Best Sight For Rossi 92 – Reviews w/FAQs

Rossi 92 is a lever action short-range hunting rifle. It’s quite easy to operate. That’s why, a lot of hunters probably already owns one of this. But the iron sight of Rossi 92 is not the best. You could use a Rossi 92 rear sight.

How do you choose the right sight for Rossi 92? That’s a valid question. There are lots of things to consider before purchasing a sight. Should you go for Rossi 92 peep sights? Or regular Rossi 92 sights?

Here is my humble effort to help you choose your next sight for the Rossi.

Best Rossi 92 Sights – [Editor’s Choice]

1. Marble’s Bullseye Rear Sight w/Double Step Elevator

One of the most recommended sight for Rossi 92 is the Bullseye rear sight made by Marble. It’s essentially a modified iron sight with a crosshair. Can you even call that crosshair? I think you can.

Made from stainless steel, it’s a lightweight and great center balanced rear sight for Rossi 92. In the middle you have a circle that will help you determine the bullseye.

Usually, you don’t find this type of circles in a stock iron sight. If you are unsatisfied with your iron sight, then this can be a great addition to your gun.

It fits the gun quite snuggly and stays on place. As there is no lens involved in this sight, you don’t need to worry about lens coating or that sort of things.

Will this sight work on a Winchester 1886?

If the dovetail of the gun is the same as the original, it will fit your gun.

Is this a good Rossi 92 sight?

Wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t. There are many good sights out there. But all of them aren’t the best choice at all. A lot of them won’t even support Rossi 92. But this does and this adds a new depth to the gun. Overall, good addition.

Which one to go for Model R92 Rossi? Long or short?

It’s pretty much preference. If you have a 16, 18 I would go for short. But if you have a 24”, long is the better option.

2. HIVIZ Fiber Optic Rifle/Shotgun Rear Sight

What happens when you add in tritium night sights on a rear sight? This thing. HiViz fiber optic sight is a hybrid rear sight for Rossi 92. It works as a night sight and a target hitting sight as well.

HiViz fiber optic rear sight is durable. Tritium fibers are safely secured inside a steel cage. The holder is also made from durable stainless steel as well. Water or moisture won’t be able to destroy this sight at all.

You can easily swap out the tritium sticks any time you want. Light sticks are some of the lightest you will ever see. Hot swap features makes it really appealing. You can choose from green or red sticks as well.

Where is this sight made in?

It’s made in the USA. They got their factory in the USA as well. This is why replacement or warranty service is super-fast as well.

Will it fit on a Rossi Circuit Judge?

Yes, it will fit the judge quite easily.

Do you need to buy front sight to use this on a shot gun or Rossi 92?

You can do either. While front sight isn’t necessary, it can certainly help. But you could totally use this as Rossi 92 rear sight only.

3. Lyman 16B Folding Leaf Rear Sight .345 to .445

16B by Lyman is the most unique sight on the list here. As the title suggests, you can flip up or down this sight. When you are not feeling like using a sight, just flip it backwards and use iron sight.

Made from durable Steel, this is designed for dovetail barrel slots. Flipping mechanism is fluid as well. While it doesn’t use any spring-loaded flippers, flipping action is still crisp and clean.

Triangle on the middle of the sight helps you with your aim. While you are not in the mode of hitting some bullseyes, just flip the sight down and rock the good old iron sight.

Will this fit Rossi 92?

Rossi 92 has a dovetail barrel slot. Of course, it will fit the Rossi 92. In fact, it’s one of the best Rossi 92 sight on the list. I know it’s simple and doesn’t look good. But it performs good. That’s what matters.

How durable is this sight?

As there is no risk of this to ever catch any rust, I will say it’s pretty durable. In case something happens, you got warranty.

Will this fit lever action rifle?

Depends on the length of the dovetail. If it’s 3/8” then it will fit. That’s the standard size.


There are quite a few Rossi 92 sights available currently. As Rossi 92 features a standard dovetail, any dovetail supporting sight should fit on this rifle.

Still, choosing the right sight is no minor ask. It can determine the accuracy and your enjoyment with this rifle. While it doesn’t support any scopes, sights is the next best thing.

Grab a sight from above and go hunt till you feel satisfied.

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