Best Tactical Scope For AR-10 308 SHTF – Reviews, Guides w/FAQs

The AR-10 rifles with .308 calibers need high-quality scopes to aim for long-distance precision shooting. The scopes you choose should enable you to have an accurate shooting range. Especially when any proverbial hits the fan, you will require durable scopes to help you have easy aim on the target.

So, if you have ended up finding this article, this means you are someone who is desperately looking for a perfect tactical scope for your AR-10 308 rifle. We understand the frustration that this quest can cause. Why wouldn’t it? There are so many tactical scopes with so many varieties of features, that it’s normal to get confused and frustrated.

But don’t worry, we got you. No more head scratching, no more confusion. After doing a long research, we have brought you the reviews of the 5 best tactical scopes so that you can finally find your desired scope for your AR 10 rifle. Besides, we have included a checklist to give you a clear idea about the factors that should be taken into account while buying the scopes.

Best AR-10 308 SHTF Tactical Scope – [Editor’s Pick]

5. Primary Arms SLX 4-14x44mm FFP Rifle Scope

Since AR 10 308 is used to shoot from mid to long range, you will need a scope that can give you a clear view of the target within these shooting ranges. Primary Arms SLX scope which is primarily used for hunting, can come as a great help to have clean shoots from long distances.

Frankly, the scope doesn’t come with any extraordinary features but still, we consider it as one of the good scopes because of its thought-out construction. For example, the company has added ACSS Orion reticle in the scope to enable quick-ranging and wind holds for fast target acquisition. Besides, whether you are hunting or in a dangerous situation, the built-in BDC in the reticle will ensure the most accurate shots possible.

Moreover, the reticle has been placed in the first focal panel to help the reticle adjust its size when you change the magnification from 4x to 14x. However, it is not an illuminated reticle, so you will not have a clear image in the low light.

The scope can also provide clear and parallax-free views to shoot from long distances. But if you ever have a parallax problem, don’t worry, it has a parallax knob for adjustment. Additionally, the scope is designed to be durable and resistant to fog, water, and shock.

Is there any sunshade available for the scope?

Even though the scope doesn’t come with a sunshade, the thread is compatible with using one. Hence, if you want, you can use the Primary Arms 4-14x Sun Shade (PA4-14SS) with the scope.

Can you use the reticle in a low-light environment?

Since the scope doesn’t have an illuminated reticle, you can’t use it in low-light situations. But the company offers another SLX model which comes with an illuminated reticle, you can also check out the scope for illuminated reticles.

Does it come with scope rings?

Sadly, the scope doesn’t come with any mounting accessories. You have to buy them separately. To mount the scopes, you will need 30mm scope rings.

4. Leupold VX-Freedom 1.5-4x20mm Riflescope

If you are looking for classic and easy to go with type scopes for your AR-10, this could be a good deal for you. You will love the flexibility in the windage and elevation adjustments. The vast dialing range lets you compensate for wind and bullet drop.

In addition, the 3:1 zoom ratio allows you to switch the modes of observation for easy target acquisition in long-distance precision shooting. However, the scope doesn’t have a parallax adjustment dial but that doesn’t create problems in your shooting.

Leupold has gone minimal while selecting the reticle for the scope, they have used classic Duplex reticle so that the scope can be mounted on any long-range precision rifle. The scope is located in the second focal panel, hence, even if you change the magnification, the size of the reticle remains the same.

What we liked about the scope is its lens! The company didn’t stop just by adding multiple layers of coating, they have also included the Twilight Light Management System in the lens. So, what happened is, that the lenses now not only have the ability to reduce color aberrations but also have the increased amount of visibility to use the scope in the low light.

The use of 6061-T6 Aircraft Grade Aluminum in the scopes makes them durable enough to prevent water, fog, and shock from doing any damage. Therefore, if you are looking for simple and also high-quality scopes, it can work as a whole package for you.

What is the tube diameter of the scope?

The diameter of the scope is 1”. So, if you are planning to purchase the scope, you will need to buy 1-inch scope rings to mount it on the rifle. You will also have to buy scope covers separately.

Is it only compatible with the AR10 rifles?

No, it’s not. You can use the scopes for any military specs since they have been manufactured to mount on all long-range military rifles. The scopes are not even instructed to be used with a specific type of calibers so it is safe to say they are not made to only mount on the AR 10 rifles.

Does the reticle of the scope have low light visibility?

The reticle of the scope has been made by using the Twilight Light Management System which helps the reticle to have clear visibility in the low-light situations. Therefore, even though the scope doesn’t have an illuminated reticle, you can still acquire easy targets in the low lights.

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3. Vortex Viper PST 2-10x32mm Gen II FFP Riflescope

You can consider the Viper PST Gen II as one of the perfect scopes for your AR-10 rifle. Some features make it a good choice for this rifle. Unlike the Viper PST Gen I, this scope has better turret adjustment and lens quality.

The laser-etched turrets will enable you to have better control over the elevation, windage, illumination, and parallax focus. In addition, the RZR zero stop ensures the zero stays true.

On the other hand, the extra-low dispersion glasses ensure high-quality resolution and color fidelity. The additional Armortek coatings on the lens protect them from scratches, oil, and dirt.

The feature that comes in handy for AR 10 308 users, is the versatility in the ranges of the first focal panel. Due to the panel, you get good flexibility while shooting in both short and long ranges.

Since the scope is made of Aircraft Grade Aluminum, you will find it very durable to sustain through the rough environment. However, they are quite bulky and heavy. If the weight is not a problem for you, you can choose the scope for AR 10 in a heartbeat!

Does it come with a sunshade?

Yes, the scope is offered with a metal screw on the sunshade. You will also get optical end caps along with the scope.

Will the scope fit on m1a?

Yes, it will, as long as you pair it up with a proper height scope ring, you can use it on the M1A. You will require to drill and tap the scopes to mount it on the rings.

Is the reticle of the scope hard to see?

The reticle is located on the FFP so the size of it will change along with the magnification you set for the scope. So, you rather get the flexibility to use the reticle for more clear and precise shots.

2. Trijicon VCOG 1-6×24 .308/175 Riflescope

Simply put, this scope is one of the best scopes you can find in the market for your AR-10 308 rifle. Whether you are using it as a military personnel or as a civilian, you won’t be disappointed with its performance. It has many features that we can talk about but here, we will only mention the highlighted ones.

The bullet drop compensating and ranging reticles allow you to have a quick and accurate estimation for perfect long-distance shoots. Besides, the first focal panel helps the reticle to adjust its size while changing the range of magnification.

The scope comes with a lithium AA battery so that the lenses can be powered up to illuminate the radicals. With the help of the 6 adjustable brightness settings, you can easily use the scope in very low-light environments.

It is made of 7075-T6 aircraft aluminum alloy to make the scope compatible with all sorts of robust applications. The scope is also designed to mount on any quick-release mount base. Not to mention, they perform equally well in any weather conditions.

Can you use the scope for AR15?

The scope is designed to fit in most rifles, so you can also use it for the AR15 rifles. But depending on the type of bullet grain you use with the rifle, you will need to adjust the sights.

What is the difference between the horseshoe version and the segmented circle version?

The horseshoe version is for more precision shots and for making use of the Bullet drop compensator. Where the segmented circle is easier to use for close-quarters drills. It also comes in handy to use in the low power settings.

How many feet is the field view it has at 100 yards?

The field view mainly depends on the magnification setting you have on your scope. But normally, the field view of the scope should be between 95 – 15.9 ft. at the 100-yard distance.

1. Nightforce ATACR 5-25x56mm F1 ZeroStop Scope

The only way to introduce this scope is to say, it is a one-of-a-kind scope! Name any quality that you will expect from a scope to enhance your shooting experience, this one has it all. But what we like most about the scope is its visibility and adjustability.

You know there is a saying that you will never forget the first image you see through this scope. The visibility of the scope is sharp which allows you to have a defined view of your target. Due to the Fully multi-coated ED glasses, the scope has an excellent ability to transfer light from the front lens to the back eye-sight. This is the reason you get bright views through the scope. Besides, with the help of the illuminated radicals, you can have clear shots even in low-light situations.

The scope is placed in the first focal panel so that you can have consistent reticle values in any magnification setting. It also comes with zero-stop technology to enable you to have an easy return to your zero point. So, regardless of the amount of elevation adjustments you have made, you will never have a problem resetting your zero.

Hence, if you are looking for a perfect scope for your AR-10 308, don’t look further! Without any hesitation, you can make it a done deal.

Is the reticle easy to use?

Initially, it takes a bit of time to get used to the reticle system of the scope but once you get used to it, you won’t like to go back to other reticles. The reticle size changes with the magnification settings, so it becomes easy for you to use the reticle for long-range shootings.

Is it a FFP scope?

Yes, the reticle is placed in the first focal panel of the scope. With the help of the three different brightness settings (green, dot, and off), you can easily switch the illumination of the reticle by pressing the button on the parallax focus.

Which measurement unit the scope use?

It uses MIL as a measurement unit which enables you to have precise shots from long distances. However, you can convert the measurement to MOA but it will require you to do a lot of math.

Buying Guide Of Tactical Scope For AR-10 308 SHTF

Since the AR-10 308 is a military-grade spec, it is obvious that you will require tactical-specific scopes. In long-range shooting, you will need rugged and flexible scopes for more precise shots. But these features are not enough, there are other important factors to consider before you buy the scopes for your rifles, such as:

Glass Quality

Just having a variety of ranges in magnification and lens diameters, doesn’t ensure the optimum performance of the scopes. Especially if you’re using military specs like AR-10, the glass must have the ability to transfer sufficient light for bright images.

Hence, while buying the product, check whether the glasses have full multi-coatings or multi-coatings to ensure enough light transmission in the scope.


It doesn’t matter where you use the AR 10 308 rifle, the scopes must be made of high-quality material such as 7075-T6 Aircraft Aluminum Alloy.

Otherwise, there will be a high risk for the scopes to get damaged in an intense or bumpy situation. Besides, who likes to see hard-earned money go to waste because of poor-quality products, right?


It is another important factor to consider while buying the scopes. The internal components used in the part can make it quite heavy to mount on the rifle. So, it would be better if possible to try to find a lightweight scope or at least not too much heavy scope for a 308 rifle.


When you are looking for scopes for long-distance precision rifles, you should ensure the range of magnification of the products. Whatever scope you choose, if it’s for long-range rifles the magnification power should be from mid-high range.

Turret Adjustment

Two common types of measurement units are used to adjust the elevation and the windage. One is the MOA system, if a scope has MOA system, it means the turrets will be measured as a minute of angle.

On the other hand, there is the MIL or the Milliradians system; some scopes come with this measurement unit to adjust the turrets. Both of the units are easy to use, it mainly depends on your preference for which one you feel comfortable using.


For long-range rifles, you can choose a mil-dot reticle or a BDC reticle. Both work fine with the AR-10 types of rifles. However, it is better if the scope comes with an illuminated reticle so that you can also use the scope in low-light situations.


The reticles can be placed either in the first focal panel or in the second panel. If the scope reticle is in the FFP, your reticle size will increase along with the increased range of the magnification. So, it is a very helpful feature for long-distance rifles as it gives more flexibility to aim at different ranges.

Unlike the second focal panel, where the reticle size doesn’t change with the magnification range. Hence, you don’t get an equal amount of flexibility with this panel scope.

Objective Lens

It is a place through which the light enters the scope. Hence, the larger diameter objective lens is very important for long-range shooting rifles because it mainly determines the level of bright and clear image you will get with the scope.

Eye Relief

There should be a minimum level of eye relief in high-power rifles like AR 10. It will ensure that your eyes don’t get injured in heavy recoil situations.


To sum up, in the SHTF-type situation, you will need a high-quality scope for a clear image of the target and also to have a precise shooting range with it. When you are using AR-10 308 military specs for this purpose, you should look for tactical scopes that are compatible with this rifle.

The reviewed products will come as a great aid to finding compatible scopes for any military specs. If you are a long-range precision target practitioner or hunter, these scopes will also be helpful for you. Lastly, we recommend you to use the given checklist while purchasing the scopes, this will ensure whether the scopes will be a right fit for the rifle according to your needs and preferences.

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