokes aside, I’m talking about the semi-automatic pistol from S&W that goes under the name Bodyguard 380.

Today, we are on a mission to find out the best sights for Bodyguard 380. After all, we should treat our guards right. Yes, I seem to be on a comedic mood today. Anyway, let’s start.

Best Bodyguard 380 Night Sights – [Editors Choice]

1. XS Sight Systems Big Dot Tritium Express Sight Set

Now, that’s a humongous name. Don’t worry, you don’t need to remember the entire thing. And for this article’s sake we are going to call it XS night sight. This pair of night sight is a bit unconventional. What do I mean by that? Well, the front sight is a bit larger than most other night sights for pistol. It’s more visible in the dark.

The sight is made out of reinforced steel. It won’t catch rust in your lifetime, that’s guaranteed. The sight has a tritium dot at the middle of the sight. It glows in the dark. The white dot reflects light during the day and helps you locate target easier in low-light condition.

To prevent the obstruction of front sight from moving, there is an express rear sight has been bundled with the sight. Yes, they still look really unconventional together. But weirdly enough, the combination is incredible with Bodyguard 380.

Are they easy to setup?

Yes, they are fairly easy to install.

Are they metal?

Yes, steel.

Are they clearly visible during the night?

Yes, they are.

2. TRUGLO Tritium Pro Glow-in-The-Dark Night Sight

Truglo and night sights, still a better love story than twilight. Truglo has been proven to be one of the best brands in the night sight industry. They make a ton of sights for almost all known pistols you could think of. That does include the Bodyguard 380.

The pair of sights are safely tucked inside a metal housing. It’s immune to rust and extremely durable. it might as well outlast the weapon you are using this with. The accuracy of this is praiseworthy. With fast target focus, you are not missing a shot. You can immediately lock in to the target and hit the bullseye every shot.

Combining with durability and night time usability, this is easily a recommendation that has my full support behind it. In fact, if you were to buy this right now and log-off, I would call myself successful. Honestly, Truglo makes some of the best night sights and there is no way of denying that.

What color tritium do they use?

Green color tritium with orange circle.

Do Truglo provide warranty?

Yes, they provide a good amount of warranty to backup their claims.

Will this fit bodyguard?

This variant was made for bodyguard 380.

3. Laser Kit ArmaLaser TR24 Sight for Bodyguard 380

Laser sights are becoming more and more mainstream. While they are not as fancy as you see in movies, they are still looking futuristic and serves the purpose. Their point is to help you aim accurately in a great distance, and they do exactly that with great composure.

The build quality on this sight is surprisingly nice. It’s not too poorly made nor does it feel fragile. The material of choice here is polymer. The same type of material you see in the pistol you are using right now.

The color of laser here is red. Red lasers are usually better for long-term use. They consume less battery and their intensity is still quite high. You can activate the laser with a tap of your finger. While grabbing naturally, your finger will touch the sensor of the laser and activate the sight. When you take it off, it turns off.

What class laser is this?

Class 3R 635mm <5mW.

Does it come with a holster?

Yes, it does indeed.

Does it come with warranty?

Yes, it does. 5 years on the laser and 1 year on the holster.

4. ArmaLaser TR24 Laser Sight For S&W Bodyguard 380

ArmaLaser is kind of the leading brand when it comes to making laser sights for pistols. They have made sights for militaries even. While the sight is not made out of aluminum, it still is a great sight for rough weather and environment.

Durability is great and will last you for a good while as well. Using DuPont Zytel polymer was the best decision ArmaLaser could have done. It’s the same type of material you see on your handgun. The sight features a 635nm laser.

It still falls in Class 3r and has <5mW power output. That makes it legal in almost all states. The laser is adjustable and you can adjust windage and elevation when needed. The battery door has an easy access for you to change the battery on the fly.

Is it motion activated?

No, it isn’t. But it’s touch to activate.

Can you turn it on with gloves on?

No, you cannot. The sensor needs skin touch.

Where is this made in?

It’s made in USA.

5. S&W Body Guard 380 Green Tritium Front Night Sight

Most of you guys are probably aware of this brand. Their affiliation with military all over the world and their obsession to improve existing sight makes them a brand that you can put your trust blindly. This night sight here is made for the gun we are talking about today. The Bodyguard 380.

The sight features tritium fiber stick to glow during the night. As tritium is a naturally glowing material, you don’t need to worry about changing the battery of this sight. Cause there is no batteries to change. It’s a front sight that can work without any rear sight.

The tritium here is white and bright. It’s not green or red like you usually see. White is extremely bright and great for night time usage. But it can be a bit hard to get used to and make complete use of it. But once you get the hang of it, you wouldn’t want to go back.

Where is this made in?


Do they provide warranty?

Yes, they do.

Do I need to send this to Israel for warranty?

No, you don’t need to. They have service center in the states.

How To Choose The Best Sight For Bodyguard 380?

It’s only hard if you make it hard. Keeping a couple of things in mind will make your decision making much easier.

Build Quality

Sights are small and often can be fragile depending on situation. That’s harmful for our wallet as we can’t really bother to change a sight every week or two. Take a well-built sight and save headache.


Sights are supposed to make you more accurate, if they are not doing that, then don’t bother buying that.


Most of the time sights are not repairable. They are small and fragile things that needs proper equipments to fix. That’s why, you need warranty for them.


There you go, these are the best sights for Bodyguard 380 you can buy right now. All of them are the right choice. Depending on what you desire from your sight, your choice will be much easier.

Hopefully, you found the sight you have been longing for and I succeeded. That’s all for now and I will see you on the next one.

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