Best Sights For CZ 75 – Optimum Optic For An Optimized Gun!

CZ 75 is a semi-automatic pistol made by Czech firearm manufacturer ČZUB. The fact that this gun was invented in 1976 and it is still running like a champ is astonishing. Yes, it went under several revisions and upgrades since then, but the heart is still the same. It’s still a CZ 75.

With over 1m+ units made (October 12, 2007), looking for a sight for CZ 75 is not unheard of. As you can guess already, there are plenty of CZ 75 sights available in the market.

The pistol even supports red dot sights. The choice is vast. Don’t worry, we are here to help you not get lost in that confusing sea. Let’s work together and find out the best sight for CZ 75 within your budget.

Best CZ 75 Compact Night Sights

1. TRUGLO TFX Tritium/ Fiber-Optic Xtreme Handgun Sight

I think we all can agree that Truglo TFX tritium sights are something else. A lot of companies make night-sights. Not all of them can make them like Truglo.

Truglo TFX for CZ 75 is constructed from two different materials. On the core of it is a fiber optics tritium glow stick. Tritium fiber is one of the most used materials to make night sights for guns. They last a long time and get extremely bright during the night. That’s what we want from a night sight.

Protecting the night sights, there is steel around the sticks. It protects the sight from damage and water. It’s stainless steel, you don’t need to worry about rust at all.

Due to the finish of the shell, concealed fiber cannot be seen by the target. That gives you a huge advantage to shoot before your target realizes.

Will this set fit the CZ 75 P01?

Yes, they will fit CZ 75 P-01 and Sp-01.

Are they made of steel?

Yes, steel is involved in the making process of these sights.

Are these sights adjustable?

Unfortunately, they are not adjustable at all.

2. TRUGLO TFX Pro Tritium/Fiber Handgun Sights for CZ 75

TFX Pro uses an upgraded set of tritium fiber with improved housing. This is the main difference between TFX and TFX Pro. There are slight design changes as well.

Just like TFX, this one uses tritium fiber as the core. Tritium glows bright green during the night. It’s bright enough to show you the target. But they are placed in such a way, that your target won’t notice them from afar.

There is an orange circle coating on the front sight. That ring helps more than you can imagine. It makes sure your u-notch is in the center and you are seeing the bullseye. That can result in far more accurate shots.

Housing is constructed from refined rust-proof metal. It will protect the glowsticks from any kind of harm’s way. Even heavy weather won’t do any harm to this pair of sight either.

Is this better than Truglo TFX?

In some regard, TFX Pro is better than TFX. The price difference is quite insignificant as well.

Does it support CZ 75 SP-01?

Yes, it will fit all CZ 75 slides. Every single one of them.

Is the front view orange?

The outer circle of the front sight is orange but the sight isn’t. It may seem the other way in pictures, but it isn’t.

3. Meprolight CZ Tru-Dot Night Sight for 75 Fixed Set

When you are making sights for the military/law and enforcement people, you need to bring out your A game. Meprolight is someone who can do that regularly. This Tru-Dot tritium night sight from Meprolight is made for CZ series pistols.

Besides being a CZ 75 sight, this one works as a CZ sp-01 sight as well. As for the build quality of this sight, it’s amazing! You wouldn’t expect sights this small to be made this well. The protection layer of the sight does the job like it’s supposed to.

Unlike other sights on the list, the tritium here is quite small. Don’t let the size fool you. It does the job like it’s supposed to. You can see what you want to see.

Where is this sight made in?

All of their sight is made in China.

Will this fit on a CZ-82 model?

Yes, it will fit the 82.

Can you adjust this sight?

No, you cannot adjust windage or elevation.

4. HIVIZ CZLW01 CZ Front Interchangeable Litewave Sight

This little front sight for CZ 75 is made by HIVIZ. A brand well known for its night sights for other handguns including Glocks. As the name suggests, it’s not a pair but only a front sight.

The skeletonized sight body is quite durable and rugged. It protects the tritium sight quite well. Despite having a bit exposed top and front, it doesn’t feel poorly made at all.

The best part of this sight is the interchangeable Lightwave glowsticks. You can purchase the glowsticks from HIVIZ and change them on your own. It comes with a tool to remove the stick and then push in the other one. Inside the package, you will receive a white and red glowstick. The green one is pre-installed.

HIVIZ sights are all made in the USA. If anything, you will get good customer service and you will get them fast as well. Warranty in optics are always important. You don’t want to handle the technicalities on your own.

Are the LITEWAVE sticks bright?

Yes, they are made out of fiber optics and tritium. They are as bright as any other tritium sights on the market.

Will it fit on a CZ 75 SP-01?

Yes, it will fit all CZ 75 models and other CZ models as well.

Is it compatible with a rear sight?

You don’t need a rear sight with this one. And I don’t believe it’s compatible with a different rear sight.

5. TRUGLO Tritium Pro Glow-in-The-Dark Night Sight

Truglo and night sight, is there a better combination out there? I don’t think so. Tritium Pro might be an older gen sight from Truglo, but it’s still kicking ass and taking names like no tomorrow. Made for hunting and tactical shooting, Tritium Glow is a sight to behold. No pun intended.

It may not look like it’s made out of anything good but it is made out of high-quality material. Once you take one on your hand and feel it around, you will immediately see how well this sight is constructed. Alloy won’t catch rust at all. You can use this in the rain as well.

Using Swiss tritium to light up the sight, requires no battery to operate. 24/7 you have a night sight at your disposal. One of the key reasons why people choose night sight over a red dot for any kind of pistol.

Will this fit on a CZ 75 compact?

Yes, they will fit on any CZ 75 pistols. Including the compact and SP-01.

Is it visible during the day?

Yes, it’s visible during any lighting condition. Pitch black dark or bright sun. You name it.

Where is this made?

It’s made in a factory in China.

6. LPA TTF Fiber Optic Adjustable Sight Set for CZ75

LPA TTF is one of the few fiber optics sights that supports adjustments. Windage and elevation adjustments in sight are always welcomed. You don’t see many night sights supporting this feature. Honestly, in night sights that’s not mandatory either.

LPA is proud to advertise it by calling it made of steel, not plastic. Is it that big of a deal? In my honest opinion, it can be. Steel is always the better option to protect the fiber from drops. It does make it a bit heavier than other sights on the list. But the difference is quite insignificant.

The tritium fiber used here is extremely bright and visible. On the rear sight, you will get a green tritium light. While the front one uses red. This combination works. And it works quite nicely. It will take some time if you are coming from green on both ends. But don’t worry, they are easy on the eye.

Where is LPA sight made?

All of LPA sights are made in an LPA factory in Italy.

Is it made out of stainless steel?

Yes, it’s constructed from high-quality rust-free stainless steel.

Is the adjustments accurate?

Yes, they are as accurate as windage and elevation need to be. You will need a coin to adjust them, so they won’t move around while you are using the sight or dropping it randomly.

7. FUSION CZ 75 Adjustable Sight Set Black Rear Red Front

Fusion Adjustable sight is a product of LPA as well. We know LPA is an Italian company and they make in-house sights. Their sights are quite well made and praised for their build quality. You are getting the same high-quality construction here as well.

Instead of polymer or rubber, LPA went with steel to make this sight. Steel does make it more durable and rugged. It’s also waterproof as well. Something that we need on a night-sight. As there is no lens involved, being fogproof has no value. But being shockproof does.

The rear sight is completely adjustable with the help of a tool. You will get additional wrenches in the package and a guide about how to adjust the sight.

The front sight has a red tritium fiber. You cannot take it out without breaking it. That’s a bummer for sure. But it’s not like you will need to change it anytime soon.

Is it usable in any weather?

Yes, the stainless steel used here is compatible to survive any weather. It won’t catch rust from rain either.

Will I get a warranty in the states?

I know these sights are made in Italy, but that doesn’t mean they will be done after selling the sight. They will still provide a service warranty anywhere. Doesn’t matter where you are buying it from.

Is changing the adjustment hard?

As it requires tools, it takes some time to get used to. Once you get the hang of it, just practice for a while and you will be a master in no time.


As you can see, there are plenty of CZ 75 sights available in the market. Most of them are night sights as well. But they are not priced the same.

Budget will play a huge role in choosing the sight for your CZ. If you can go all out, be my guest. If you can’t, don’t worry. You will still have plenty of options to choose from.

Build quality matters a lot as we established. If you prefer metal, then metal. Or else rubber/polymer. Both good. I hope got the best sight for your CZ 75 that you are looking for.

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