Best Scope For CVA Optima Pistol: Reviews & Buying Guide

Optimal for carrying on hand anywhere you wish, the Optima Pistol is no ordinary pistol. This pistol fires .50 calibers and can easily mount a full-size riflescope. Absurd! Right? But that’s the reality. That’s why often we get asked this question “What is the best scope for my CVA Optima pistol?”.

Not the rifle mind you. How about it? Let’s go hunt for some scopes that apparently support a pistol and perform well. I know what you are thinking. But how bad can it be? Come, let’s get started.

For all The Flash Out There!

Best Bang For The Buck: Nikon Prostaff 2-7X32 Black Matte Riflescope

It is one of the best scopes for the money for sure. It provides an incredible value and an incredible experience.

Best Overall: Vortex Crossfire II 2-7×32 Scout Riflescope

It’s one of the best scopes to exist for Optima pistol. It’s an all-rounder scope that can do anything you throw at it. From tactical shooting to medium-range hunting, it’s got it all covered. I can enjoy some laid-back time with this one on my deck.

Also, a Good Option To Consider the: Burris Handgun 2x20mm Pistol Hunting Scope

Another great scope to have in your arsenal. It’s not meant for a rifle, but in the future, if you upgrade to another handgun that can utilize a full-size scope, then do consider purchasing this. Will make your life much easier.

Top 7 Best Scope For CVA Optima Pistol – Reviews

Our research team took almost 24 hours to pick up the most useful scope for CVA Optima Pistols. We have considered different experts’ opinions in this regard and also went through 70+ customer reviews to get in-depth ideas on how users perceive these scopes. After a lot of security, we have finally come up with the following reviews.

1. Vortex Optics Crossfire II 2-7×32 Scout Riflescope


Vortex Optics is a well-renowned sporting optics and related equipment manufacturer. They have been working towards the betterment of the community relentlessly. Vortex is quite well known for its lens-making. Even budget scopes have good lenses.

Crossfire II is one of the best scopes you can buy for an Optima pistol. It’s not too big. The weight distribution is nice and even. Won’t make the pistol dink too much. Which is something, not many other scopes are capable of doing.

(+) Great Finish

The build quality on this scope is insanely good. There is no rubber coating on top of the black matte color finish. But it’s still quite durable and scratch-resistant. The housing is constructed from aircraft-grade CNC aluminum.

(+) Capped Turrets Are Good Turrets

Capped turrets often require tools to adjust them. But they are one of the most secured variants of turrets. You can see how durable they are and how sturdy they sit once tightened. Your reading won’t move from recoils or accidental drops. Something a lot of other turrets can’t give a guarantee of.

(+) Good Lens Makes A Good Scope

The lenses here are fully multi-coated. They are scratch and glare-resistant. They also get extremely bright during the daytime. They are not ideal for low-light usage. But they can get the job done to some degree. This lens is also perfect to compliment the Optima.

(-) It’s Not Ideal For Long-Range

The maximum magnification of this scope is not ideal for long-range shooting. Optima isn’t supposed to shoot long-range either. Which makes this a perfect choice.

2. Nikon ProStaff 2-7X32 Black Matte Riflescope


You guys already heard about Nikon Prostaff 5. That’s an excellent riflescope support a lot of rifles and sniper rifles. But the one we have here is the smaller brother of Prostaff 5. It’s the 2-7x variant.

It’s mainly made for medium-range shooting and tactical hunting. For our Optima, this will be an optimal choice. Alright, you can’t say you didn’t see that coming.

(+) O-Ring Sealed

Like the bigger variant, this one also comes with O-ring sealing. These seals protect the scope from water damage. Thanks to the sealing, water can’t get inside. Similar to smartphones water protection method. Don’t try to leave it underwater though.

(+) Nitrogen Purged

The inside of the scope is also nitrogen-purged. That makes the scope fogproof. It will also help the scope fight against moisture.

(+) Excellent Performance

The lenses are fully multi-coated. And Nikon lenses are too good anyway. That stands true here as well. You will be more than impressed by the performance of the lenses. They are just that good. Low-light performance was praiseworthy as well. Wasn’t expecting something miraculously good, of course. The result is satisfying anyway.

(-) It Can Feel A Bit Back Heavy

The weight distribution could have been a lot better. It’s not unusable. But I would have appreciated a more neutral weight balance.

3. Burris Handgun 2X20mm Pistol Hunting Scope


Burris Plex reticle scope is made for handguns like Optima. The weight balance on this is quite good. It’s not too big either. Burris is mainly known for their budget riflescopes. It’s not different here, Plex Reticle is also a pretty affordable pistol scope.

The reticle on this one is quite easy to grasp and get the hang of. Ease of access should always get more and more priority. It’s a good thing companies are putting more thought into this.

(+) Ballistic Plex Or Regular Plex

You can choose from either of those configurations. Both of the reticles aren’t the same. They look identical, but they have their differences. The reticle is a preference. So, can’t say this one is the best over the other. You might not like my preference and that’s okay.

(+) Great Tactical Scope

As you can see, this scope doesn’t feature any magnification wheel. That’s because this scope only has 2x fixed magnification. There is a variable magnification variant available for this scope. But that’s not the topic here. This one is fixed at 2x. That is more than enough for a pistol.

(+) Made In The USA

Made and serviced in the USA. If you were wondering about warranty and customer service, I guess that should ease your worries a bit. Burris is not someone to let you down with their customer service. I know they don’t have a 100% clean record; some mishaps can happen. But that’s well in the past now.

(-) Eye Relief Is Narrow

The eye relief is not as wide as some other 2x scopes that you might find for your pistol. It can cause slight problems with glasses users, but not as much as I expected.

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4. UTG 2-7X44 Long Eye Relief 30mm Scout Scope


UTG 2-7×44 is a tactical scope suitable for bolt action rifles and long pistols like Optima. The length is ideal to be mounted on many different rifles/handguns. We are not interested in other rifles right now. Optima has our full concentration.

UTG 2-7×44 has a huge objective lens that is extremely bright and vibrant. It gathers more light for the prism to work with and helps the scope show clear and vivid pictures.

(+) Excellent Clarity

Most scope in this budget range and size suffers from color disorientation and visible noise around the borders of the scope. Thanks to the coating used by UTG, there are no visible glaring or blur issues present in the scope. It also gets quite bright during the daytime. Which helps you perform well during low light as well.

(+) Easy To Mount

The mounting mechanism on this is super easy to understand and use. The mounting ring supports the Picatinny rail. Which is a universal rail used by most modern guns. Makes it a viable option for another gun when upgraded from an Optima.

(+) Highly Adjustable

From windage and elevation to parallax, you can adjust everything on this sight. Which is a blessing of sorts to a lot of people. I also know a lot that mostly cares about windage and elevation only. Both crowds will be pleased with this.

(-) Keep That In Mind

Despite having Zero locking technology and easy-to-zero turrets, it’s quite easy to mess up the reading.

5. NcStar 2.5X30mm Pistol Scope


NCStar is not that big of a company with a huge fan following like many other optics makers. But they make some good scopes for pistols. I understand you are skeptical about the legitimacy of this brand. Justified. But you have to take mine and many others word for it.

It’s a fixed magnification scope with a moderately big objective lens. It gets quite bright for providing clear vision.

(+) It’s Made For Pistols

Unlike most other scopes in the list which are technically hybrids. This scope is mainly made for pistols. The dimension suits the scope as well. It won’t feel like you are using a level 99 scope on a level 1 gun. Symmetry is always welcomed here.

(+) Nice Turrets

The turrets are quite well placed to adjust and they are fairly audible. When it snaps onto the place the click and tactile feedback is oddly satisfying.

(+) Good Amount Of Eye Relief

It’s a pistol scope, like reflex sights, so it should have a decent amount of eye relief. Thankfully it does. You don’t need to worry about putting your eyes close to the eyepiece while using it with the Optima. Due to this, glasses users can also use this scope peacefully.

(-) Quite heavy

Despite being a scope for the pistol, it’s quite heavy and bulky. The weight distribution is not too bad. But it’s not 100% even either. Which is kinda unexpected.

6. Sig Sauer 2-7X32mm Whiskey3 Riflescope


Don’t drink up this scope by thinking it’s a glass of whiskey. While it is a Whiskey, it’s not whiskey. I don’t know what I am babbling about.

Anyway, Sig Sauer is an incredible scope maker who makes some rock-solid scopes for different rifles and pistols.

(+) Good Weight Distribution

One of the main concerns about the scope of a pistol is the weight distribution. You don’t want to make your scope tip heavy. If you increase the weight on the front, it will dink down and make you miss a lot of shots.

Thankfully, you don’t need to worry about that at all. Weight distribution on this scope is excellent. It’s a small lightweight scope as well.

(+) Tinted Lens Finish Is Gorgeous

It won’t enhance your vision or make you a better shooter magically, but it will make the image look brighter and more vivid. Color accuracy increases by a lot as well. Something that I adore a lot. Color accuracy means the world to me.

Lenses are also coated with several layers of coating that are kept secret. You don’t need to worry about water or moisture going inside the scope either. It’s fog and waterproof.

(-) Micro Adjustment

The micro-adjustment might need some time to get used to. The turrets aren’t bad. But they are quite tactile and sensitive to touch. While calling for accidents. That’s why you need to practice moving it around with your eyes closed for a couple of days.

7. Hawke Airmax Airgun 2-7×32 Rifle Scope


Mainly designed for airsoft guns, this is a rugged build aluminum scope that supports rifles and handguns as well.

Hawke Sport is quite an old brand and well-known among enthusiasts. Their scopes are often priced at a competitive price point to fight against other scopes.

(+) No Compatibility Issues

I won’t blame you if you think the scope is not meant for other rifles or handguns. But it can very well be mounted on other guns as well. It will work with a CVA Optima as well.

CVA Optima V2 with scope will look sick as well. And this scope will work with an Optima V2 as well. I know we are not talking about that gun, but just an add-on.

(+) Available In Different Configuration

You can choose from 3 different configurations. Remember the higher magnification you will go for, the more you will be spending behind the scope. It’s a honey pit. There is no escape from this.

(+) Generous Eye Relief

The eye relief on this scope is quite generous. The eyepiece on this looks like an absolute unit. It’s strong, durable, and generous. What more could you ask for?

(-) Mounting

You will need to swap out the stock mounting ring with universal ones or Picatinny rails if you end up changing the gun from an Optima pistol.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is CVA Optima V2 And Optima Pistol Same?

Ans. Despite having the same name Optima, the V2 and Pistol are nothing alike. One is a handgun and the other one is a bolt action sniper rifle. They both serve different purposes to different audiences.

Q2. Should You Buy A Scope For Optima Pistol?

Ans. It’s a pistol, is the scope upgrade even worth it? That’s one of the most commonly asked questions regarding the Optima pistol.

Yes, it’s completely worth it. You can use this opportunity to get to know why you should treat your handgun with a scope.

A scope will enhance the vision of the gun for you/ it will also act as a barrier between too rich and too poor people.


Optima pistol is an excellent gun that deserves all the love and respect. It’s not often you find a handgun that is good and supports riflescopes as well.

When they do, it’s the coolest thing ever! I have seen some excellent setups with different scopes on top of the Optima pistol. It looks epic. According to them, it also performs epic. If you are interested in grabbing one, you should grab one instead of thinking you might.

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