Best Sights For SIG P320 – Reviews and Buying Guide w/FAQ

Aiming with your gun while there is little or no light around is a daunting task without a doubt. If you have a SIG P320 gun, it’s even more challenging as the gun is quite compact, and you need to respond to certain situations immediately.

You can use the best sights for SIG P320 to overcome this issue. It gets really easy, whether it’s day or night, to engage with a target if the sight supports you instantaneously. But which sight to use with your SIG P320? Well, hold your horses! We are about to find out here in this article!

Excited? Let’s hop in!

Quick Summary

Running out of time? Here’s a quick summary of what we have piled up here!

1. Best Glow-In-The-Dark Night Sight For Sig P320: TRUGLO Tritium Handgun Sight

“The SIG P320 Truglo sights are made from high-quality construction with excellent glowing ability at night.”

2. Best Sights For SIG P320: Sig Sauer ROMEO1 PRO 1X30mm Reflex Red Dot Sight

“The SIG Sauer made this sight for their P320 guns, which fits perfectly being from the same brand, reducing your reliability on aftermarket options.”

3. Best Night Sights For Sig P320: XS Sights F8 Night Sight

“Its wider notch makes it easy to pick a target within a short period, even if it is pitch dark around.”

4. Best Laser Sight For Sig P320: Ade Advanced FDE HG54-2 Mini Green Laser Sight

“It’s one of the best laser sights in the market for its brightest laser set up.”

5. Best Trijicon Night Sights For Sig P320: Trijicon 3 Dot Front And Rear Night Sight Set

“Trijicon’s white ring around the dots makes it very easy to use in the daylight as much as it is convenient to use at night.”

Top 5 Best Sights For SIG P320 – Reviews

Our research team took almost 24 hours to pick up the most useful sights for SIG P320. We have considered different experts’ opinions in this regard and also went through 100+ customer reviews to get in-depth ideas on how users perceive these sights. After a lot of security, we have finally come up with the following reviews.

1. TRUGLO Tritium Handgun Glow-In-The-Dark Night Sight


Truglo tops our list with its celebrated tritium handgun glow-in-the-dark sight. It’s equally functional throughout the day and the night as the sight is bright and visible in the light and the dark.

Moreover, the construction of the sight is strong and sturdy enough for it to be one of the best sights for SIG P320. Mounted on the top of your SIG pistol, it doesn’t add any weight at all. It’s super light and compact, as well.

(+) Exceptional Visibility

Be it day or night; this one beats most SIG P320 night sights in the market with its amazing visibility. A couple of points appear to be white dot sights during the day time, but they turn into glowing green dots when it gets dark.

(+) No Battery Needed

You don’t need to use any battery with this one. It glows all by itself and without the need for any cell to power it up. This is something we want in the night sights for SIG P320, without a doubt.

(+) Solid Construction

Most importantly, these SIG Sauer P320 night sights come with solid construction to ensure top-class durability. You can easily go rough and tough using it. The sight will hardly be subject to wear and tear just because you are being casual while using it.

(-) It Doesn’t Blend With The Gun

Once installed, it leaves a little gap between the bottom of the sight and the surface of the gun. You better be calculative while shooting unless you are a competitive shooter.

2. Sig Sauer ROMEO1 PRO 1X30mm Reflex Red Dot Sight


What sight can be a better fitting to the SIG Sauer P320 than a sight from the makers themselves? Introducing – the Sig Sauer Romeo1 Pro sight for SIG P20. This is by far one of the most advanced sights that we have come across.

It comes with multiple brightness settings that can be easily altered based on the lights around you. Moreover, its light transmission system is top-notch because of the molded glass lens, which ensures absolutely no distortion.

(+) Multiple Brightness

It’s beyond saying that the multiple brightness setting on the sight is absolutely genius. You can pick the right brightness option on it depending on the lighting condition around you. You have a total of 12 settings – 10 daytime and 2 night-vision.

(+) Excellent Light Transmittance

The lens on the sight is simply a masterpiece in and of itself. Why? Well, it comes with a molded glass profile that offers a high-grade layer on the surface. This easily transmits the light without distorting it in any way.

(+) Motion Activated Illumination

One of our favorite features of the sight is its automatic illumination system. It can detect a motion within your range and will aromatically brighten up the sight if needed. It saves you time and effort!

(-) A Bit Expensive

Being from the makers of SIG P320 themselves, this one is a bit more expensive than most other third-party affordable options.

3. XS Sights F8 Night Sight For Sig P320


If you think that larger notches on the rear sight make it hard to focus, think again. The XS Sights for SIG P320 is designed with a fairly large notch which works out to be quite useful for reducing light distortion.

Moreover, the all tritium-powered dots on the sight make it extremely easy to target even in the pitch dark around. Both the dots on the front and rear are extremely visible and work great during nighttime.

(+) Glowing Sight

The front and rear dots used in this sight are completely crafted with Tritium. While the rear dot is green, the front one is glowing orange. Moreover, the front dot optic is larger than the rear one to make it even more visible at any given time.

(+) Wider Notch

Its rear sight’s wide notch enhances the light on the surroundings of the front sight. This allows the sight to offer better accuracy in low-light situations.

(+) Rugged Construction

Apart from the accuracy the optical sight offers, it also boasts a robust construction, as well. Its CNC machined steel build-up ensures that even if it drops off the gun, it won’t be damaged. Plus, the steel surface prevents rust and corrosion, as well.

(-) Challenging To Install

The sight takes a bit of time to fit perfectly. You may need assistance while installing it on your gun.

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4. Ade Advanced FDE HG54-2 Mini Green Laser Sight


If you are looking for SIG P320 night sights that come with lasers, Ade Advanced Optics FDE might be the best choice you can have. It’s a super lightweight laser sight that can be easily attached to the gun’s lower side.

The green laser color is hands down, one of the brightest ones out there. Ade has kept their promise by providing the brightest green laser allowed by the law. That’s why it’s reliable when you are aiming at any point of the day.

(+) Laser Sight

Not everyone likes to see through the regular sights. That’s why we have picked a laser sight as well for our top 5 list. It works excellently if you need a rapid target acquisition, such as in case of a break-in or robbery, etc.

(+) Lightweight

This lightweight sight weighs less than 2 ounces. That’s why it fits easily to almost all types of guns, not only SIG P320. However, you need to have a rail system underneath as the sight comes in a dovetail design.

(+) Bright Laser Light

The laser light is kind of the brightest you can get. It offers amazing visibility in the night, as well as in the day too!

(-) May Need An Adapter

If your gun doesn’t have a rail setup underneath, you need to use an adapter to attach the sight.

5. Trijicon 3 Dot Front And Rear Night Sight Set


If you are looking for fiber optic sights for your SIG P320 gun, you are in luck. Our final pick is the Trijicon 3 Dot optical sight set which is made by Trijicon who is famous for using fiber optics and Tritium for their products.

It’s designed as 3-dots, with two dots on the rear sight and one dot on the front. This setup lets you focus and aim within split seconds. Plus, the tritium-filled lamps make it simple to illuminate the dots even under low-light settings.

(+) Bright Sight For Daylight

It goes beyond saying that it’s a great sight for the nighttime. However, this sight works equally well in the daytime, as well. The dots have a white ring around the dots that increases the visibility in the day.

(+) Capped With Sapphire Jewel

Every single tritium lamp is covered by a sapphire jewel that works as a distributor of the light from the dots. It ensures that the glow of the light gets evenly distributed around for the best vision.

(+) Compact Profile

Who wants to use a set of sight that grabs a huge chunk of space over the gun? Own the Trijicon 3 Dot sight that comes with a 1-inch by 1-inch by 1-inch dimension. It’s pretty compact and fits exceptionally well on the gun.

(-) Tight Tolerance

The tolerance of the sight is pretty tight. You have to be careful while installing it; otherwise, you may break the sight before even using it.

Things To Keep In Mind When Buying Sig P320 Sights

Before you jump to conclusions and pick one up from the list, make sure you look for the following features on a sight to find the best night sights for SIG P320!

Rugged Body

A sight becomes an integral part of your gun when you attach it to your sidearm. So, it should be equally rugged and robust. Make sure the sight is made from steel or metal to ensure rugged construction.


Being robust doesn’t mean that the sight has to be heavy. Most top-class SIG P320 optic sights come with a lesser weight of 2 ounces.

Glowing Sight

It becomes a lot easier to aim at your target if the sight dots are glowing. So, it’s a good opinion to consider while getting sights for SIG P320.

Compact Design

You don’t want a sight to cover an entire large area on your gun, do you? Pay attention to the product dimension while making a decision. Try to pick a sight as compact as possible. It will sit perfectly on your gun and save a lot of space, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the SIG P320 worth it?

Not only regular people but even the Army and Law enforcement teams also carry the SIG P320 as a sidearm nowadays. It’s reliable, modular, and accurate in its use. That’s why it’s worth your bucks.

Is SIG P320 optic ready?

Yes, the SIG P320 is an optic-ready gun that you can make the most out of.

What MOA is best for a pistol?

Any sight with 4 MOA or less is going to be an ideal choice for a Pistol.

Can you mount a Trijicon RMR on a SIG P320?

Yes, you can pretty easily fit and mount a Trijicon RMR on a SIG P320! The process is easy and simple.

Final Words

If you can take down a target within a split second depends highly on the sight you are using. Pairing some of the best sights for SIG P320 is imperative if you want to be as accurate as you can with a sidearm in your hand!

We hope our list of sights will surely open the door for you to pick the right sight for your SIG P320. Even if you don’t find the right match on the list, it’s surely going to make it easier for you to explore further!

And if you are really in a hurry and don’t want to get into details, try the TRUGLO Tritium Handgun Glow-in-The-Dark Night Sights for the best results! It glows pretty accurately in low light and offers an excellent aiming facility, no matter how quickly you are responding.

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