Best Grips for S&W 686 – Reviews and Buying Guides w/FAQs

Model 686 is often the go-to 357 magnum-firing handgun. It’s easy to get into and quite handy to have in a pinch. One thing that many folks dislike about the 686 is the grip. The stock grip just doesn’t feel comfortable.

To fix that issue, you can grab a third-party grip. This is where the problem begins. There are so many options available for this gun, it gets overwhelming to choose the best one among them. That’s where we come in.

If you are here, that means you are interested in knowing the best grips for S&W 686. Well, so are we. Let’s start.

Best S&W 686 Grips – [Editor’s Choice]

1. Hogue 19137 S&W K/L Frame Round Butt Grip

I’m gonna be honest with you guys, this grip might not be for everyone. But it’s still one of the best grips for Model 686. Why won’t the majority like this? Due to how it looks. But then again, I did say looks of the grip are a personal preference.

That said, the looks shouldn’t be the reason why you skip these grips. You shouldn’t skip this. It’s one of the best grips for S&W 686. The material of choice here was a shocker, to say the least. Instead of opting for rubber, silicone, or even wood, they went for G10. G10 is a FR4 composite material that’s lightweight and more durable than composite and plastic.

It’s odd, that’s for sure, but I can see why they went for it. You don’t want your grips to be unnecessarily heavy or bulky. In that sense, this pair of grips is a perfect choice for folks who are looking for something harder than wood but not bulkier than wood. For you guys, this is the perfect grip.

Where is these grips made?

Hogue is located in Nevada, USA. They design all of their accessories there and make most of them there as well.

Will this cover the pistol’s metal backstrap?

It won’t.

How do they attach to the gun?

There is no side screw on this pair of grips, it attaches to the bottom screw. It’s not too hard to install as a beginner.

2. VZ Smith & Wesson K/L-Frame Tactical Gun Grip

The diamond pattern texture here makes the grips extremely grippy. At the end of the day, a pair of grips should be comfortable and easy to grip with or without gloves. Keeping that philosophy in mind, VZ Grips made this pair of grips for S&W handguns.

Instead of going for wood or laminate, VZ grips choose synthetic material for their grip. In my opinion, it’s a smart and the better move. As much as we love the look of wood, a lot of you might not end up liking the texture of wood. But then again, that’s personal bias.

The build quality and compatibility of this grip make it a great purchase if you have a K/L-frame round bottom revolver. It’s quite easy to replace the stock grips with this one. The tolerance of this grip is extremely tight as well. Once you put this on, it’s not going anywhere.

Where are these grips made?

They are designed and made in the USA.

Are they durable?

Yes, don’t let the pictures fool you. They are extremely well-made and long-lasting.

Will this fit Model 357 and Magnum 686 plus?

Yes, it will.

3. Smooth Industries Wood Checkered Grip

Wooden grips will always look better. And that’s a fact. My personal bias aside, this is one of the coolest-looking grips you can add to your Model 686. What makes it an even more appealing deal is the price. The price to performance of this grip is amazing.

It’s made out of wood. Like, actual wood. No laminate or anything. The package will come with a pair of grips for both sides and a screw to attach them. It fits all K/L frame S&W revolvers you can think of. That includes both round-butt and square-butt handguns.

Despite being made out of wood, it’s quite grippy. The texture feels nice and it’s not rough to touch either. While it’s not as soft as rubber grips, it’s not as uncomfortable as the stock grip either. Then again, this is where the preference comes into play. If you prefer wood, then you take wood grips. If not, then you can take a synthetic or rubber grip.

Will this fit a governor?

The governor has a round butt, this should fit.

Will this fit on 686 Plus?

Yes, it will fit.

Are they made in the USA?

No, they are not.

4. Pachmayr 63020 S&W K&L Frame Rosewood Grip

One of the best-looking grips you could buy for model 686. The rosewood color on this with CNC finishing is gorgeous. From material choice to finish, everything about this grip is classy.

The material of choice here is wooden laminate. It’s very durable and very beautiful looking. But that’s not the point. The point is durability and grip, it’s much better than the stock grip of Model 686. CNC machining is much more accurate than cutting by hand or involving saws.

Installing it on your Model 686 won’t take much effort either. You can easily take out the stock one with the help of a screwdriver and then install this in the same position. The ease of access and price of this grip makes it one of the best Model 686 grips on the market.

Will this fit on a 38 SP Smith Western?

Yes, it should fit.

Is it actually made out of wood?

It’s made out of wood laminate.

Where are they made?

They are made in China.

5. Hogue S&W K or L Round Butt Rubber Monogrip

Let’s say you are not interested in wood or synthetic material. What’s the next best thing then? As you guessed, rubber. Rubber is one of the grippiest materials and an obvious choice when it comes to grip-making.

Hogue took the rubber as their base and perfected this pair of grips to fit any K/L round bottom handguns made by Smith and Wesson. That includes the gun we are talking about today. You can replace the stock grips for these grips here quite easily.

Ease of use makes it a solid purchase for all the newbies who don’t want to visit a gunsmith or just want to DIY themselves. The build quality of this rubber grip is very good as well. It’s grippy, it’s textured, and it’s useable with gloves on. Something a lot of other grips struggle with.

Do they have any S&W logo on them?

No, they have the Hogue logo on them.

Does this fit the Governor?

It does.

What kind of rubber is this made from?

It’s made from Thermoplastic elastomer.

Things To Keep in Mind Before Buying

While buying grips for your model 686, you can keep a couple of pointers in mind. They will help you go in the right direction.

Build Quality

A lot of you guys don’t like rubber or synthetic grips and I can understand that. If you don’t want to take a synthetic grip, you don’t have to. Go for wood. They are well made as well. Just make sure the grips you are going for have good texture and build to it.


Everything becomes easier if you have a budget in your mind. If you know the limits of your spending, you can easily make sure you get the best one within your budget. The choices become less and more obvious.


This is something a lot of you pay no heed to. Some textures can work well with gloves while others are unusable with gloves. If you are using gloves too often, pick up a grip with a texture that won’t interfere with your gloves.


Of course, I wanted to add more grips to the list. But all of them weren’t good enough and not worthy of recommendation. These are the ones that stood out the most. And I hope you guys enjoyed the guide as much as I did while writing it.

Hopefully, you found the right grips for your Model 686. With that said, we part ways here. Do come back later for more guides. Take care.

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