Best Light For Springfield Hellcat – Reviews and Buying Guide w/FAQs

With a compatible efficient light, you get an uninterrupted experience with your Springfield Hellcat. People use Springfield Hellcat for its high-class capacity magazines of 11+1 and 13+1. The adaptive grip texture and high visibility sights also make it perfect for everyday use.

To ensure you have the best lights for your Springfield Hellcat handgun, you need to look for the best Hellcat laser light and flashlight or a combination of them, you can find in the market right now.

With different skill sets and facilities, here are some best weapon lights and laser options for Springfield Hellcat firearms. So what are you waiting for? Let’s look at all the reviews and buying guides so that you can grab the best one for yourself.

Top 5 Best Springfield Hellcat Light – [Editor’s Pick]

1. OLIGHT Baldr Mini 600 Lumens Weaponlight

Olight Baldr Mini presents a great deal with its 600 lumens bright laser light combo for your Springfield Hellcat. It comes with a green beam laser setting with a white LED flashlight. You can use either of the options or both at the same time to get a precise aim.

This laser light also comes in a compact rail mount and has an adjustable rail. So you can move the rail front and back to adjust it with your firearm. This specific feature makes it compatible with Hellcat.

The lithium polymer battery is permanently fitted into the product, hence, it is non-removable. However, you can easily recharge it using the magnetic charging port. The combination of green beam and white light gives a light throw of 130 meters. Therefore, it is a good fit for a longer shooting range.

Another important feature of this product is the dual rear switches on each side. It gives you the freedom to activate constant and momentary-on functions with either hand. You can also use both green laser and white light at the same time or switch any one of them.

Can the green laser be seen in the daylight?

Yes, the green laser can also be used in the daylight without facing any problem. It is possible because of the high brightness output of the light.

How long does the battery last?

The battery life is variable to the usage of both lights. If you are using 600 to 100 lumens of brightness then the battery life will be 1min+2mins+27mins with both the light and laser on. It will be 37 mins if you only keep the white light on. Also, with only the green laser on, the runtime will be up to 2.5 hours.

How can the lights be turned off?

If you depress any of the toggles on either side and then release it, you can easily turn the lights off. But it can seem a bit difficult, so you can also look up videos that demonstrate the process in simple steps.

2. Streamlight 69287 TLR-6 Tactical Pistol Mount Flashlight

This product is a combination of a flashlight and a red aiming laser. So if you are looking for a good hellcat laser light combo option, this product is a perfect match. It is specifically made for Springfield Hellcat handguns. Therefore, you can rest assured that it will work.

With 100 lumens of brightness output and 89 meters beam distance, Streamlight is claiming a strong position in the market of sights and lights. This product is brilliant if you are going on a long-range hunting trip with your Hellcat.

What makes it even better is the windage and elevation adjustment screws you can find in the bushings. It will offer a long life and dependable zero retention of the red laser. This red laser is also perfect to use in low-light or dark settings.

The ambidextrous push button activates the cycle modes of both laser and light. It also lets both left and right-handed shooters easily start up the streamlight.

Does the unit extend past the barrel of Hellcat?

It extends very slightly past the barrel of the Hellcat pistols which is only ⅙” to ⅛”. So, it is barely noticeable.

What is the runtime of this product?

The runtime of this product depends on the activation of both light and laser. If you want to use both the laser and light at the same time then it will last you for an hour. But with only the laser on the streamlight runs up to 11 hours.

Does the light need to be zeroed everytime it is remounted?

It is best to check to confirm zero after remounting the product each time. The laser can be off zero because you create slight tension every time you remove and remount the light. Thus, it is better to be sure.

3. SureFire XSC Micro-Compact Handgun Light

To get the best experience possible with your Springfield Hellcat, SureFire has made sure you get the premium LED light with single output XSC. It projects 350 lumens of brightness and a parabolic reflection to give you the perfect sight for your target.

You can easily use the bright central light for medium to short-range hunting. The rechargeable lithium polymer battery is quickly removable. You can swap the batteries without removing the XSC from the pistol, keeping it hassle-free.

SureFire has also added battery battery-mounted fuel gauge feature to this product. It helps you to keep the charge status in check so you never run the risk of ending up with a dead battery. This light also comes with a charging cradle with two bays. Hence, you can charge two batteries at once.

Lastly, you can turn on both constant and momentary-on with a single press on the switch. This ensures the activation without any hassle and stress.

What is included in the package?

The package with this product comes with the light itself along with a battery pack, charger, and cable.

How much battery life does the product offer?

The battery in the product is rechargeable and you can use the light for 30 minutes continuously.

What is the water resistance rating of the light?

The light is IPX7 rated which means it can be under 1 meter of water for 30 minutes straight without being damaged. So, it is pretty durable.

4. Ade Advanced HG55-1 Green Laser + Flashlight

This combo of flashlight and laser light has the biggest flex with its class 3R green beam, the biggest laser allowed by the law. It ensures the perfect sight for its users. It gives less than 5mW of output and fits perfectly with your Hellcat.

The green laser beam comes with a 535 nm wavelength. The flashlight has 250 lumens of brightness output and 3200 Candela peak beam intensity. This feature will give your Hellcat the support it needs for longer-range shootings.

The product has a Pat Pending mounting design. This system provides two spring-loaded pillars so you can easily push the rail slot to ensure zero movement.

This sight also comes with left and right side switches for ambidextrous operation. It means you can use the switches to turn on and off both the laser and flashlight in a momentary or continuous setting with a strobe.

How much light throw does the product give?

The white LED flashlight has a 100 meter light throw which is good for medium to long range hunting.

What is the battery life of this product?

The product operates with one CR2 battery. If you use both laser and flashlight you will get one hour of battery life.

Does the light support night vision?

The product is a combination of green laser beam and white LED light which do not apply to night vision. Therefore, the light does not support night vision.

5. Viridian Essential Red Laser Sight

As the product name suggests, Viridian Red laser sight is an essential companion for Springfield Hellcat handguns. The tactical laser light feature has a precise advanced wavelength of 60 nm. This makes this red laser beam the sharpest, brightest, and visible red dot for targeting.

If we talk about its light throw, the laser has a visibility of 1 mile at night time and 25 yards in the daytime. This feature makes the laser sight perfect for longer-range hunting. It also has an almost 5mW power output with a class 3R beam, making it the highest level of intensity allowed by law.

Like any other light, this also has simple ambidextrous buttons to activate the constant and momentary-on settings. Hence, it takes only a light press on the button to turn on this powerful red laser beam.

The sight has a battery life of up to 6 hours for constant use. It also includes a 5 min auto shut-off feature to make it more efficient. This specific version for your Hellcat has a high-strength thermo-molded polymer body. It makes the product more durable and reliable for the users.

Can the sight be easily removed and remounted?

You can easily remove the laser sight by removing a screw from the product. Similarly, you can remount it with the same screw. But you need to make sure you zero it every time it is remounted.

Does this come with a holster?

The packaging of this product does not include a holster with it. However, you can find compatible holsters available in the market or you can look for one here.

Is the battery in this product replaceable?

Yes, the battery used in the laser sight is replaceable. You can go for 3N batteries if you need to change it.

Things To Keep in Mind Before Buying

I’m pretty sure you are confused by all the light and laser options. Worry not! I have prepared all the things you need to check before you make up your mind. Just look at the following list of requirements you will need to choose the best light for Hellcat and decide for yourself.

Illumination Type

The first thing to look for in a light or laser product is the illumination it offers. You can find different types of illumination to choose from. Red-illuminated lights are best for battery health. It will be a good option for your Hellcat to work in a night setting.

You can also go for a laser light combo for Hellcat to get multifunctional use. This way the flashlight and laser beam will work together to give better sight for low-light targeting.


Usually, most flashlights and laser lights use lithium polymer batteries to get high battery life with increased energy. Basic lights have batteries that offer a runtime from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

In the case of high-quality lights, you can get a battery life of up to 4 hours. Another thing to look for is the position of the battery. You should check if the battery is removable and rechargeable.

Light Throw

The light throw of a light will give you an idea about the distance coverage. Combined with good brightness output, a long light throw can give the clearest sight in a pitch-dark setting. You can go from 100 meters to 300 meters of light throw depending on the hunting range your Hellcat can cover.


This feature is one of the most important points to look for while choosing lights for your Springfield Hellcat. It will also depend on the range you are aiming for.

You can find an average output of 300 lumens to a high-level output of 1500 lumens. For your Hellcat tactical light, the average output should be between 500 to 600 lumens. This way you will get the intensity to cover at least 15 yards.

Another thing to look for is the bulb. Most tactical lights have LED white light. It puts out high performance and saves energy at the same time. You can also get a better deal if you choose a laser light combo to get the benefits of both LED and laser beams.


If your Hellcat is not compatible with the light you are choosing then what’s the point? That’s why you must look at the compatible models list before you choose a Hellcat flashlight.

Or you can go for the products that have a universal accessory kit with the light. That way you won’t have to worry about the specific mounting style for your firearm.


To get an idea about the durability of the flashlights, just look at their water resistance ratings. The ratings start from IPX5 and go up to IPX7. The IPX5 rating means the light can handle low-pressure water jet spray.

If the product has an IPX6 rating then it means the light can take high-pressure water spray or heavy rain. Having IPX7 is the highest rating and it means you can keep the light under 1 meter of water for 30 minutes.


Here, a holster is an extra option for you rather than a part of the product itself. A holster is a leather or fabric case for your handguns. It makes the firearm easy to carry anywhere you want.

If you are looking for a Springfield Hellcat holster with light then you have to make sure the holster is compatible with the light you are choosing. There are many holsters for Hellcat with light and optics in the market you can look for. Go for the one that fits your handgun.


Whether you go for flashlights, laser lights, or a combination of both, the main intention remains the same- getting the best hunting experience. The lights and laser options listed above are the best ones you can find in the market.

While choosing the best Hellcat lights, make sure you have matched your preferences with the reviews and buying guide given above. This way you will never be unsure about the product you are choosing.

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