Steiner GS3 Review: A to Z Information for The Shooting Enthusiasts

Once a group of my friends was having a campfire discussion on the importance of having good scopes. One of my friends was sharing his problem of having less clarity and resolution of his scope. He was agitated because he could not separate his quarry from the leafy surroundings.

Then, I along with all my other friends suggested instantly the Steiner GS3 Riflescope from Steiner Optics for its clear vision, color-adjusted transmission lens coatings, 5x zoom range, bedrock reliability, and so on.

And I guess all of you, the novices out there(!) want to know more about these blessings. So, let’s go through the Steiner gs3 review for more information. 

Some Notable Points

  • This scope is versatile enough for prairie dogs, big game, or the bean field.
  • You can rely on the scope for its unfailing performance.
  • Since the scope has weather resistance, you can use it in any condition.
  • As the glass is clear with better transmission, you can target your prey easily.
  • The scope permits you to shoot from 30 to 450 yards in a matter of seconds
  • It has long eye relief and wide FOV.
  • This scope is quite user-friendly at a great price.
  • It’s built like a tank.
  • It has got adjustable illumination and oversized knobs.

Steiner Gs3 is Reliable

The Steiner optics has become an optical icon from a hand scrabble start-up. They are offering flawless binoculars and rifle scopes by their innovation and diehard enthusiasts in every section. In 1947, Karl Steiner founded a one-man workshop in Germany.

And now Steiner’s superior German optics are available in 65 countries. Again, the procedure of manufacturing lenses, the coatings, prisms, inspection, testing, and approval – altogether around 460 steps are there before serving world-class lenses.

So, I guess by going through this Steiner gs3 review, you want to have an experience with Steiner optics. Steiner Gs3 has 4 Models & Their features are quite similar to one another but we can figure out some dissimilarities. Here goes –

Steiner Gs3 2-10X42: Outlooks

Steiner GS3 2-10x42

Specifications | Magnification: 2 – 10x; Objective Lens: 40 mm; Eye Relief: 4.3 – 5.5 Inches; Exit Pupil: 12 – 4.2 mm; Linear FOV @100 yds: 52 – 10.5 ft; Focus Range: 328 ft; Elevation/Windage: 70 MOA.

The GS3 2-10×42 has two models named 5004 and 5009. The former one has 2-10x magnification, the 52.0-10.5 field of view at 100 yds, and the Steiner Plex S1 reticle. The latter one has the same magnification and field of view as the Steiner 4A reticle.

Steiner Gs3 3-15X50: Outlooks

Steiner GS3 3-15x50

Specifications | Magnification: 3 – 15x; Objective Lens: 50 mm; Eye Relief: 3.5 – 4.3 Inches; Exit Pupil: 11 – 3.5 mm; Linear FOV @100 yds: 36 – 7.5 ft; Focus Range: 328 ft; Elevation/Windage: 70 MOA.

This style has two items. One is a 5005 model with 3-15x magnification, Steiner Plex S1 reticle, and 36.0 – 7.5 field of view at 100 yds. The other one is a 5010 model with the same magnification and field of view but generally, has the 4A reticle.

Steiner Gs3 4-20X50: Outlooks

Steiner GS3 4-20x50

Specifications | Magnification: 4 – 20x; Objective Lens: 50 mm; Eye Relief: 3.5 – 4.3 Inches; Exit Pupil: 11 – 2.5 mm; Linear FOV @100 yds: 25.8 – 5.5 ft; Focus Range: 164 ft to infinity; Elevation/Windage: 64/48 MOA.

Last but not least, this category has three items. Firstly, the 5007 model has 4-20x magnification, Steiner Plex S7 reticle, and 25.8-5.5 field of view at 100 yds.

Secondly, the 5008 model has the same magnification and field of view as the Steiner Plex S1 reticle. Then, the 5012 model has alike features but the reticle is Steiner 4A.

5x Zoom Range

The 5x Zoom range can render sharp resolution at long distances. Thus, you don’t have to worry about how far your target is. You can get the accurate shooting in wide-open areas. So, now get your favorite centerfire, rimfire, or muzzleloader rifle and pair them with this fabulous scope to facilitate long-range shooting.

CAT ™ Color Adjusted Transmission

Moreover, CAT is a lens coat that is renowned as a game-sensing feature which makes it easier to spot games in any environment. 

Once I watched an ox cross a field in the evening through it before I mounted it on a rifle and the contrast was up to the mark. So, this feature has made it worth it.

This one is the most lucrative feature of the heaps of features. This has made Steiner’s scopes stand out from others. CAT magnifies contrast to visually separate our prey from its surroundings that are either leafy or shadow-dappled.

Steiner S1 Reticles

The S1/S7 reticle assists you in fixing holdover for distance and compensating for wind & bullet-drop reticle which is not overly complicated or cluttering the sight window.

So, from the Steiner gs3 review, we get that the Steiner gs3 2-10×42, 4-20×50, or 3-15×56 scope is an excellent scope with S1 reticle.

A4 Reticle

Furthermore, there is another type of reticle. This is an A4 reticle that sits in the second focal plane and gives a simple, uncluttered aiming tool. So, the various models of Steiner scope have both stout and compact designs actually, don’t they?

Short Mounting Length

When we look at the chart, we can see that this scope bears just 5.4 inches short mounting length which is compatible with lightweight mountain rifles, muzzleloaders, or firearms.

So, the adjustments are so accurate that you will fall in love with this tiny masterpiece.

Built-In System

This scope is going up with flying colors for its robustness and supreme construction. For durability, this scope is made of solid aluminum without any welds and seams.

Waterproof/ Fogproof

This 13.5-inch and 18-ounce scope is filled with lots of captivating aspects. The rugged tube is filled with nitrogen to set off its unwavering and all-weather performance. So, count on this beast for your memorable journey in any cold and wet condition.

Windage & Elevation Range

The capped turrets provide 48 MOA of windage adjustment. Again, the elevation adjustment is quite 64 MOA. So, the maximum range is 70 MOA with ¼ MOA per click which offers precise adjustment for wind and trajectory.

Heritage Warranty

The company has gained confidence by producing and offering a huge amount of scopes to armed forces all around the world. The company always keeps an eye on high-quality manufacture and customer satisfaction.

So, its heritage warranty ensures the commitment, repair, or replacement of any equipment without any cost. You will get new components without any warranty card.

Other Features

So, if we take a glance at the chart, we can find more spectacular aspects – field of view, parallax correction, eye relief, objective lens diameter, exit pupil diameter, battery type, country of origin, exterior finish, etc.

Choose Your Scope Wisely

The Steiner 2-10×42 & 4-20×50 riflescope is a member of a new GS3 series from the eminent binoculars manufacturer Steiner Optics from Germany. I guess professional shooters are looking for a rough and tough scope for hunting in all terrains.

So, this game-sensing riflescope would be a great choice for its features with a compact package. This 30 mm aircraft-grade aluminum tube is there for the unflinching performance.

In addition, this premium optics comes with several reticle options situated in a second focal plane. Life is too short to not use the best glass you can on an accurate rifle. So, choose your scope wisely.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q1. What does the term MOA or minute of angle mean?

In this Steiner gs3 review, we explore that “An MOA is 1/60th of a degree or it is about 1 inch at 100 yards. This is used as a standard unit and easily measured. So, if the adjustment is 60 MOA, your scope will move a single degree on a circle.

Q2. Why are the scope adjustments always called windage & elevation?

Actually, these terms are like ancestors. They have been used in the past and have become the standard. The adjustments are actually horizontal and vertical. Currently, these terms are – adjust the reticle left or right to compensate for the wide and adjust the elevation knob by elevating your bore in relation to the optical sight.

Q3. What is parallax?

This sounds tough but actually, it is not. It is the shift of the reticle to your eye or apparent reticle movement. It happens if there is an improper alignment of the scope with the eye. Too much distance between your eye and the ocular lens can cause parallax. So, move your head back and forth and you will find a place of parallax free.

Q4. What size objective lens do I need for my rifle scope?

There is no exact answer to this question. The main thing you need to keep in mind is that the objective lens should be matched to the magnification of a scope.

Steiner Gs3 Review Summary

In summary, I would like to say that, “you can conquer your prey & brag your success by using this scope.”

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