Top 5 Best Sight For Browning Buckmark – Mastering The Art Of .22!

Browning Buckmark is a semi-automatic pistol made for .22 rifle cartridge. It was first made in 1985. Since then, Browning Arms Company has been making this for years. The performance difference between what we had in that year and what we have here is massive.

Back then, there weren’t many sights for pistols available. Browning Buckmark is something that will benefit a lot from a good sight. The power on this pistol is quite good and the accuracy is insanely high.

Why not make it even deadlier by adding a sight on top of it? Luckily, Buckmark supports a lot of sights with different heights and sizes. Let’s get to know some of those and find out which one is the best for your Browning Buckmark.

How To Choose A Sight For Browning Buckmark?

Build Quality: Buckmark can use heavy sights. Full-size red dots are supported by this excellent piece of machinery. You need to find a sight that can take hits of the recoil of Buckmark and won’t be destroyed by light rain.

Lens Quality: As Red Dot uses a fully-fledged lens, you will need to look for lenses that are coated and quite bright. You don’t want a dark-tinted lens that will hinder your performance.

Eye Relief: Reflex sights tend to have unlimited eye relief. But some red dot sights may have a limited eye relief. Don’t go for those. They are not suitable for pistol users.

Brightness: Brightness is super important for both reflex and night sights. It will determine how well the sight performs during the night. As we are not featuring any laser sights, you should look for a sight on the list that performs well during the night. Spoiler alert, all of them perform exceptionally well during the night.

1. Browning Buckmark Reflex Sight


Reflex sights usually use one piece of lens with a red dot in it. Unlike riflescopes where you need to look through the eyepiece, here you don’t need to keep your eyes close to the gun. You get unlimited eye relief. Besides this what else does this sight have to offer?

(+) Build Quality

Just by build quality alone, it’s one of the best browning reflex sight money can buy. It’s so well made! You won’t hope to receive a sight this small with this much detail.

(+) Lens Quality

As this is a reflex sight, the lens needs to be good to provide clear vision. Thankfully, it is a good lens. You can see clearly without any issues. The lens is clear and coated as well. You won’t be having any issues looking through this from a far way.

(+) Highly Adjustable

This sight has adjustable windage, elevation, and height angle. With these many adjustments, you can tune the sight to your style with ease.

(+) Reticles

You can choose from 4 available reticle patterns. For the ones that don’t want to choose, you can always go for the standard red dot one. The safest choice for sure.

(-) 1 Year Warranty

Despite having so many good qualities to talk about, this sight only offers a 1-year service warranty. In my opinion, that’s not good enough. 1-year will pass by in the blink of an eye. Would have loved to have a longer warranty.

2. Vortex Optics Venom Red Dot Sight


Vortex Optics doesn’t need an introduction. Do they? You guys are already aware of their glories. So let’s talk about the mighty venom, shall we?

(+) Build Quality

This red dot sight is constructed from high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum. The weight of this sight is only 1.05oz. It’s next to nothing. You don’t need to worry about the build quality at all.

(+) Lens Quality

Vortex Venom red dot uses a fully multi-coated lens with 3 MOA dot reticle. The reticle is in dead center and won’t move anywhere from recoil. It’s etched onto the glass, not a sticker. With unlimited eye relief, you are going to have a blast with this sight.

(+) Highly Adjustable

You can easily adjust the windage and elevation of this sight with the help of a screwdriver. Mounting this scope is quite easy as well. It’s a two-part construction that comes apart like Lego.

(+) Brightness

You can choose from 10 brightness levels that are available on the sight. On top of that, it also comes with an ambient light sensor. It turns off the sight when there is enough light available for the sight to work without a bright reticle.

(-) Batteries Issue

As this sight uses batteries, at some point you will run out of batteries. It’s always a good idea to keep extras on you. You don’t want to run out of batteries in the middle of a hunt.

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3. Burris FastFire III Reflex Red Dot Sight


It’s honestly surprising just how many red dot supports Browning Buckmark. You would think finding Browning red dot sights would be hard. Who would have thought that it would be a piece of cake? Well technically not a piece of cake but you know what I mean.

(+) Build Quality

Like the rest of the sights for Buckmark on the list, this one is also constructed from high-quality metal. You can hear a slight ping when you hit the sight with something. The rail is quite hollow but it’s durable. Dropping from chest height had no problem on the sight.

(+) Lens Quality

It’s nice to see sights like this using a fully multi-coated lens. Despite only one lens, they are not cutting corners there. I mean, it would be weird if the lens wasn’t good, right?

Yeah, it would be. But hey, the lens here is spot on and the unlimited eye relief makes it super good as well.

(+) Reticles

This sight is available in a total of 3 configurations. All of them are Red dots. However, the MOA size is different in each of them. The one we have here is the 8 MOA dot. I love the huge red dot in the middle of the sight. It helps me understand the bullseye better. If you prefer a smaller red dot, be my guest. Take the one that you prefer.

(-) Tuning Issue

Tuning this on the go is nearly impossible. You will need to take some time out of your schedule and then tune the sight before using it for any sport or other activities.

4. Sightmark Mini Shot M-Spec Reflex Sight


Sightmark is not as big as Vortex but they are equally as good. We have featured their riflescopes before. But this is not a riflescope. I mean, it’s not your fantasy Sci-Fi game. You just cannot use a riflescope on top of the Buckmark. I mean, maybe you can hacksaw it. But why? Jokes aside, this sight is incredible for a gun like Buckmark.

One thing that you guys probably noticed by now is all of them are reverse rail sight for Browning Buckmark. None of them are sitting at the front like night sights or laser sights for Browning Buckmark. In my opinion, these red dots are far better than laser sight for Browning.

(+) Build Quality

The build quality on this sight is quite good. There is an engraved gap on the front side of the sight where the lens stays. It’s well-enclosed from dust and water. The lens is waterproof and the lens is coated with anti-dust and residue coatings.

(+) Available In Two Colors And Two Configurations

You can buy this in black or brown and FMS or LQD mount configuration. You don’t need to buy a different sight if you are a left-hand shooter. With the press of one button, you can easily switch from the left to right-hand shooting position. That’s a huge advantage.

(+) Riser Mount

If you are tired of the sight sitting flush with the rail on your gun, you can use the riser rail to increase the height of the sight. To be honest, that was mainly aimed towards rifle users, not pistol users. You would have no use of an elevated sight on top of a pistol.

(-) Keep That In Mind

You will need a battery to power up this sight. The battery included will last for you a long time. But keeping track of batteries is a good idea.

5. AT3 Tactical RD-50 Micro Reflex Red Dot Sight


The last red dot sight on our list for Browning Buckmark is from AT3. It’s a tactical red dot sight mainly made for rifles but works with pistols as well. It will make your pistol look bigger than it is and add a character to the gun.

(+) Build Quality

As they are made with rifles in mind, they need to make the sight durable. Otherwise, you might face issues while rapid firing with a rifle while this sight sits on the rail. No one wants that, that’s why manufacturers work their butt off to make good sights.

The build quality on this is incredible. It’s made out of aluminum. Good quality aluminum all around. The sight is also water and shockproof. As water can’t get inside, there won’t be any moisture. Making it fogproof as well.

(+) Incredible Battery Life

The battery life on this is beyond insane. Up to 50k hours of battery life on low brightness configuration. You can squeeze out a good performance with max brightness as well. But the sight gets quite bright. You don’t need to use max brightness always.

(+) Highly Adjustable

There are quite a few adjustments present in this sight. You can tune them in without tools while shooting as well. The stock configuration might not be suitable for Browning Buckmark. I highly recommend tuning it in according to your needs.

(-) 2 MOA Red Dot

The reticle here is fixed and you are stuck with it. If you don’t like the 2MOA red dot, then you might want to skip this one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Browning Buckmark A Good Gun?

Browning Buckmark is an excellent gun that has been serving the industry for decades now. You can guess how well hunters and shooters have praised this gun by now. Semi-automatic pistols are always on the top priority list while browsing for a new handgun. They are good for security purposes and good for secondary hunting weapons as well.

Should I Go For Browning Buckmark Red Dot Sight Or Browning Laser Sight?

This is an argument that has no definitive answer. While one part of me will fight for the convenience of laser sights, the other side knows how good red dot and Browning reflex sights are. They are the META right now and I am all up for it. Red dot all the way baby!

Final Words

It’s not new to use rifle sights on top of a pistol. Pistol rail accepts almost all red dot and reflex sights available on the market. That doesn’t mean you should go out and buy any sight you want. You need to weed out the bad ones and go for one of the good ones. That’s what we had here. The good ones that we felt like good for your buckaroo I mean Buckmark.

If you buy any of the mentioned sights, don’t forget to share your experience with us. Hopefully, you are having a blast and I will see you on the next one.

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