Best Laser For Glock 43 – Reviews w/FAQs

G43 is a legendary Glock pistol. It uses 9 mm luger caliber. The shape and design of this pistol make it easily concealable. That’s why it’s preferred as a secondary hunting weapon. It’s also a favorite choice of security reinforcers.

The Glock 43 with a laser sight combo is well-loved by everyone. Some even believe laser with Glock 43 is the only acceptable combination.

As there are plenty of lasers available for the Glock 43, you will have a hard time keeping up with everything. This is where we come in. Let’s give our best and find the best laser for Glock 43.

Best Glock Laser 43 Sights

1. Crimson Trace LG-443 Laserguard Laser Sight

LG-443 is a bottom-fitting laser for Glock 43 and Glock 42. This thing fits on the Glock like a glove.

Made from high-quality polymer plastic, it’s durable and suitable for pistols. Pistols are also made from the same material. While it’s not waterproof, it’s rainproof. On top of that, it’s also shockproof.

Instinctive activation separates Crimson Trace from other lasers. When you grip the pistol like you are supposed to, laser will automatically get activated. The sensor is highly accurate. You can also turn off or turn on the laser with a push of a button on the laser itself.

Does it fit the G43?

It fits G42, G43, and G43x.

What is the warranty of this laser?

It comes with a 3 year warranty and Crimson Trace free battery program. You will get one battery for free each calendar year.

What is the runtime of this laser?

With a single 1/3n battery, this laser can work for 4 hours continuously. One battery is included with the laser.

2. ArmaLaser Super-Bright Green Laser Sight w/Grip Activation

ArmaLaser has tons of lasers under its belt. They make lasers for the Ruger SR9 series as well. TR5G here is made for the Glock 40 series especially.

Just like all other lasers, this one is made from polymer plastic as well. Polymer is used largely in firearms. It’s durable enough to withstand drops and tossing around. But it’s not durable enough to be submerged.

Rated for Class 3R. Maximum illumination 520nm. The power output of the laser is <5mW. Making it completely legal and usable according to laws.

The laser turns on based on a touch sensor. It’s placed underneath the portion of the trigger where your finger will touch the sensor while gripping it. Making it activate when you grip.

You can also adjust the windage and elevation of the laser with the help of a hex tool. ArmaLaser includes the tool with the package.

Color of the laser?

It comes in two colors. You can choose from red or green, keep in mind, they are different and you won’t get both green and red in the same laser.

Can you fit the laser into a holster?

ArmaLaser makes a holster that supports its laser as well. Might want to grab one of those.

Is the battery life the same on both red and green lasers?

Green laser chews through the battery faster than red laser. That’s why the laser won’t have the same battery life ever.

3. Viridian Reactor 5 Green Laser Sight

Hailing from Croatia, Viridian is another well-known company that makes lasers for almost all popular handguns. Reactor 5 is a green laser sight made for the Glock 43. Often, we get a comparison of Viridian vs Glock 43 with crimson trace laser.

What makes it unique compared to other lasers is the ECR holster. It comes with a holster with an ECR sensor. When you take out the gun from the holster, the laser is on and it stays on till you put it back in the holster again. There are no buttons or other touch sensors involved.

Thanks to the power-efficient Gen-2 technology, you will get up to 6 hours of continuous light from this laser. Keep in mind, that it’s a green light shooting laser. Usually, they consume more battery than red lasers.

Made from high-quality thermo polymer, it’s made to last. It plays well with the gun material as well. They blend in quite nicely.

Will this fit Glock 43?

I know Viridian is known to make a variety of lasers and sights, this one here is specifically made for our beloved Glock 43.

What kind of battery does this sight use?

It uses 2 CR1 or 3N lithium batteries to power up.

Is this legal?

Yes, this is completely legal and doesn’t exceed Class IIIA emission limits.

4. Crimson Trace LL-803 Laserguard Pro w/Tactical Flashlight

Another sight from Crimson Trace for the Glock 43. This time, it comes with some extras. As the name suggests, it’s a laser with a tactical flashlight built into the laser itself.

This is why it’s mostly recommended to night crawlers and security workers. Often, during night hunting sessions, you may require some extra light in close-call situations. This flashlight comes in super handy when that happens.

Just like other Crimson Trace lasers, this one is also made from Polymer. Most choose material for pistol and pistol accessories.

You will find 4 different operating modes in the LL-803. Laser + Light, Laser Only, Light Only, and Laser + Light Strobe. Keep in mind they are programmable.

How does it turn on?

It doesn’t feature any auto wake or touch sensor. It has a physical button on the laser itself underneath the gun trigger. You can turn on different modes of the laser with that single button.

What’s the difference between the ll-803 and the ll-803g?

The G in II-803G stands for green. Green lasers usually cost more than red lasers. That’s why the premium price tag on II-803g.

Will this fit on Glock 42?

While it will fit on the 42, it’s not recommended. G42 is a bit shorter than G43. That’s why it may stick out underneath the barrel. That will look like an eyesore.

5. LaserMax Centerfire Green Laser CF-G4243-C-G w/GripSense

The final laser on the list today is from LaserMax. Another good-looking laser for our Glock 43. It comes with a green laser instead of red. Making it a bit more expensive than others.

It comes with a dual activation system. Gripsense and push button. GripSense is scarily accurate and never misses. If somehow it forgets to register, you can turn on the laser with a simple push.

Thankfully, GripSense also works for both left/right-handed people and with gloves on. You don’t need to alter your grip style to make the laser work. If anything, you will always have a button that you can go back to.

The battery-changing process of this is quite easy. You don’t need any tools to change the battery. It powers up with an LMS-2x13N battery. To save battery life, there is an automatic sleep mode that turns on after 10 minutes of inactivity.

How to fix sleep mode bugging out?

If that happens, then unfortunately it can be two issues. One, it’s the battery. Two, you got a bad unit. Try swapping out the battery first, if nothing changes then try to contact customer care. They will hook you up with a replacement unit.

Is this a good Glock 43 laser?

It’s one of the best Glock 43 lasers. You can do anything you want to do with a laser. It has decent build quality, good battery life, and a water-resistant toolless battery compartment. Banger deal overall.

Will this fit in a SS80?

No, it’s made for Glock 42 and 43. Won’t fit in other guns.


Glock has been serving the community, security, law, army, hunters, etc. for years now. Over the years, they have become more accessible and better. This 9mm Luger caliber firing pistol is available in almost every state of America.

Adding a laser to this adds a new layer of depth to the gun. You can do much more than before with the gun. Why wouldn’t you want to do that?

Grab a laser from the list and see yourself in a new light. Ha-ha! I will see myself out.

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