Best Red Dot Sight For FN 509 Tactical – Getting The Advantage!

A red dot sight will not only make you a good shooter, but it will also unleash the true potential of your gun. Finding the right red dot sight for your gun, however, can be a bit of a hassle. It’s not as easy as selecting the toy for your child. Rather, you need to spend an enormous amount of time to find a few of the good sights out there.

Don’t worry, I won’t put you through that hassle, that’s why, we are here to help you find the best red dot sight for FN 509 Tactical. Without further ado, let’s start.

Best FN 509 Tactical Red Dot Sights – [Editor’s Pick]

1. Trijicon SRO Sight Adjustable LED 2.5 MOA Red Dot

Trijicon SRO comes with a patented design frame with adjustable brightness and a lightweight aluminum structure. At first sight, SRO can be a bit overwhelming to understand. It doesn’t look like your typical red dot or holographic sight.

But the performance of this is much better than most red dot sights out there. It’s not a cheap sight by any means. The price tag is completely justified. The performance of this sight is simply amazing. It will leave you breathless how accurate it is. Combined with the FN Tactical 509, you have a combination that will serve you well in any given weather and scenario.

The lens of this sight is crystal clear. There is no distortion or discomfort of any sort. Trijicon made sure the lens was fully multi-coated. Providing you with a brighter coated sight with good vision, clarity, and accuracy. You can fully adjust the brightness of this sight with the help of the buttons on the side of this sight.

Objective lens diameter?

The objective lens diameter of this optic is around 25mm x 22.5mm. It’s a perfect window for a red dot size!

Is this parallax-free?

Yes, it’s a reflex sight. It doesn’t suffer from any parallax issue.

Does this support pistols?

Of course! It’s a small red dot sight after all!

2. Leupold DeltaPoint Pro Reflex Sight

I’m sure you have heard of scopes made by Leupold before. After all, we can’t get enough of their products. It almost seems like we are being paid to review Leupold. I wish man, I wish. Anyway, this one is not their scope. Rather an interesting red dot sight that is not getting enough praise.

For what it is, DeltaPoint Pro is one of the best red dot sights for FN 509. One of the best parts of this sight is the light management system of Leupold. That’s right, this sight also has Leupold’s iconic twilight light management system. Thanks to that, the performance of this sight in low light especially is remarkable.

The size of this sight is quite small as well. Total weight is low compared to most other red dot sights. It’s a good pairing with our FN Tactical. No doubt there. The sight is crystal clear and extremely vibrant. Something not a lot of other sights can claim they have.

Where is this made in?

It’s made in the USA.

Is twilight red dot management system good?

It’s excellent for low light. The performance and endurance of the sight is amazing.

Is this a good sight for rifles?

It can be depending on your usage.

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3. Trijicon RM06-C-700672 RMR Type 2 LED Sight

If you are looking for a red dot sight and Trijicon is not on your list, you went wrong somewhere. Trijicon is a leading sight and scope manufacturer in the industry. They have made sighs for militaries even. Their sights are as good as they possibly could be.

The build quality on this sight is amazing. You won’t notice any construction errors either. The anodization process of the sight is well done as well. All in all, it’s an incredibly built scope that deserves the money you are paying for it.

The red dot sight has a single reflex lens that allows you to aim from any distance. It offers unlimited eye relief. The lens is fully multi-coated. It’s water, fog, and shockproof simultaneously. The performance with the FN 509 is quite a sight to see. No pun intended.

Does this come with a mounting plate?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t.

Can you use this for hunting?

Yes, you can. It’s a good choice for hunting. In fact, one of the few red dot sights that can do free-range hunting.

Do Trijicon provide a warranty?

Of course! They offer a great after-sales service.

4. HOLOSUN HS507C X2 Circle Dot Solar Failsafe

Holosun is another well-known brand in the red dot sight industry. They have been making excellent sights for pistols, rifles, shotguns, etc. for years now. This is an open designed reflex sight designed for pistols. You can use this with SMG and AR rifles as well.

The performance of this sight is quite impeccable. You can control the brightness of this sight as you wish. The reticle won’t move around like cheaply made sights either. The build quality is very strong and durable. Holosun cares about how well their sights are made and it shows in their products.

The performance of this sight with 509 Tactical is quite good. Praiseworthy even. The synergy is there. As HS507C X2 is quite light, it doesn’t put much weight on the 509. The recoil pattern of the gun won’t be able to make the sight move around either.

Does Holosun provide a warranty?

Yes, they do. You can avail it from their site directly.

Does this feature Lock Mode?

It does feature lock mode.

Is battery a must for this?

A battery is required to use the sight. But it does feature a solar failsafe. That comes in handy if the battery dies in the middle of a session.

5. Vortex Optics Venom Red Dot Sight

Last but not least, the cult classic. Vortex Venom is one of the most sold red dot sights of all time. You don’t get a feat like that by being a bad sight. Venom is far from being a bad sight. Rather, it’s one of the best sights for your 509 Tactical.

The build quality of this sight is quite interesting. They didn’t opt for a material like thermoplastic or anything similar. Rather, a metal build with a matte black anodized finish suits this sight the most. There is a bit of branding and signs on the sight. But they are not overwhelming.

The sight uses a fully multi-coated lens with a glass etched reticle. The reticle is not going anywhere. Even if you get into accidents or drop your gun from a height, the reticle will stay in the position it’s supposed to. The sight here is available in 3 MOA or 6 MOA configurations. Choose the one you desire while purchasing.

Where is this sight made in?

It’s made in the Philippines.

Is it made out of aluminum?

Yes, it is. Aluminum is a lightweight and durable material. It’s chosen by most manufacturer due to it’s sustainability.

Can you directly mount this on Picatinny rail?

Yes, it’s super simple to do it. You don’t need a gunsmith for that either.

Things To Keep in Mind Before Buying

While buying the perfect red dot sight for your pistol, you should keep a couple of things in consideration. That will make your decision much easier.


Not a lot of people put deep thoughts into the size of the overall sight. If the sight is too big for the rail of your pistol, it will create an imbalance. The bad weight distribution will make you miss most of your shots. That’s why, you should stick to a moderately smaller sight.


Almost the same argument as size. Lighter sights are better.


Depending on how much you are willing to spend, the list of sights will shrink instantly. If you know how much you are willing to spend, the decision will be much easier.


FN 509 Tactical is a great gun that synergizes with a lot of sights out there. Finding the best sight for a gun like this is not an easy task. We never claimed it would be easy either. But if you read the entire thing and picked up on the little things we mentioned, I’m sure you are going out of here with a sight in your cart for your FN.

That’s all for now, we will return with more reviews for sure. Hold on to your horses till then. Take care.

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