Best Night Sight For Springfield XDM – Reviews & Buying Guide

Why should the fun stop during the night? If you want to spice up your hunting during the night and don’t want to stop, you will need night sight to help in your quest. We are not nocturnal animals; our eyes can’t see anything in pitch black dark.

Upgrading your daily driver is always fun. And there are tons of XDM-recommended upgrades that you should provide your Springfield with. Night sight is one of them and I highly recommend getting a good night sight for your Springfield. Let’s get to know some sights and get this party started.

Quick Summary

Don’t have enough time? Here are some of the best sights for Springfield XD-M

Best Overall: TRUGLO Tritium Pro Glow-in-The-Dark Handgun Night Sights for Springfield XDM

Besides some minor inconvenience, this sight is almost too perfect for our XDM.

Most Versatile: Trijicon Night Sights For Springfield Armory

Trijicon supports all of the guns under the XD series made by Springfield. Without a doubt, they are the most versatile sights out there.

Best Night Sight For Springfield XDM – Our Top List!

1. TRUGLO Tritium Pro Glow-in-The-Dark Handgun Sight


Truglo Tritium Pro is one of the best hand-gun sights available in the market. It tops the list without any doubts. It’s small, lightweight, and relatively easy to use.

Springfield XDM is a handgun that will benefit a lot from a sight that doesn’t need a stiff learning curve and can be used from the get-go.

(+) Extremely Bright

I was surprised by how well this is visible during the light. You wouldn’t expect this much visibility from a small sight. But it’s reality and I am all up for it.

(+) Does Not Require A Battery

If you needed a battery on this small sight, it would increase the weight of the sight by a lot. Thankfully, you don’t need a single battery to run this sight. It will show you a white dot in daylight and a green dot during the night. That’s super neat.

(+) Compact Lightweight Design

The design idea behind this was quite ingenious. It’s lightweight and compact. and easy to mount. Everything you could want in a sight for XDM.

(-) Keep That In Mind

It doesn’t sit completely straight with the rail. That small gap on the rail will make you miss shots if you are a competitive shooter. But for a casual shooter like most of us, it won’t matter not a single bit.

2. Trijicon Night Sight Sets For Springfield Pistols


The options for Springfield XDM night sights can be too much at times. When brands like Trijicon dedicate an entire line of sight for one armory, you know they mean business.

(+) Compatible With A Lot Of Springfield Guns

Besides the XDM, Trijicon night sights are compatible with a lot of other Springfield guns. If you upgrade or change the gun from XDM down the line, you can still keep the sight to use it with your new Springfield.

I know the struggle of finding night sights for XDS and how hard is to find good XDS 9mm sights. The struggle was real and thanks to Trijicon, that is now toned down a lot.

(+) Highly Visible During Both Day And Night Time

I know these sights are supposed to be visible during the night time, but we can’t neglect the daylight performance either. Thankfully Trijicon night sight performs well under both sun and moonlight. It gets bright and the dot is quite visible in a pitch-black environment.

(-) Keep That In Mind

The bottom housing doesn’t sit flush with the rail. That can cause uneven targeting. It’s a bummer for competitive shooters.

3. LaserTac TM Rechargeable Laser Sight For Springfield


LaserTac TM-G stays true to the name LaserTac. It uses laser technology to help you aim better at night. Most Gen-1 night vision riflescopes use laser light technology as well. But we can’t fit a night vision riflescope on a handgun. LaserTac TM-G might be the next best thing.

(+) Built-In Rechargeable Battery

Unlike the Truglo sight, this one isn’t battery-free. There is a built-in battery that you can recharge to squeeze out more performance. You will receive a micro-USB cable inside the package to charge the sight. As it’s super easy to mount and remove from the gun, it’s not an issue to charge this after a couple of nights of use.

(+) Laser Technology

Instead of using a glowing red/green dot to show you better at night, this one uses laser light that points to the target. Thus, helping you shoot more accurately during the night.

(+) Fully Adjustable

Elevation and windage are fully adjustable with screws on this one. By tightening or loosening the screws, you can adjust the windage and elevation of the laser light. It also has an ON/OFF button. Turn off the sight while not using. It will save battery.

(-) Keep That In Mind

The nut that allows you to tighten the mount on the gun rail is quite flimsy. Often it comes unscrewed from gun recoil. That can be annoying at times.

4. HIVIZ XD2014 Springfield Armory Front Handgun Sight


All the sight we featured so far sits on the back rail of the gun. This one is an interchangeable sight that you can use on any Springfield XD series gun, and sits on the front of the gun.

(+) Compact

It’s quite small and compact. To the point where it would be not visible if it was any smaller. Good thing it’s not invisible.

(+) Several Light Style Options

Depending on what color and style you want on your light bar, HIVIZ offers light bars as extras. You can buy them from HIVIZ directly. The stock one is green. I understand if green is not your thing.

(+) Compatible

It’s compatible with any XD series gun made by Springfield. If you are looking for XDS/XDM or any 45mm XD series sights, you don’t need to look further. It’s a good thing Springfield shared the original measurement with HIVIZ to help them make the most compatible sight out there.

(-) Keep That In Mind

Some people complained about the service of HIVIZ. But over the years, they improved their service by a lot.

5. XS Sights F8 Night Sight for Springfield Pistols


XS F8 supports the Sig P series and Springfield XD series. It’s a versatile sight that performs well under low-light as well.

(+) Easy To Mount

It uses improved mounting and a new improved sight ledge. It sits on the gun flushed and there is no gap to interfere while shooting.

(+) Made In USA And 10 Years Warranty

Made in the USA alone is enough to convince most of you. If you end up needing a warranty, you don’t need to send it too far and wait for months for the company to get back to you. This can be a blessing to most of us.

(-) Keep That In Mind

There were some QC issues in the earlier unit. But over time, they fixed those issues and now it’s quite good performing. If you are buying it used, make sure it’s not from the QC issue batch.

6. AmeriGlo Classic Springfield Pistol Sight Set


I know a lot of you guys are here for XDS and other XD models from Springfield as well. AmeriGlo Classic supports any of those mentioned series from Springfield.

(+) Tritium Illumination

Tritium illumination carries good illumination during the day and night. Without causing any issues, you can shoot to your heart’s content in any light condition.

(+) Same Color Front And Back Dots

Both front and back dots use green as their only color of illumination. Green is the most used color in night vision sights. And many animals show neutral behavior against green in the night as well. It makes sense to use a green dot.

(-) Keep That In Mind

There has been some complaints about the brightness dimming down over time. But AmeriGlo said they have taken care of it and the newer batch doesn’t suffer from it.

7. Ade RD3 Delta Red Dot Reflex Sight For Springfields


Okay, that’s a mouth full name. Let’s not try to pronounce it quickly. But does the sight perform like the name? Let’s point it out!

(+) Fits Perfectly With XDM

This sight was made for the new Springfield XDM OSP. It doesn’t support other XD series and XDS by Springfield. It’s a shame cause this sight is super good performing.

(+) Customizable

It’s highly customizable with all the screws present in this sight. You can easily tune in the windage and elevation. Not all sight provide that, as they are too small for micro-adjustments. Thankfully, that’s not the case here.

(+) Waterproof

This sight is completely waterproof. You can submerge it under water for over 4 minutes. Rainy day got nothing on this sight.

(-) Keep That In Mind

This sight doesn’t support other guns from Springfield. While I know it would be better if the XD and XDS series got support from this sight, sadly that’s not possible here.

How To Choose A Night Sight For Springfield XDM?

While choosing the night sight for your XDM, you should keep some stuff in mind.

Weight: XDM is a handgun. When choosing a riflescope, you don’t need to worry too much about the scope weight. It can be a bit heavy and you can still work with it. Night sight sits either on the rear or front end of the gun. That’s why having a lightweight sight won’t hinder the weight balance.

Visibility: It should be visible during both night and day. You just cannot remove it during the day and use it during the night. I mean you can, but that’s not convenient.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are XDM Upgrades Worth It?

A lot of shooters believe that you don’t need to upgrade your guns and treat them with sweet stuff to unlock the best performance. When in reality, an upgrade like sight goes a long way for a handgun. Night sight can be a game changer for the people who work in security firms.

Do Night Sights Work?

I know you might be wondering whether night sights are a gimmick or not. Trust me, a lot of us thought that way too. Once you have a taste of night-sights, there is no going back from there. Shooting during the night has an incredible feeling that only night sights can help you achieve.

Final Words

Using sight improves the performance of guns and shooters a lot. As much as you like to go John Wick mode and use the iron sight only, give night sight a chance to blow you away.

Choosing them will be a tough ask. That’s why I tried to make it a bit easier for you. I know there is still quite a bit to choose from. But I think you can make that choice after reading the entire thing!

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