What Red Dot Fits Canik Tp9 Elite SC? – Micro Red Dots!

When there are other types of red dot sights available in the market, then why only the micro red dots will fit to Canik TP9 Elite SC? The answer is, the way this subcompact has been designed, the micro red dots are the only sights that are compatible to use with the gun.

The TP9 Elite SC is mainly a defense gun which is used to shoot in the short ranges as in from 0 to 100 yards. Structurally, the pistol is small in diameter and lightweight. Due to these reasons, the Elite SC is also called a Concealed Carry gun because you can easily hide the gun and carry it at the same time.

Now obviously, when you are in danger or practicing target shooting, the sights you choose should enable you to have fast and accurate aiming in the short range. They also need to be lightweight to avoid putting additional grams to the gun.

So keeping these factors in mind when you compare the compatibility of different red dot sights for this subcompact, you will see the micro red dots are the only sights that match the gun’s features completely.

The micro red dots are small in size, lightweight and also made to use in short range target shooting. Thus, they tick all the necessary factors that we will see in the red dot sights before purchasing them for the Elite SC. In addition, these red dot sights come with the reflex system to allow you to aim at the targets even in low light conditions.

Another important feature of the mini red dots is the ability to directly mount on the TP9 Elite SC series. Since this model comes with optic-ready slides, this makes it really easy to install the sights on the guns.

Now when you know why micro red dots are compatible with the Elite SC, you need to be aware of the other factors before buying the sights. So let’s dig in!

Buying Guide Of Red Dot Sight For Canik TP9 Elite SC

Ask these questions about the sights before you select them for your TP9 Elite SC. If you come up something like the given answers, you can consider the sight a viable option for your gun:

What materials are used to make the sight glass?

The sight lens needs to be multi-coated with high quality materials to ensure the optimum brightness of the glasses and also protect them from different outer harmful elements. So while buying the product, check whether there are multi-coatings on the lenses or not.

Does the product come with a battery?

It is a must have feature that a micro red dot sight should offer because without a battery you won’t be able to see the LED dot on the lens.

Is it directly mountable on the optic-ready slides?

Since the Canik TP9 Elite SC is designed with optic-ready cuts, the red dot sight you are choosing should enable you to mount it directly on the gun.

What type of MOA does the micro red dot sight have?

The size of the dot is measured in Minute Of Angle which helps you to see how much area it’s covering on the target at a certain distance. There are different types of MOA such as 2MOA, 3MOA, 6MOA, 8 MOA and so on.

The image below shows how 3 MOA and 6 MOA look at different distances. Similarly, the size of other MOA types will also vary in various ranges.

3 moa vs 6 moa

Best Canik TP9 Elite SC Optic – [Editor’s Pick]

To make your search for red dot sight for Elite SC more easy, let’s look at some sight reviews. We have picked the products by keeping all the important factors in consideration, so without any worries choose the optic that meets your shooting styles most.

7. Ade Advanced Spike Ultra Micro Red Dot Sight

This 4 MOA micro red dot is highly compatible to use with the micro or subcompact optic-ready slides such as Canik Elite TP9 SC, Ruger Max-9, Sig P365X, P365XL, P365XL and so on. In order to mount the optic on the guns, the company includes 3 pairs of screws to directly place it on the rear sight of the pistol.

But do you know, you can also use the sight on a full-sized optic-ready pistol. The small diameter of the optics provides enough space to be a Co-Witness back up sight. Besides, even if the part comes with mounting screws, it doesn’t have any mounting plates. Hence, you need to buy the adapters separately to install the sight.

Due to the automatic brightness system, you can have clear visuals of the target in both bright and low light environments. This automatic system gets its power from a single CR2032 3v battery.

Moreover, the use of Hard coated Aircraft Aluminum in the optic’s body makes it durable to sustain through all the environmental and weather conditions. To ensure the sufficient amount of light transmission through the glasses, the lenses are constructed with high quality multi-coating materials.

Can it fit a Glock 43x MOS?

There are few Glock series that are made to be used with mini red dot sights. But as the 43x MOS comes with RMSc optics cut, you can easily mount the optic on this gun.

Does it fit Canik Mete SFX without additional mounting plates?

The optics are really easy to mount on the optic-ready slides. Since the Mete SFX also comes with optic-ready cuts, you won’t need any additional mounting plates to install the sight.

Does the battery power the Spike RD3-018 load from the top?

No, the Ade Spike always places the battery underneath the automatic brightness setting. This powers up the brightness system to operate in all lighting conditions.

6. Swampfox Sentinel Micro Reflex Red Dot Sight

What we like most about this optic is its body construction and brightness system. Unlike other high quality sights, this one has been constructed from CNC machined 7075-T6 aluminum. It makes the optic really sturdy to endure any rough situation. Besides, the multi-coatings on the lens ensure the maximum light transmission through the glasses.

The sight features two types of brightness settings such as Sentinel-M (manual) and Sentinel-A (automatic). The Sentinel-M includes 10 manually adjustable brightness levels which can be accessed by the digital push buttons.

When the Sentinel-M remains still about 4 minutes, the Shake ‘N Wake motion starts saving the battery energy to prolong the battery life. But it goes back to the previous brightness level as soon as it senses the motion of the gun.

On the other hand, the photosensitive sensor on the left side of the optic adjusts the dot brightness according to the light condition of the environment. Moreover, the CR2032 battery of the optic is placed underneath the Sentinel-A which can last nearly 2 years.

Will the sight fit on a Shadow system DR920?

The Shadow system DR920 has a full size slide so it will require RMR footprint optic to mount on the gun. Whereas this sight is a RMSc footprint, hence, you can’t use it with DR920.

Does the manual red dot work at night?

Compared to the automatic brightness setting, the manual system comes really handy to have visuals at night. With the help of the 10 brightness level, you can easily adjust the light intensity of the sight.

Can it fit on a Glock 23?

No, it won’t fit this gun model because it has an RMR slide cut and the product is made for the RMSc slide cuts. If you want, you can check out other optics like Liberty, Justice or Kingslayer to mount on the gun.

5. Burris Fastfire (3 MOA Dot) Sight

You know the product name actually sums up the answers of the question why you should have it. If you want to have fast-fire in a short range, the optic has got your back. You can literally use the part for all optic-ready handguns.

Plus, it is so lightweight, you can install it as an additional part to the existing sight of a firearm. However, in case of mounting it on TP9 Elite SC, you are recommended to use a compatible adapter. You can use the “Evolution Gun Works Sight Mount, as a mount for the sight.

Besides, the optic comes with both automatic brightness sensor and 3 level manual brightness adjustment settings. This helps you to have sufficient brightness for a clear field of view in all environmental conditions.

It also has a CR1632 battery installed on the top of the optic so that you have easy access to the battery whenever you need. There is also a low battery warning indicator to give you heads up about the battery condition before it completely dies.

Can you remove the Picatinny mount if necessary?

Yes, you can easily remove the Picatinny mount from the gun and install it onto a different system. Since the mount is attached to the gun only with 2 screws, just by unscrewing them you can remove the mount from the firearm.

Between 8 MOA and 3 MOA which will be better for close target acquisition?

If you use 8 MOA red dot sight, It would be easier for you to shoot within a short range distance. Especially, when you are in a self-defense situation, this MOA size comes as a great help. On the other hand, the 3 MOA dot is generally better to use with long range shooting rifle.

Will this fit M&P shield 9mm?

Since it is also a 9mm concealed gun, the sight should fit into it. However, you will need a mounting plate to install the sight on the gun.

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4. Vortex Optics Venom Red Dot Sight

It is important that the sights we choose for our short range firearm, should enable us for precise and fast target acquisition. By keeping this important factor in mind, Vortex has designed the lens with 3 MOA red dots so that in a close range you can get accurate and rapid aiming on the target.

To aid in this fast targeting process, the sight also comes with 1 MOA windage and elevation adjustments. This ensures you get easy and fast range adjustments while aiming at the target.

Moreover, the lenses have fully multi-coating to provide a clean, wide field of view. You will also like its dual brightness system. On the left side, the optic has a manual option to increase or decrease the brightness level (ranges between 10 levels). In addition, there is an automatic brightness mode which uses an ambient light sensor to enable the user to have control over the dot intensity.

Because of the top load system, you can change the CR1632 battery without removing the sight from the gun. Besides, the O-ring seal on the optic prevents the moisture, dust and debris from damaging the part. So, to have reliable sight performance in all situations, you can consider it as a great option.

Is the brightness of this sight fully adjustable?

Yes, the brightness of the sight is fully adjustable due to the dual brightness controlling mode. With the help of the manual mode, you can adjust the brightness at your desired level. Additionally, the automatic brightness mode also enables you to control the brightness and dot intensity of the sight.

Does the sight have a rail mount on it?

The company offers the optic with a Picatinny rail mount. Hence, if you have a rifle with this rail, you can directly install the optic on the rifle by using the rail mount.

Can it be attached to a Glock 48?

This 9mm concealed gun has 1.10” width to attach a red dot sight. So, the micro red dot optic will fit in the gun. However, you will need a mount plate to install the sight on the gun.

3. Holosun HS507K-X2 Classic Red Dot Sight

This sight like any other high quality optics comes with multi-coated glass and high capacity lithium battery. When the multilayer coatings on the glass ensure the maximum light transmission for a bright image, the long-life battery helps to illuminate the red dot on the sight.

But what’s interesting about the part is the use of Shake Awake technology and the lock mode of the optic.

The Shake Awake system can shut the LED off when the gun is in low motion. It also helps you to see through the lens in the low light environments with utmost clarity. Additionally, the lock mode prevents any unintentional button press of the optic when it is holstered. Besides, the side access battery tray will enable you to replace the battery without removing the optic from the gun.

Even though it is highly compatible with the TP9 Elite SC, you can install it on other subcompacts and hunting guns.

How often do you have to re-tighten the optic?

The sight shouldn’t be loosened up before 2000 rounds. But if it does, you can easily reinstall it. Take a rubbing alcohol and degrease the screws, then apply a bit of Blue loctite on the screws. Now with a wrench, torque (15Ibs) the screws down and done! You’re good to go with your gun.

Will it fit to a Glock 43x MOS?

Yes, it will if it is the MOS version, because then it will already come with an optic slide cut to mount the sight. But if it’s not the MOS, you will need to modify the slide or use an adapter to mount the optic.

Does it have an automatic brightness mode?

Though the sight allows you to have clear visuals in the low light conditions, it doesn’t have automatic brightness mode. There are “+” and “-” buttons on the left side of the sight which aids in making the brightness brighter or dimmer.

2. Shield Sights Reflex Mini Red Dot Sight

Looking for a strong and durable mini red dot sight? You have just found one. This optic is known to withstand 10 times more shock impacts than other glass optics. In fact, the lens of the sight has also been carefully crafted to make it as user-friendly as possible. It is also available in 2 different MOA dot types such as 4 MOA dot and 8 MOA dot which give you an open option to choose your preferred dot size.

The lenses have anti-reflective coating to minimize the visible signature. Plus, the company has deliberately avoided the use of color coatings and radioactive coatings on the lens to make sure that your eyes don’t get exposed to harmful elements.

Moreover, the automatic brightness adjustment system will allow you to have clear vision on both low and high light conditions. With the help of the CR2032 battery, you can easily see LED red dots on the glass to aim at the target. On an average the battery can serve you about 4 years long.

Hence, it makes the sight a good match for all RMSc, so you just need to unpack the box and install it on your TP9 Elite SC. And voilà! You are ready for action.

However, you can also mount them on other rails if you have the right mounting base. Don’t worry, the Shield Sights offer various types of mounts, if you want, you can find the right match from these options.

Do you need any extra components to clean this sight?

No, you don’t need any extra material to clean the optics. You can use the regular components like lens pen, lens cleaning solution, microfiber cloth and so on.

Does the Shield optics come with an optic cover?

The company doesn’t include any optic cover with the sight. But you can look for the covers that will be compatible with the Shield optics. For instance, the Dream Plastics Scope Cover for Shield RMSc will be a great fit for the optic.

Will it work on Sig Sauer P365?

As the Sig Sauer P365 is a Micro-compact gun, this particular sight should work with it. The optice is small in size, so you will not face any problem in fitment. However, you do need to find the right adapter plate to mount it.

1. Leupold Deltapoint Pro Reflex Sight

It doesn’t matter whether you are in a tactical environment or in your shooting practice site, the 2.5 MOA red dot reticle will always enable you to get fast and accurate aim on the target. What we like most about the sight is its Motion Sensor technology and lens construction.

The battery life of the sight prolongs due to this motion sensor system. When the sight remains inactive for 5 minutes, the motion sensor automatically deactivates the illumination of the reticle. Similarly, when it senses movement of the gun, it instantly powers up the illumination. Thus, this technology saves battery life for a very long time.

On the other hand, the DiamondCoat Aspheric Lens of the optics increases visibility of the target up to 56%. In addition, the DiamondCoat also makes sure that the lens is scratch resistant.

Another good part of the optic is, if you ever need to replace the battery, you won’t require any tools for the process. Since the battery is top loaded, it makes it easy to change the battery. Moreover, the 1 MOA click adjustments also help you to adjust the angles smoothly.

All in all, if you’re looking for a mini red dot sight which is designed with perfectly balanced features, this is the product you need!

Does it come with a co-witness rear sight?

No, it doesn’t come with a co-witness rear sight. The 2.5 MOA dot makes it already easier to work with, you don’t need a co-witness. However, if necessary you can buy it separately.

How can you mount the sight on the Picatinny rail?

Since the optic can’t be mounted on the picatinny rail directly, you will need to buy the mounts separately. For example, you can purchase “Ade Advanced Optics Picatinny Mounting Plate” to install the optics.

Will it work on a Glock G19 Gen5?

Yes, the sight is compatible to use with Glock G19 Gen5 but you can’t mount them directly. There are two options available to install the optics, one is to make your slide milled and another is to buy a rear sight adapter.


To sum up, the Canik TP9 Elite SC is mainly a short range defense gun that we can also use to practice short distance target shooting. Hence, we need to use micro red dot sights with this model gun as they have more compatibility than any other red dot optics.

However, just knowing that mini red dots are the right sights for Elite SC doesn’t end your quest of finding the perfect optic for your gun. Therefore, you should use the given checklist to find the right sight for you. Lastly, you are also suggested to go through the product reviews to make the best red dot sight purchase ever!

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