Best Laser Sight For Ruger LCP – Reviews w/FAQs

Ruger LCP is a compact, lightweight, and automatic firing pistol. Using a laser sight with this improves the performance of this gun by a lot. Lasers are scarily accurate and they come in handy while hunting or self defense as well.

Not knowing how to choose the right one can be a bit bothersome. To tackle that issue, we have decided to help you guys choose the best laser sight for Ruger LCP. We will also try to help you how to choose the right one and why that’s the right one for your pistol.

Without further ado, let’s jump straight into it.

Best Ruger LCP Laser Sights

1. LaserMax CenterFire Laser (Red) CF-LCP For Ruger LCP

LaserMax is one of the most well-known laser sight makers in the market. They are known to make laser for almost every type of pistol you could find on the market. But this one is a laser sight for Ruger LCP only.

This laser is constructed from high quality polymer. The same type of material that is also used in pistols. Rest assure, it’s as durable as a laser sight can be.
As it’s made for the LCP, it fits under the LCP perfectly. There is no fitment issue whatsoever.

Instead of sensors to turn on or off the laser, it uses a single push button to turn on the laser. Thanks to the ambidextrous design, you can grip the gun with any hand and still press the button to turn on the laser.

Is this legal?

Under the Class IIIA laser regulation, it is completely legal. It uses <5mW power output.

What is the warranty of this laser sight?

It comes with 5 years warranty from LaserMax.

Is the battery life of this laser any good?

To prevent battery from dying early, it has an automatic 10 minutes timer built-in. If you leave the gun with laser on for 10 minutes, it will turn off the light. Preventing battery drain and providing excellent battery life in return.

2. Viridian Essential Red Ruger LCP Laser Sight

Viridian weapon technologies has been making quality weapon related equipment for a long time now. Essential Red laser sight is a series of laser sight made by Viridian. Under this listing they have several laser sights for many different pistols.

This one is made for Ruger LCP. Housing of the laser is constructed from high quality polymer. Polymer is a frequently used item to make pistols. It’s durable and water resistant to some degree. It’s not completely waterproof. A little bit of rain won’t do anything to it either.

It uses a red laser instead of green. Green laser tends to be more expensive and also power hungry. That’s why most of the time cheaper laser sights sticks with red laser. There is nothing wrong with red laser. In fact, people prefers this more as we are used to red lasers already.

This laser comes with fully adjustable windage and elevation. A huge plus point for the sight.

Does it come with holster?

This laser sight won’t come with a holster. But you can use the pocket holster that comes with a LCP from Ruger. This laser doesn’t interfere with that.

Will this fit on a Glock?

Not this exact variant. But there is a variant available for Glock.

How long is the warranty?

Viridian provides a whopping 7 years warranty!

3. Laserpro Laser Kit For Ruger LCP II w/ Tactical Holster

This laser kit is a full crew. It comes with laser, replacement batteries, and a holster for your gun. Included holster supports the laser without any issues.

Just like all the other laser on the list, it is also made from high quality plastic. It’s durable enough to withstand heat of sun and other artificial heat sources. While it’s rain proof, it won’t survive under water.

This is powered by a sensor system. Sensor placement is good for both left and right-handed usage. This laser sight fits directly on the trigger guard. Your middle finger will always touch the sensor of the laser sight no matter what. Making it quite easy to activate immediately.

Will this fit on an LCP Max 380?

Yes, it will.

Is the holster for right-handed only?

It’s an ambidextrous holster. You can remove the strap and install them anyway you want.

Is holster a must for this?

Using the holster isn’t a must. But it’s an effective way of protecting the gun and laser from unwanted harm.

4. ArmaLaser Ruger LCP II TR12 Red Laser Sight

TR12 is one of the most suggested red laser sight for LCP and LCP II. There are too many LCP2 lasers available in the market. Choices can be overwhelming. Despite that, it’s one of the most suggest Ruger LCP 2 laser. Why is that?

It’s made out of durable polymer material. It mounts underneath the gun and acts as a trigger guard as well. It’s water resistant to some degree as well. While it’s not durable enough to withstand under water, it can hold on its own against some rain.

Touch sensor of the sight is placed right under the trigger guard. Your fingers will touch the sensor every time you grab the gun with the correct grip. Doesn’t matter which hand you are using to grip the gun.

It’s designed and constructed in Florida, USA. You will get the best possible warranty and service for that. ArmaLaser has a reputation to hold as well.

Is this laser sight legal?

It runs with <5mW power output. Making it completely legal according to law.

Is the touch sensor accurate?

It is highly effective and accurate. It will get activated the moment your finger touches it.

Will this fit in Ruger LCP max?

Unfortunately, this won’t fit the LCP Max.

5. Crimson Trace DS-122 Defender Red Laser Sight

DS-122 by Crimson Trace is a bright laser light sight for LCP. An extremely bright red laser sight that won’t break your bank. Talk about getting two rare items in one roll. Jokes aside, this is truly a wonderful little sight.

Made from durable plastic material, this sight fits snugly on a Ruger LCP. It has a decently protected housing to prevent water from going inside the laser. Due to that, it performs fairly well under rain. I highly suggest you to not use it under rain always.

Instead of using sensors to turn on the light, Crimson Trace added buttons to activate the laser. The laser will light up immediately after gripping the gun. This is what makes DS-122 stand out from other laser sights. Instead of touch sensor, this laser sight can be triggered easily just by gripping the gun.

Is this a good LCP2 laser?

No, it isn’t. Because it won’t support LCP ii. It’s made for first gene LCP only.

What is the warranty of this sight?

You will get a 1-year warranty with this sight. That covers replacement or repair.

Is the laser button ambidextrous?

Yes, the laser can be activated from either side.

6. LaseMax CenterFire Laser/ Light Combo w/GripSense

CenterFire LC9 is a high-end green laser sight made for the LCP. Packed with tons of feature, this sight is worth every penny you are paying behind this.

Grip Sense is one of the best technology to exist in any laser sights. It can detect both hands with gloves on. You can easily turn on this sight just by gripping it. How cool is that?

Constructed from high quality polymer, this thing is as durable as a laser sight can get. It’s the same type of material that pistol and pistol handle uses. Tool-less battery changing on the exterior compartment is another revolutionary part of the sight as well. You can easily swap out cells when it runs out of juice.

There is a 10minute timer set in the sight that prevents the sight from draining battery. It will immediately turn off the laser once it detects no usage for 10 minutes.

Can you control the sight with buttons?

Yes, it comes with both grip sense and a physical button to turn on or off the laser.

Is this sight legal?

It passes the Class IIIR laser regulation. It has a power output of <5mW. Making it legal in all of America.

Will this fit Ruger LCP 2?

No, it won’t fit the LCP 2. You can get plenty of other LCP 2 sights.


As you can see, this was quite big of a list. We got all sort of futuristic technology and traditional buttons as well. Their cost varies from sight to sight as well.

All of them won’t fit everyone’s budget. They won’t satisfy everyone’s need either. That’s why I tried to keep variety to satisfy as many as possible. I’m sure you will find something satisfactory from the list. Stick with the one you are liking the most.

Happy hunting.

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