Best Sights For Ruger SR9 – Reviews w/FAQs

The Ruger SR series is a lineup of semi-automatic pistols made by Sturm, Ruger & Company. It’s one of the thinnest pistols on the market according to Ruger. SR9 and SR9c are known to fire 9×19mm Parabellum. It’s also one of the largest pistol caliber used by hunters and security enforcers.

This pistol is scarily accurate. There is no denying that fact. But to use it as a daily driver and improve the accuracy more, you will need the help of a sight. It can be a night sight, a red dot, or a laser sight. But how do you find the best sight for Ruger SR9? What makes that sight the best?

Do you need to spend a lot to find the best scope? Or any night sight can work as a Ruger SR9 sight? Let’s find out.

Best Ruger SR9 Sights

1. TRUGLO TFX Tritium and Fiber-Optic Xtreme Handgun Sights for Ruger Pistols

TFX is a known tritium night sight maker. They make night sight for almost all kinds of pistols. As the title suggests, this one is specifically made for Ruger pistols. That includes Ruger SR9 and SR9c.

Night-sights are made out of aluminum/rubber and tritium fiber optics. Here, the tritium stick is covered by a durable aluminum cylinder. Around that cylinder, you have a rubber armor coating that protects the cylinder and the tritium stick.

It comes in a set of two. Backsight and front sight. You will need to install both of them to make the best out of the sight.

Night sights are known to be more accurate than iron sights. As they don’t have any adjustments, you will be eyeballing it entirely.

What color tritium does this sight have?

It has green color tritium in both rear and front.

Are they adjustable?

Their windage is adjustable to some degree but elevation is not adjustable at all.

Truglo TFX vs TFX Pro?

Pro offers more improvements in shell and overall design, otherwise, both of the night sights are amazing for day or nighttime usage.

2. Ade Advanced Optics Mini RD3-006x Green Dot Reflex Sight

Reflex sights are mostly known to be used as canted sight or on top of rifles. A lot of reflex sights are also usable on pistols. RD3-006x by Ade Advanced is one of those reflex sights that can be installed on top of pistols.

RD3 is made out of aluminum with a single-lens design. In the lens, there is a green dot instead of typical red. Green is a good color to work under heavy sunlight as well. Besides being shockproof, this sight is also fogproof. While it can resist rain, it’s not waterproof. I wouldn’t go around and submerge it.

You will find 5 illumination settings present on the sight. There is also a function to hold zero. As the sight is shockproof, you don’t need to worry about losing zero.

This is what peak SR9C sights look like. It’s durable, affordable, and performs incredibly well.

Will this support on a Security 9 by Ruger?

No, it won’t. Security 9 by Ruger is a completely different pistol. Security 9 and SR9 have no similarities whatsoever.

What kind of battery do you need for this sight?

It requires a CR2032 battery to operate. That’s why it’s so lightweight.

Does the plate have a channel for LCI?

Yes, it features an LCI channel.

3. Trijicon Ruger SR9 HD Orange Front Outline Night Sight Set

Trijicon makes night sight for almost all sorts of pistols. To no one’s surprise, Trijicon also made sight for SR9 and SR9c.

Trijicon Ruger is a night sight with photoluminescent paint aids that glow in the dark. They are quite different from than tritium fiber that Truglo uses. Instead of tritium fiber, Trijicon uses tritium phosphorus sticks.

Glow sticks are protected by aluminum cylinders. Cylinders are safely secured inside a rubber housing. Rubber housing is the go-to choice for night sights. They are durable, scratch-resistant to some degree, and waterproof.

Will this fit on Ruger SR45?

They are not made for Ruger SR45. If they were to fit on Ruger SR45, Trijicon would have mentioned that in their support list.

4. Crimson Trace LG-449 Laserguard Red Laser Sight for Ruger SR9c Pistols

The first laser sight on the list. Made by none other than Crimson Trace. This is one of the few laser sights that fits on the SR9c like a glove. After all, it was made for that gun.

This laser sight comes with an adjustable brightness setting. It features a 5mW peak, 620-670nm, Class 3R visible red laser. It has the brightest laser beam allowed by law. You won’t have police on your butt just yet.

You don’t require any gunsmithing or frame modification to install this sight on the SR9c. That’s quite good to know.

Constructed from hard polymer, it’s both durable and rugged. Front activation is made from a rubber mold.

What is the power input of this sight?

The output of the sight is <5mW power. Quite power efficient.

Does it come with a battery?

Yes, there is a battery included with the sight. And that battery will last you a couple of years or so.

Will this fit SRC40C?

Yes, it will fit SR 40C as well.

What size of wrench do you need to install it in your gun?

It comes with the required wrench. You don’t need any extra tools.

5. ArmaLaser Designed to fit Ruger SR9c SR40c GTO Green Laser Sight

ArmaLaser FLX45 is a laser sight made for SR9 and SR9c. It is also known as a Ruger SR9c night sight. It’s one of the few Ruger SR9c sights that supports the SR40c as well. Talk about versatility.

FLX45 features an extremely bright 520nm green laser light. It comes with a grip activation system. You can turn on the laser by simply grabbing the gun. Useful and battery-saving feature.

It comes with a custom-made sensor to fit on SR9c and SR40c.

Instead of using aluminum or other heavy metallic material to make the housing, ArmaLaser opted for DuPont Zytel. A durable polymer material that is also used to make pistols.

Is this legal?

As it doesn’t cross the <5mW power output limit, it doesn’t break the Class IIIA emission limit rule. That means it’s completely legal.

Where is ArmaLaser made?

HQ of ArmaLaser is in Florida, USA. You will get the best after-sales service and warranty from them.

Can you control windage on this sight?

You can easily adjust the windage and elevation of the sight with the included tools.


As you can see, there are tons of sights available for Ruger SR9 and SR9c. All of them provide a decent value and one may be better than the others.

The final decision will be based on what kind of sight are you looking for. Are you looking for a simple night sight? Or are you looking for a reflex sight? May I interest you in laser sights?

You see, they are preferences. What makes the best Ruger SR9 sight is your preference. You can choose any sights on the list and enjoy hunting like never before.

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