Best Red Dot Sights For Stribog – Reviews, Guides w/FAQs

Stribog is a 9mm firing automatic pistol class weapon. While it looks a lot like SMG, it still falls in the pistol category. Just like pistols, most of the red dot sights support this gun as well.

This is where the trouble begins. As there are too many sights to choose from, finding the best red dot for Stribog becomes much harder. Without further ado, let’s start.

Best Stribog Red Dot Sights – [Editor’s Choice]

1. Aimpoint ACO Red Dot Reflex Sight 2 MOA w/Mount

Aimpoint red dot sights are known for being expensive and good. If you take away the expensive part and just keep the good part, you get ACO. A reflexive red dot sight with 2 MOA reticle and mounting rail built-in.

This red dot sight is one of the best for Stribog for several reasons. One of the key reasons is the insanely well-built housing. The enclosure of this sight is made out of aluminum. The weight of the sight is around 222 grams. It’s not the heaviest sight by any means, not the lightest either. It’s somewhere in between the lines. The lens of the sight is fully multi-coated.

That helps you locate the target in a bad lighting condition and low lighting conditions. Target acquiring on this optic is quite easy and the process is flawless. The included mount has a fixed height and you can’t increase that. In my opinion, the height is perfectly fine to be used with Stribog. You don’t need to tilt your head too much to use the sight.

What kind of battery do you need for this?

3v Lithium. Type 2L75 or DL1/3N.

How many brightness settings are present in the sight?

10 levels.

What’s the expected battery life?

Around 10k hours in low brightness.

2. HOLOSUN – HS510C Reflex Red Dot Sight

The next stop on the list is on Holosun. Holosun makes great holographic and red dot sights. They are perhaps one of the best in the industry. If you are looking for an industry-standard red dot sight for not a lot of money, HS510C might be the one you are looking for.

This fully aluminum-enclosed housing looks a lot like a holographic sight. It is a red dot sight, not a holographic. The housing is durable and it can last in a military environment. Using this with a Stribog will cause no issues whatsoever. As Stribog is a fairly tame gun with not a huge recoil peak.

The lens of the sight is fully multi-coated as well. Low-light performance is good and daylight performance is even better. You can use this sight during the night if you want as well. The 510 series from Holosun was made for a wide field of view with reflexive eye relief. Giving you the freedom to aim from any distance and height. Thus, it’s most popular for guns like Stribog.

Where is this sight made?

It’s made in China.

Can I use it on a rifle?

You definitely can.

What kind of battery do you need for this?

A single CR2032.

3. HOLOSUN – HS503CU Paralow Solar Micro Sight

Holosun HS503CU is a great sight for hunting and airsoft shooting. You can use this sight for tact shooting as well if you want, but it performs remarkably better in other sectors. The sight here has a red dot reticle in 2MOA size and a circle around it in 65 MOA size.

The sight is made out of aluminum just like every other Holosun sight. It’s durable, rugged, and made for wilderness. You can use this on a different rifle if you want. But we are here talking about it as a pairing with Stribog. A gun that uses a 9mm cartridge that a lot of shooters have as their secondary weapon.

In the box, you will find a lower 1/3 cowitness mount a T10 L key to open up the battery compartment, and the usual accessories. If you want to increase the height of this, you will need to buy a riser separately.

Where is this made?

It’s made in China.

Can you turn off the sight?

Yes, you can turn off the sight. You can run it as a red dot and circle or red dot only.

Does it come with a battery?

Yes, it comes with a battery.

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4. Vortex Optics Spitfire 1x Prism Scope

 Vortex Optics Spitfire 1x Prism Scope

It’s one of those sights that you can use for years and upgrade the sight as well. What exactly do I mean I upgrade? You can add a magnifier with this sight and the sight will be a completely different thing. With the magnifier, it will be a riflescope.

The sight is made out of aluminum. It’s extremely durable and lightweight. The magnification of this sight is fixed at 1x magnification. As I said previously, you can add an external magnifier to increase the magnification of the sight. The accuracy won’t go away if you decide to do that.

The reticle of this sight is interesting. It’s a dual-ring tactical aka DRT MOA reticle. This reticle was designed for rapid shooting at close range. This design pulls the eye into instant alignment with the target and the center of the reticle. You can see why this sight is so popular among Stribog owners.

Is this optimal for medium-range shooting?

It is tuned for short to medium-range shooting.

What kind of battery does this need?

CR 2032.

Does this come with lens covers?

It comes with flip-up covers.

5. Sig Sauer SOR52001 Romeo5 Red Dot Sight

 Sig Sauer SOR52001 Romeo5 Red Dot Sight

A crowd favorite returns to reign supreme. Romeo 5 is one of the most loved sight in the entire shooting industry. Romeo 5 is also one of the most sold red dots from Sig ever. With that said, there gotta be something going for this sight, right? Why else would everyone go crazy to grab one of these?

Well, there is. The sight is incredibly well made to last military environment. It’s made out of aluminum and it performs flawlessly with any gun you use with this. It’s like the most versatile red dot ever. Throw it on a rifle, and it works, on a sniper rifle (I don’t know why you would) it works, a shotgun? We got you.

The lens of the sight is made out of fully multi-coated glass. The glass is incredibly bright and vivid. The color accuracy of this is great as well. Whether you add in a magnifier or use it in stock, the accuracy of the sight remains the same throughout all.

Does this come with mounting plate?

It has an integrated Picatinny interface. It also includes a Picatinny low-mount riser and a co-witness.

Does it have MOTAC?

It does have MOTAC.

What kind of battery does it need?

It needs a CR2032 battery.

How to Choose The Best Red Dot Sight For Stribog?

Just like we mention this in our every article, some of the points remain true here as well. If you keep these pointers in mind and know what you are looking for from a sight, you can easily choose the best sight for your gun.


Stribog isn’t as small as a pistol but it’s not as large as a rifle either. It’s somewhere in between the two. That’s why, it’s not appropriate to use a riflescope on Stribog. Stick with sights and a small one at that. this way, you can add a magnifier down the line if you so wish.


The weight of the sight needs to be low. Otherwise, the setup will be back and you will miss shots.


Warranty is mandatory. Don’t take a sight that has no warranty whatsoever. If they can’t trust their product enough to provide a warranty, why should you?


I firmly believe you now know enough to find the best sight for Stribog. It’s not rocket science once you figure out what you want from the sight and how much you can spend for that sight. If you know these two things, you know which sight you should go for from the list.

With that said, our journey ends here today. But it’s just the beginning of more beautiful journeys to come. Hopefully, you will be back for more. Till then, take care.

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