Best Red Dot Sight For Beretta 92FS: Reviews, Guides w/FAQs

Even though the Beretta 92FS is a popular handgun used in different law enforcement around the globe, it is also famous for competitive shooting practice. And now with the help of a red dot sight, you can even get the option to enhance your shooting performance.

But the problem lies in finding the perfect sights with the correct mounting plates. To help you in your search for the red dots, we have brought you the reviews of 5 best red dot sights that will be compatible to use with your gun. In addition, we’ve added a checklist to give you a clear idea about the factors which you should consider before buying an optic.

Best Beretta 92FS Red Dot Sights – [Editor’s Picks]

1. Holosun HE508T-RD X2 Circle Dot Sight

If you are looking for a red dot that can support you in all tactical or shooting environments, this is the sight you need! This Titanium housed dot sight has been carefully engineered with some essential features so that you can use the sight for a long time.

To begin with, it has a Super LED high capacity lithium battery to enable the optic to perform up to 50,000 hours in its battery life. This allows you to use the sight for a long time without worrying about changing it.

The highlighted part of this optic is its Solar Failsafe technology. With the help of this system, whenever the battery fails, the red dot will still be able to automatically adjust the brightness level to the light condition you’re in. Additionally, the optic has the Shake Awake technology to shut the LED off when your sight movement remains idle.

The optic also has a lock mode system to prevent any unintentional changes in the adjustment of the sight. And as expected from a high quality sight, this one comes with multi-coatings on the lens to ensure maximum light transmission and help it to become wear and shock resistant.

Does it come with a spacer?

No, it doesn’t. If your gun slide has a RMR cut, you can directly mount the optic on it. Otherwise, you will need an aftermarket adapter to install the sight.

Is the Picatinny rail mount removable?

Yes, you can remove the mount if you want to use a MOS adapter plate for your gun slide. You can also directly install it on a milled slide with a RMR footprint.

Does it work with night vision?

The optic does come with two settings to make it compatible to use in a night time. Hence, it is often considered as a night sight.

2. Trijicon RM06-C-700672 RMR Type 2 Led Sight

This is another high quality red dot sight that you can use in different military or law enforcement applications like Beretta 92FS. You can call it a high quality sight because it offers you all the necessary features you look for in a sight.

For starters, the use of Military-grade Aluminum alloy in optic housing gives the durability to withstand heavy recoils or impacts. It also protects the lens from getting damaged by recoils.

This 3.25 MOA dot sight comes with both manual and automatic brightness settings. The 8 level manual system gives you better control over adjusting the brightness level. Besides, the automatic setting also adjusts the brightness according to your lighting conditions.

Moreover, the battery conservation mode of the optic helps the dot to adjust as per the ambient lighting conditions after 16.5 hours of use. If you use the optic regularly, the battery can support you for around 4 years. Additionally, the button lockout feature can set the optic into automatic mode to prevent accidental adjustment.

Why is it called type 2 sight of Trijicon RMR?

Since it has some additional features, it has been titled as type 2 sight. It has better battery contact, a battery conservation mode and also a brightness adjustment lockout.

Does it come with a battery cover?

No, it does not come with a battery cover. The battery is placed at the bottom of the optic and it has a proper rubber seal to protect it from any damage.

Does it have an auto turn on or off system?

It doesn’t have Shake Awake Technology that can include the auto turn on/off system. It only has an auto brightness setting to help you adjust the brightness level as your light environment. To turn on/off the optic, you have to use the manual button option.

3. Vortex Optics Venom Red Dot Sight

You can consider this optic a very good option, if you want to purchase a sight that will give as fast and precise shots as possible. Especially when you’re aiming in the short distance the 3 MOA red dot and the 1 MOA windage and elevation adjustment system of the optic will make sure you don’t miss your target.

The sturdy construction of the sight enables you to use it in all sorts of rough situations. For example, the high quality multi-coatings on the lens ensure you get a clear and wide field of view to aim accurately on the target.

In addition, the Aluminum housing in the optic makes sure it can withstand any heavy impacts. Moreover, the O-ring seals protect the optic from getting damaged by moisture, dust or debris.

You will also like its flexible brightness adjustment system. Since the optic comes with both manual (10 levels) and automatic (ambient light sensor) brightness adjustment settings, it helps to control the light and dot intensity in every environment.

All in all, the optic has a balanced construction to ensure high level shooting performance for anyone who wants to shoot in a short distance.

Where is the battery placed in the optic?

The CR1632 battery has been placed on the top of the optic. This makes the battery replacement process really easy because you don’t have to detach the sight from the gun while changing the battery.

Does it come with a rail mount?

The dot sight does come with a Picatinny rail mount. But in order to install it on semi automatic pistols which don’t have a pre slide cut, you will also need a Dovetail mount along with this Picatinny rail mount.

Can you fully adjust the brightness of the sight?

Since the optic comes with both 10 level manual setting and an automatic brightness setting, you can have full control over the brightness adjustment system.

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4. Holosun HS507C X2 Circle Dot Solar Failsafe

Yes, we are reviewing Holosun again. But this is another red dot model (HS507C) which we think is worth mentioning. This one also has every good feature that we have discussed in the previous model HE508T.

With the help of Solar Failsafe technology and Super LED high capacity lithium ion battery, the optic enables you to use it in any lighting conditions and environments. The battery can power up the red dot around 50,000 hours and when the battery fails the Solar Failsafe system instantly adjusts the brightness level to allow you to see the dot clearly.

Besides, there is the Shake Awake system that works to preserve the battery life by automatically shutting the LED off when the optic remains idle for a long time. Additionally, this model also comes with multilayer coatings on the lens and a lock mode feature to fixate the buttons to prevent unintentional changes in the adjustment settings.

Now why did we say “it is worth mentioning”? Because even though it has all the good features like HE508T, it can be a more preferable option for the users who like to use lightweight sights with their guns.

While the HE508T has Titanium housing, the HS507C comes with 7075-T6 Aluminum made housing. Both of the materials are really high in quality but since the Titanium is heavier than Aluminum, the former sight weighs heavier than the latter one.

So, buy it now if you’re someone who prefers a lighter sight to mount on the gun!

What is the height from the bottom of the optic to the dot?

You will see the height difference between the optic bottom and the dot, if the dot is designed to remain fixed in a place. But since it is a floating dot and constantly keeps changing its place, there is no particular height difference.

Can you use the company provided mounting screws on a milled slide of a pistol?

The company provides 2 sets of mounting screws where the thread size of one set is shorter than the other set. These screws are useful to mount the optic on the slides like Glock MOS.

But if you have a milled slide, we will recommend you to use the screws that come with the slide. It is because the thread size you need for your milled slide may vary from the company provided ones.

Will the optic work with all sorts of mounting plates?

No, unfortunately, the sight hasn’t been designed to work with all mounting plates. It comes with a RMR footprint, so the mount you want to buy should have an RMR footprint too.

5. Burris Fastfire III (3MOA) Red Dot Sight

The optic has many features to talk about but what we like most is its lightweight construction and aiming accuracy. Even though the sight is made of strong material, it weighs quite less. Due to its lightweight, you can even use it as an additional sight in a competitive shooting system.

On the other hand, the 3 MOA dot helps to have precise aim from different shooting ranges. Besides, like any other well constructed sight, this red dot also comes with dual brightness systems such as manual and automatic systems.

The 3 level manual brightness system enables you to control the brilliancy as you want. And the automatic brightness sensor helps it to adjust the brightness level according to the light conditions.

So, you can keep the optic in your consideration if you feel lightweight construction and flexible brightness adjustment as the prior factors you would like to have in your sight.

Does it come with a warranty?

The company provides a life-time warranty with the optic. So, don’t worry if you have any problem or issue with the product, the company will back you up.

What size battery does this model use?

The optic is offered with a high capacity battery so that it can support you to use the sight for a long time. Hence, a CR1632 battery has been used with this optic model.

Can you use the manual option to turn off the sight?

Yes, you can use the manual button to turn on/ off the sight. However, it may turn off automatically if the sight remains inactive for a good amount of time.

Buying Guide Of Red Dot Sight For Beretta 92FS

Following is the list of the factors that you should check before buying the optic. This will ensure the product you are selecting matches with your shooting style.


The optic should have a duty grade construction which means it should be made of high quality materials that are strong enough to sustain through any rough situations or impacts. For example, a well constructed sight should be made with strong materials like Aluminum and the lens needs to have multi-coatings on it.

However, some manufacturers may even add extra protective coatings on the lens or the sight body, so if you want something really durable, you can look for these additional features as well.


There is no use of having a well constructed sight, if it doesn’t offer a high capacity battery with it. Since you need a battery to use a red dot sight, make sure your selected product comes with a good quality battery to support you through a longer period of time.


Now choosing the MOA type mainly depends on the user’s personal preference. Some may like 3 MOA dot sight where others may like 2 MOA dots, hence, while buying the optic see whether it offers the MOA dot that you like to use or not.


The Beretta 92FS doesn’t have a slide cut to mount the optics directly on the gun. But don’t worry, we are going to tell you two easiest ways to mount the sights on your gun.

  • First option is to send your gun slide to the company named Langdon Tactical Technology to provide a slide cut compatible for this particular model gun. They will also send a red dot mounting adapter to install the optic.
  • Second way is to buy a Dovetail Picatinny rail mount to install the optic on the gun. This is a unique type of mount where the Picatinny rail mount comes with a Dovetail to replace the rear iron sight.

So rather than milling the slide, you will just require to change the rear sight assembly of the slide. If you want to purchase this type of mount, we will highly recommend you to buy “Sight Mount Gunsights Red Dot Sight Mount” because it is made of high quality materials and can fit with many red dot optics.

The chart below shows which mounting system will be more appropriate for our reviewed products:

LTTSight Mount
Holosun HE508T-RD X2Vortex Optics Venom
Trijicon RM06-C-700672 RMR Type 2Burris Fastfire III (3MOA)
Holosun HS507C X2


To sum up, it is important to find a right red dot optic to use with your Beretta 92FS, otherwise, you won’t be able to have the accurate and fast shots you’re looking for. Hence, you should go through our top 5 sight picks so that you can find a compatible optic for your gun.

Besides, don’t forget to use the checklist while purchasing the optic and also carefully notice the mounting chart to know which types of mounts the reviewed sights will require.

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