Celestron c70 Review: Mini Mak Spotting Scope

When you search the Celestron c70 review on google the first thing you will get is the best spotting scope under 100$. Is that true? Why? well, We’ll answer that.

Celestron c70 also known as Celestron c70 Mini Mak spotting scope can be used as an astronomical scope.

Celestron C70: Outlooks

Celestron C70

Specifications | Magnification: 25 – 75x; Objective Lens: 70 mm; Eye Relief: 22 mm; Optical Coatings: Multi-Coated; Linear FOV @1000 yds: 75 – 25 ft; Length: 10 Inches; Weight: 2 LBS.

Build Quality

Truth be told, the build quality is rather disappointing. The scope isn’t waterproof neither fog proof. Because the inside of the scope wasn’t nitrogen-purged. 

So if you buy the scope make sure you take care of the scope and not use it in a bad weather condition. While out of the box, you get a good case with decent padding inside to carry the scope with you it still doesn’t justify the lack of water resistance and nitrogen purge.

Then again this is a 90$ scope expecting everything to be done right will be a mistake from our end. The scope is pretty lightweight. Weighting only at 37oz it’s pretty easy to carry and use it anywhere.

We know that the scope claims that it has water resistance on their website but many other reviewers claim it doesn’t. As this was our only unit we didn’t want to drown it underwater.

Optics Quality

For us the main selling point of the scope. The optics are good for what you might find in other sub-100$ spotting scopes. Heck, it’s amazing that the scope can be used as an astronomical scope. 

Through the scope, you can see the moon and planets. You can even watch low-light wildlife scenarios. But don’t expect to watch the nebulae through the scope.

The lenses are multi-coated so no worries there. The most amazing thing about the scope is even if you fully zoom out with the included eyepiece there is no hint of chromatic aberration whatsoever.

The scope has no fancy prism like the expensive scopes. That eliminates the concerns of phase shifting. That’s why no phase correction coating was necessary.


This is where things get a little interesting. You get a good quality 25-75x zoom eyepiece. But you can easily opt for any 1.25-inch size eyepiece you want. Yes, the eyepiece is removable and changeable.

The built-in eyepiece is more than enough for your backyard astronomical watching. By any sheer chance if your eyepiece breaks you can easily swap in another.

Earlier we mentioned there is no chromatic aberration and that is true. Even maxing out the zoom you see no CA.

Fov & Focus

The field of view is nothing great. At 75x maxing out the zoom, you get 37 feet of view in a 1000-yard terrain. You get 68 feet in base 25x zoom.

This does not look impressive on paper, right? Well, that’s not the case. You can easily get by with that amount of FOP considering the scope has a 70mm objective lens.

The scope features a 16-feet range of close focus which is good enough. Focusing overall is easy and good. The focus ring is located towards the right side of the scope and is easy to access with or without gloves.

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  • Cheap
  • Light-weight
  • Excellent pricing.
  • Any 1.25-inch eyepiece supported.


  • Not water/fog/shockproof.

Celestron C70 Review Summary

The Celestron c70 is a bang for the buck scope no doubt about that. Like all the other scopes it has its cons. The scope also has quite a bit of pros to it. 

That included tripod is small that’s correct but they do include a tripod with a 90$ scope that counts for something. This scope also comes with a limited lifetime warranty and Amazon product support is free if you use the link.

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